Why Does My Aquarius Man Says He Loves Me But Can't Be With Me Anymore?

Last updated on May 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Unpredictable, capricious, witty, and adventurous are some of the best words that can describe an Aquarius man. With his charm, it is hard not to be drawn into the spell of an Aquarius man.

You may already be in some sort of a relationship with this guy, but do you think he is having his doubt?

If an Aquarius man says that he loves you but then leave as if nothing he said was true, what should you do? Throw away your doubt. If you find yourself in that condition, there can only be two answers.


He Really Loves You

He does loves you with all his heart and an Aquarius man is capable of feeling such deep feelings and showing Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say. But as always, there is some profound excuses.

1. He Isn’t Confident And Secure Enough About Who He Is

An Aquarius man likes to feel confident, but when it comes to a relationship, he will feel that he lacks one. This is why he is scared to be with you.

2. He Does Not Feel Comfortable Being Vulnerable

he does not feel comfortable being vulnerable

Feeling all sorts of feeling does not make an Aquarius feel comfortable in his skin. All this love makes him feel strange.

3. He Just Need Some Time Alone

Being an eccentric person, sometimes, out of the blue, Aquarius simply needs some alone time. You need to understand that it is nothing personal.

4. He Is Having Past Issues On A Relationship

If he is sending mixed signals, that is probably the Hidden Signs He Haven't Moved On from His Ex.

5. He Is Still New To Being In A Relationship

Not having much experience in the game can lower his confidence and he doesn’t want to enter a relationship like that.

6. He Is Occupied With Something Else In His Life

An adventurous Aquarius naturally have a lot of things keeping him occupied in his life. Maybe he needs to focus on that.

7. He Wants You To Wait

Maybe he’s focusing on something else or just sorting out his feelings. But the bottom line is maybe he wants you to wait until his mind is calm.

8. He Is Testing Your Loyalty

Are you truly committed to the relationship? To prove it use the Ways to Make Him Feel Loved Without Even Saying It.

9. He Is Taking It Slow

To maintain his confidence and make things go smooth, him leaving might actually be his cue that you and him should take it slow.

10. He Wants To Truly Know Who He Is

Some self exploration is important for an Aquarius. That could be all that he wants for now.

He Does Not Love You

Plain and simple, maybe what he says isn’t true. This could be expected because of the following reasons.

1. Aquarius Man Just Loves The Attention

This witty guy sometimes just love the attention and is not ready for something serious.

2. He Is Close With Everyone

he is close to everyone

Could he say that he love you because he actually love everyone? Probably yes. This sort of guy is a social butterfly that can get in with any type of group.

3. He Wants To Get To Know Everyone

Being close to you doesn’t necessarily mean wanting to be with you exclusively. He does that to almost everyone.

4. He Does Not Like Being In A Commitment

Being tied down is contradictory to his adventurous self. Commitment is not the word in his vocabulary.

5. He Is Trying To Get A Person To Match Him

He may not be with you yet because he is trying to find the Wife Material Signs in someone.

6. He Sees That You Are Not Genuine

Dishonesty is his biggest no-no. Once he sees that you’re not genuine, he’s out of the relationship.

7. You Can’t Keep Up With His Adventurous Side

Keeping up with his pace is quite draining. If he sees that, he won’t want to keep you tied down.

8. You Get Jealous Often

An Aquarius man does have all the Husband Material Signs, so if you get jealous that he hangs with so many girlfriends, he will find it quite annoying.

9. You Find It Hard To Forgive Him

He won’t show the signs When An Aquarius Man Has A Crush on You if he doesn’t know that he can’t be forgiven and accepted for his capricious nature.

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10. It’s Hard For You To Keep Up With How He Grows And Changes

This constantly improving man will not want to be with you if you find it hard to grow at his pace.

11. You Can’t Be Playful

If you do not use the How to Play Hard to Get with an Aquarius Man once in a while, he will soon find the relationship too boring and dull.

Quick Tips To Attract Aquarius Man

quick tips to attract aquarius man

Despite what option rings true to the situation, you can still use these tricks to lure him closer to you.

1. Know For Sure What You Are In For

First and foremost, you need to be prepared for his quick pace and ever changing nature. If you are completely sure of this, then you are ready to go.

2. Be Playful, Flirty, And Adventurous

There is nothing more attractive to an Aquarius man than someone who is as witty as he is. That is why you need to use the  Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong and even Sweetest Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush.

3. Mingle With Him And His Abundant Friends

If you do not want to be left behind, it is important to join mingling with his friends.

It’s hard to know what an Aquarius really means when he says he loves you but by seeing his basic nature, you can get an idea of what he is thinking. Plus, despite his choice, you can still find a way to make him yours. Good luck and get those precious Aquarius!

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