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29 Fearful Signs She Wants A Relationship but Is Scared to Tell

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Most girls want to be in relationship because after all, every human seeks love in every part of life. You’ve got close to her and make moves to imply your interest. But what stops her from moving closer to you?


The biggest threat to the progression of a relationship is feeling scared which is felt by most girls. If you really want to know if she is feeling that way, here are the signs she wants a relationship but is scared ;

  1. Having Bad Experiences In Relationships Before

Being traumatized by the previous relationship can actually make her hold back from enjoying the Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally that you will give.

  1. Not Having A Relationship For A Long Time Despite People Getting Close To Her

If you see that she doesn’t get into any relationship despite her closeness towards someone, you can safely assume that she have the relationship fright.

  1. Not Caring If Other People Is In A Relationship

She looks like she wants to be in a relationship but she mask the attraction by seemingly not caring at all. This is both to protect you and her.

  1. Not Flirting Actively

She doesn’t use the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong because she is afraid people might fall in love too hard with her.

  1. Not Actively Seeking Other People

Although she is single, she doesn’t actively search for other people to be in a relationship with because she is scared to be in one.

  1. Wanting To Take Things Slow

Taking things slow actually gives her the time to rebuild her trust and confidence in the relationship that she previously lose.

  1. Not Wanting To Let You Go

Although she doesn’t want to be your girlfriend, she still doesn’t want to lose you.

  1. Being Patient In How The Relationship Progresses

She knows she demands a lot from you, so she is being really patient in how the relationship progresses unlike any other girl.

  1. Limiting Herself From Hanging Out With You

Although she loves hanging out with you, it will make her show Signs She is Into Me which is hard because she is too scared to be in a relationship.

  1. Her Tendency Is Calling You A Friend

It doesn’t mean that the  Signs That She Friendzoned You is arising. It just means that she badly wants to put a boyfriend-girlfriend label but is scared to do so.

  1. Limiting Herself From Talking To You

She knows talking to you will only make her heart do that inner battle again.

  1. Being Genuinely Happy Around You

What differentiate a relationship that is going nowhere because it is a game or because it is held back by fear is that she feels genuinely happy around you.

  1. Not Opening Up Too Much

Opening up too much is a lot to ask from her because she is too cautious in her steps.

  1. Wanting You To Open Up To Her

Having you open up to her can help buil her trust again, so please do it.

  1. Her Physical Signs Of Attraction Are Gentle

Girls often show the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You . A girl that is scared will show it slowly and subtly. 

  1. Being A Bit Shy Around You

Shyness arise because she have this erupting feeling inside but she doesn’t know how to express it clearly to you.

  1. People Know That She Wants You Badly

When people know that she likes you, you know that the relationship is only blocked by her fear.

  1. She Does Things To Make You Happy

Doing things to make you happy is the Signs That Someone is In Love With You

  1. She Doesn’t Like Any Other Man

Loyalty is key to know that you need to solve her fear.

  1. Doing Gentle Romantic Gestures Towards You

She is not afraid to show Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You, but only gently.

Ways To Know That She Is Shying Away From Commitment

Sometimes when a girl is scared of being in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you. Don’t get impatient first, you need to know why by reading the ways to know she is shying away from committment ;

  1. Thanking You For Understanding

Having someone that understand her fear is appreciated by her.

  1. Often Apologizing From Little Things

This apology comes from the fear that you might leave her because of your impatience.

  1. Scared Of Articulating Her Love

She feels that articulating her love might lead you to think you want a relationship.

  1. Wanting To Have Your Attention

Attention is important to know that you still like her. 

  1. Gets Jealous Secretly

She doesn’t dare showing that she is jealous because she knows that she is in no place to do that.

  1. When You Ask Her To Be In A Relationship With You, She Ignores The Proposition

When you touch the prospect of being in a relationship together, she completely shuts down.

Tips To Make Her Braver

What you want to do right now is to probably heal her wounds so that she can be braver in approaching things. This is the things you can do to make her braver ;

  1. Ask Her To Open Up So You Can Solve The Problem Together

This is not as simple as it sound. Build trust first, then you can see her starting to open up to you. When that happens, help her solve the problem.

  1. Be Patient With Her

Don’t rush her into bravery, it will only make her depressed and insecure. Instead, be patient with her progress.

  1. Show Your Love And Comittment

Show that you really do love her so she feels safe in your company.

When a relationship seems to fail, what you need to check is the bravery that is incorporated in it. You need to check it with the signs she wants a relationship but is scared. From acknowledging it, you can start to do the things to make her feel braver. In the end, your relationship will thrive.


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