He Cheated on His Girlfriend With Me but Why Is He Ignoring Me

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You know that love may come to everybody. When people are in love, they are able and willing to do anything because of love. There are a lot of things that can be done when people are in love. Including, be in a relationship when someone is already having a girlfriend. If you are in this problem and realize that he cheated on his girlfriend with me but why is he ignoring me. I would like to share the information to you. Make sure you read it until the end.

Reasons why he is ignoring you

When you realize and accept the fact that your current boyfriend already has a girlfriend, you may think that he loves you. But the fact is, he is not. If he really cares about you and love you that much, he will leave his current girlfriend to be with you.  Here, I would like to inform you about, he cheated on his girlfriend with me but why is he ignoring me. Here are some of his reasons that you need to know

1. Regret

The first reason is because he is regretting his decision to cheat over his girlfriend with you. Once you find out that he is regretting his action of cheating over his girlfriend with you, it is better for you to leave him. It will be better to leave him right now rather than waiting to find out the signs you'll regret marrying your partner.

2. Conscience conflict

When you do something bad and you know that it is actually bad there will be an internal conflict in your conscience. He is having the same conflict and still trying to figure out which decision is the right decision for him. You also need to know about does telling little white lies causing big problems in relationship, so maybe he already realize that what he is doing is wrong and trying to fix the problem.

3. Trying to understand his emotion

Having you as another girl aside from his girlfriend shows that his emotion is not stable and he does not know what decision he should take. When he is trying to make the distance between you and him become bigger this means that he is trying to understand his emotion and currently confused about what to do and what to choose.

4. He feels bad about you

He also feels bad about you. He feels bad and realizing that what he has done to you is a bad thing. Using you as a tool for him to avoid conflict with his current girlfriend comes to a point where he realizes that what he did is wrong. And because he knows that you deserve someone better, he chooses to go away.

Ways to move on 

It will be harder for you if you have the real feelings with your current boyfriend even though he already has a girlfriend. But, in order to help you and himself to get a better life, you have to stay away from him. To help you, here are some ways

1. No more communication

The main thing for you to do is to cut off any kind of communication way to him. Not being in touch with him will slowly make you forget him. You need to cut off any possible communication way to him.

2. Get more activities to do

When you are feeling all alone, you surely feel lonely and all the memories you already have with him will come back and you will want to have him back to you. There are so many ways to forget your ex and one of it in order to kill the loneliness, involved yourself in more activities to do.

3. Make peace and let go the past

Forcing him to get out of your mind will never work. The best way to get over him from your mind is by making peace with your past and accept the fact that you need to let him go. If you find out that yourself is not happier compared to yourself when you are with him, you need to find out the ways to love yourself and be happy with the world. This can show that you did not love yourself at the very first place.

I hope the information about he cheated on his girlfriend with me, why is he ignoring me can be useful for you. Thank you for giving your time to read this article. Please find out more article from our website such as what to do when a girl ghosts you.

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