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Six months might sound like a small amount of time but if it’s spent in the job you’re not a fit for, it can feel like a lifetime. How do you tell your boss that you’re moving on to another job?

Quitting is never an easy topic to talk about. Talking about it can sever the connection you have with your boss and the co worker you have in your current job.

So, how do you go around it smoothly? Here are our simple tips on how to tell your boss you're quitting after 6 months

  1. Know Why You’re Quitting

Is the environment you’re in now not that challenging? Or is it something external? This will help you communicate your reasons clearly to your boss.

  1. Prepare A Plan To Execute After You Quit

If you quit your job without a rational reason or plan to chase after your unemployment, your boss might find it weird.

  1. Prepare Your Apologies

Say how sorry you are for not staying after six months. Apologies make your boss feel better when letting you go.

  1. Don’t Undermine The Job

Never say bad things about your job before you leave or else your boss will feel the need to  do How to Get Revenge on a Frenemy 

  1. Know The Experience You’ve Gained In This Job

Telling your boss that you’ve grown in this job makes your boss happy. It is the professional way to say Sweet Things to Say to A Girl  and Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When He Got Mad at You

  1. Create Some Time To Talk With Your Boss

Book an appointment with your boss. Make the time quite lengthy as you have a lot to talk about.

  1. Know More About Your Boss

What tone do you need to use when talking to your boss? In what place does your boss likes to do meeting or more relaxed in? Little details like this will help you say that you want to quit.

  1. Buy A Farewell Gift For Your Boss

A simple farewell gift shows your good intention before you leave the job. It shows that you don’t seek Ways to Get Revenge on Someone You Hate and truly enjoys working there.

  1. Practice What You’re Going To Say

Practice makes perfect and it creates confidence. This confidence is exactly what you need if you want your boss to approve your leave.

  1. Be Gentle With Your Voice

Don’t raise your voice when talking about leaving. Sure, you might be tense but control your voice.

  1. Enquiries Are Normal

Your boss is not trying to corner you. What your boss is trying to do is to understand the concept of you leaving.

  1. Ask For Your Boss’s Contact

This makes sure that the relationship with your boss is well maintained and in good terms even if you have another boss in the future.

  1. Maintain Contact With Your Co Worker

Having a lot of connections will be beneficial for you in the future. It might even create Signs of a Co Worker is Falling in Love With You

  1. Finish Your Current Job First

Make sure that your current job is finished and there’s no responsibilities you are neglecting when you want to leave.

Signs That Your Boss Is Okay With You Leaving

Although losing an employee might be painful, if you do the tips on how to tell your boss you're quitting after 6 months, your boss will be at peace with your decision.

That is shown through these signs :

  1. Doesn’t Ask Too Much Question

This means that you are perfectly straightforward which is a nice thing.

  1. Accepts Your Gift

Accepting your gift means that they acknowledge your good intention.

  1. Want To Stay In Contact With You

The  relationship with your boss is not severed if your boss still wants to talk to you.

  1. Wishes You Well For Your New Job

This is a professional (things to say)

  1. Asks If You Need Anything Else

A kind gesture like this shows that your boss still likes you and wants you to achieve great things in your future.

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