Do You Ever Contact Your Ex Girlfriend If She Broke Up with You? This is What Best to Do!

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Regret comes in the end and not in the beginning. Maybe this is what you feel after your relationship ended. You think that it is better to be with her rather than alone and feeling lonely.

Or maybe you may also think of. my ex girlfriend got hotter after we broke up, what to do to get her back?

Whatever the reason is, you know that there is a stronger and logical reason why the relationship that you had wasn't working. And if you think of winning her back by contacting her, here's what you need to consider.

  • You will have the same-old-story ending

You know that you will have the same-old-story ending. If you knew that it would be different this time, you won't even bother to ask, do you ever contact your ex girlfriend if she broke up with you?

You already know how do you know your ex girlfriend doesn’t want you back. And you have considered the impact if you decided to contact her. But the truth is, you don't because you know what will happen.

  • Appreciate yourself enough to walk away from the past

Are you that hopeless until you think to get back with her? With the one who said she loves you but turns out she is not much a love fighter? Maybe she is not the one for you.

You need to appreciate yourself enough to walk away from the past and learn your lesson. Because if you are not appreciating yourself, why would you expect other people will love you? They will just hurt you.

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  • Think again, is she worth it?

Is she worth it? Is she worth it for all the pain you feel during the breakup to start over? Think again by logical thinking and not thinking when your brain is driven by lonely feeling once she is gone.

You need to think whether to win her back will be worth it especially if you don't know about what does it say about a person who will not break up face to face.

How to keep a girl in a relationship

Since we are done with this question, do you ever contact your ex girlfriend if she broke up with you? You might want to know better on how to maintain a good relationship.

But first, learn and know how to maintain a girl in a relationship because it works both ways.

  • Build a relationship based on trust and openness

My girlfriend wants to break up, how do I change her mind? It is not about changing her mind, but knowing other possibilities. What if you are not the problem, what if she is the problem and she wants to break up with you?

Along the journey when she was in a relationship with you, maybe she found out that she doesn't deserve you. This can happen because the relationship wasn't based on trust and openness. Because if it does, you will know what she feels and a breakup could be avoided.

  • Respect your partner as much as you respect yourself

What makes most relationship become boring and come to an end is the lack of respect within the relationship itself. Of course, you don't want to see the signs your girlfriend doesn't respect you enough and what to do. You need to respect your girlfriend enough as much as you respect yourself.

Take an example of you respecting and trusting your girlfriend decision as much as you trust your own judgment. Usually, a disrespectful act is triggered by the feeling that you can control other people, well you don't. You can only control yourself.

  • Shower her with love through little things

Lastly, do the things that you always do during the first time when you were trying to get closer to her. Do more ways to get a Geminis attention till forever. That is the point of love, of showering your partner with endless attention and love.

Love is not something that can be enjoyed when you feel happy and it will disappear by the time goes by. Love is to be with her when things get harder and both of you will try to fight together even though it starts to get boring.

So, whatever the reason for you to keep asking, do you ever contact your ex girlfriend if she broke up with you, but never really do it, then don't. Because deep down in your unconsciousness you know that it won't work.

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