How to Tell A Cancer Man Is Not Interested in You - The Bad Signs

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When you are talking about a Cancer man you may probably already know that a cancer is a type of guy who looks tough on the outside but very sensitive on the inside. a Cancer man often put himself in a roller coaster ride of emotion, it is not something rare that you seen this Crab sign zodiac man shifting from one emotion to the other in a short period of time, in short he is a moody type of person.

Cancer don't usually open up their feelings to someone who they didn't trust completely, so it is hard for you to read out the situation. Before hand you need to know first Cancer Man Traits in a Relationship and Compatibility and don't be more confused my friend, here in this article I will tell you how to tell a Cancer man is not interested in you.


1. He Text You Less

he text you less

Cancer usually a very caring Zodiac towards his love interest , he will show how much you mean to him in a various ways, one of them is by text. It can be a supportive text, praise text or even a text as simple as have you eaten or not, it can be interpreted as the reason If A Guy Is Interested in You Through Whatsapp.

But suddenly all of those texts are starting to disappear, he won't text you that often again and he even reply to your texts. If you are experiencing this from your cancer man there are something that is not right definitely going on but one thing for sure is he starting to lose his interest towards you.

2. He Is Being Secretive

After you find Certain Ways to Make a Cancer Man Fall in Love with You you may already catch his heart and mind, okay at first maybe he may not open up anything about his heart because his heart is like a fragile piece glass and can be easily get hurt, but when you are already work your way to it and finally making him opened to you then all of the sudden he went back into full circle where he will not share anything about his heart then you should be curious towards it.

3. He Won't See You Often

Cancer man in a straight forward kind of guy, when he has no point of interest in someone he won't see that someone whatever the reason is.

If you are planning a date with a Cancer guy and he always makes excuses to not to go out on a date with you then it is one of the obvious reason the Cancer man is not interested in you.

4. He is Not Being Jealous

Do you know how to make sure that a Cancer man interested in you? one of the most simplest ways there is, is by looking at his response whenever you are talking with another guy.

As I mention before, Cancer man is a very emotional kind of guy where he won't hide his feelings of interest towards you, when he is not showing any signs of jealousy whenever he see you telling jokes with another guy then there is a high chance of him not interested in you. 

5. Talk More Do Less

Cancer man is not the type of guy who can write you a romantic poem or sing you a song on how beautiful you are, a Cancer man is a man of action who believe that action speaks louder than words. If he have a love and affection with someone, instead of asking his love interest have she eaten or not he will just pick her up or bring her food to eat. If your Cancer man is all talk but not a single action is given towards you, then you are not in the top list of his priorities.

6. He Doesn't Care About You

a Cancer man is a protective type of guy who won't let you do your monthly shopping by yourself. this is one of the Ultimate Reasons Why Cancers Are The Best Lovers. He will always do things that can make his love interest feel happy,secured and comfortable, if he doesn't really shows sign of a fatherly man who is scared about her daughter well being the I am so sorry to say this my friend, your Cancer man has lose interest in you.

7. He is Cranky

Even though a Cancer man is a broody and stiff kind of guy, he will try to get out of his comfort zone by being playful and childish as longest as it can make you happy beside him. If you are receiving a treatment where he is being his own true self then he have no interest in making you happy or make you comfortable beside him, he has other priority which is more important than you. 

8. He Goes Out More Often

he goes out more often

If a Cancer man is interest in someone then he will be a homebody, homebody means a person who likes to do stuff at home than going outside of the house.

He will most likely to do chores or just spend a quality time watching movies with you while showing his love and affection by cuddling with you. But if you see him going out more to the places that you know he doesn't like, that means he is seeing somebody there who is not you.

9. He Always Let You Do The First Move

Cancer man is a compassionate lover when it comes to someone when he cares very deeply of, he will always be intuitive towards all of his love interest's need before they even know what do they need. A Cancer man always put someone who he love dearly on the top of the list out of all of his life priorities, he will put you first towards anything else in his life but if he is being careless towards you and always letting you do the first move then you are not someone who can win his heart and mind.

10. Prevention Is The Key

A cancer man is someone who is straight forward and honest towards his feeling, once he feel he have no interest in you then there are no turning back. Before this happens try to do some prevention, find out all the things that you must and must not do when it comes to interacting with this Crab Signed Zodiac and when the conversation gets boring just be bold and find out Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When The Conversation Gets Boring.

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