6 Ways on How to Stop Your Ex From Interfering Your New Relationship - Goodbye to Them!

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Like what we said on 7 Common Reasons Why A Relationship Fall Apart You Need to Know, a relationship is sometimes can be so unpredictable. If you find someone that very cute, she or he may be so clingy. If you find someone that very independent, she or he may be so careless.

If you find someone who is very matched to you in every aspect, you may face parent's permission issues. A relationship is very complicated and you can not expect it will be as easy as the water on the river.

All the thing that you have to do is prepare everything so you will not surprised if something bad happens suddenly, even when your ex is showing up again to distract your current relationship.

After having 5 Signs You are Already Ready to Start a New Relationship After a Heartbreak, you finally can build it but then you have an annoying ex! Having an annoying partner is sucks but having an annoying ex will be more sucks.

They will haunt your current relationship with your partner in many ways. He or she may still like you or your ex just want to see you miserable. Whatever the motive is, it is very annoying if your relationship is distracted by your ex and if you let it be maybe your relationship will end. This is the tips to avoid annoying ex that still distract your current relationship:

  • Go away

The first step to avoid your annoying ex is to go away from him or her. Get a distance between you and your ex so you two can not be met. You must know where is he or she work so try to avoid that place and another place that your ex may visit.

If your ex still haunted you by phone then try to block every your partner's contact that you have either in WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. This is the time to make a barrier so your ex will not able to cross your privacy especially if you are trying to build a new relationship.

  • Do not put even little attention

All the attention seeker want is attention, no matter how small it is so taken back all of your attention. Do not be mad, do not be annoyed or responses her or him back, just ignore. You do not have any time to take ace old affairs and do not have any interest.

Your ex will be so happy if you got mad at him or her because it is the goal. Be patient and follow the first step: go away. The wise man says the sane one will yield so do not argue someone who has lost their minds and disturbing other's people life. Once you give a little bit of attention, you will lose.

  • Tell your current partner

If you are starting to build a new relationship with someone new, tell him or her that you have an annoying ex that may disturb your partner. Tell he or she that you do not love your ex anymore but your ex have a bad attitude to disturbing other's people life.

You can tell your current partner everything and even he or she may help you to find out the solution together. Besides giving clear information, telling this problem to your current partner will give you a safe feel.

  • Tell your ex straightly

If you are enough with your ex behavior, tell him or her straightly. On the first point, we tell you to ignore your ex but if you realize that your ex becomes more annoying you can tell him or her to stop.

You have to only tell your ex once because it will make you look bold to deny your ex attention and then you can continue to ignore him or her again. You can say how sick you are with their behavior but do not get angry, just be bold.

Threaten your ex that you have someone who will do everything for you including make him or her stop being rude. You can read How to Tell Your Ex You’ve Met Someone Else and Happy Now.

  • Tell your ex's parents

This is the advanced step if everything is not working to stop your ex. Just come to his or her parent's home and tell everything. Tell that their son or daughter is annoying you through some disturbing way. You can not handle it by your self so you ask them as a parent to help you.

It is very okay to come to your ex's parents to look for some help because it is one of the parent's mistakes letting their child being rude. All you need to highlight is to tell them carefully and do not hurt their feelings as parents.

  • Call the police

If you find out your ex is become annoying day by day and even has a tendency to do some physical abuse to you or your new partner, you can call the police. If you are in United Kingdoms, try to call 101 if your ex doing something annoying but undangerous then wait for the police.

You can call 999 if the treat getting more serious. One of the police's function is to block any annoying threat for the citizen. It will give your ex a clear sign that you do not want to meet him or her anymore and show braveness.

You have to know that your ex may haunt you because you were not doing the 6 Steps to Propose Break Up Without Hurting Their Feelings but that can not be a reason for someone distract other people's life.

That is some steps to stop your ex from interfering with your new relationship. Being rude is a serious problem especially if it followed by physical abuse so do not underestimate the threat from your ex. It is better to get prepared, always save police number on your fast dial on the smartphone.

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