How To Know If Your Ex Is Just Stringing You Along (11 Annoying Signs)

Last updated on May 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is your ex teasing with you the prospect of potentially getting back together?

Do you feel unsure about whether she means it or if she's just stringing you along? 

It can be tough to tell if a woman is serious in these situations. 

On one hand, it can be a tough decision for her, so she could be well within her rights to stall on it. On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons for a woman to string their ex along too.

I really hope this guide can help you to get a clearer perspective of your ex's intentions. 

It is packed with tips and ideas to help you understand whether your ex is stringing you along or not...

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Below, I'll reveal more about the best ways to know if your ex is just stringing you along.


11 Signs That Your Ex Is Just Stringing Your Along

1. They Keep Contacting You

In other words, they want to keep their options open. They don’t want to get back but you’re too beneficial to let go. They do anything but disappear from your life. Here they will play the ‘friendly ex’ role which is untrue. All they want to do is milking something out of you. Beware of this kind of ex. Also read Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants to Get Back Together

2. They Offers Emotional Comforts

Really who break your heart and who is trying to comfort you? This is the next sign of a stringing ex you have to be aware of. Here they play a best friend role who will always there for you. They support you emotionally (and endlessly) but they don’t want a commitment. It’s what stringing along is all about, isn’t it?

3. They Pretend To Take All The Blame

They will do anything to obtain your empathy. At first, you’ll hear a lot about their heartbreaking story after you broke up. Next, they will tell you how they realize it’s all their fault. Even when it’s actually on you why you broke up, they still say that they’re worthy enough for you.

4. They Show You They’re Sorry

So, what’s next after all the exaggerated and late self-blame? They say they’re sorry. At this stage you’re going to hear more self blaming remarks, compliments that makes your head two size bigger than now. They start talking about how they regret to let you go and that they fail to meet someone like you again.

5. They Attempt For Reconciliation

Reconciliation here is not getting back together and dating again. Remember that your ex only want to string along. This kind of a person is not into commitment. They do whatever beneficial for them. The only reason why they keep reappearing in your life is because they want to get into your inner circle once again. Also read Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You after Breakup

6. They Always Come And Go

Just because they seem to be care much about you, doesn’t mean they want to be with you. If you want to find out how to know your ex is just stringing you along is how they always come and go. They are there but they are not always there.

Sometimes they are the one you can count on the most, and other times they are like strangers. You’re not their priority and will never be.

7. They Put Too Much Efforts On You

People are always strange when they are on the extreme side, whether it’s too little or too much. And for this case, they’re going to put too much efforts. It looks as if they’re care about you while in fact he’s not. Also read How to Tell Your Ex That You Don't Want to Be Friends

They will adjust to you in everything. If they request a meeting, they’ll go with whenever suit you. They answer your call at the first ring, and it takes only a few seconds to reply for your text. But notice one thing: it’s only temporary.

8. They Avoid Commitments

There is one particular sign you’ll never fail to notice from someone who only stringing along is they never want to commit with you. They like to stick around with you but don’t expect for any official statement.

Keep in mind: just because they come around they will be around like the last time. The fact that they’re always around but show no intention of getting back is enough to know that he won’t make a commitment with you.

9. You Can’t Get Rid Of Them

Being strung along by your ex is the worst thing ever, especially if you really want to be friends with them. Knowing what they intend to do, you want to get away from them. Unfortunately, someone like them will never be able to be gotten rid of. The only way is to ask them fair and square about what they want. Also read Why You Should Never Date an Ex (Again)

10. They Tend To Stick Around With You

When your ex is stringing you along, they’d likely to follow you around. This is why you expect them to ask you getting back together again. Sadly, it’s never in their mind. They just want to play with your feelings, either you’re beneficial for him or he wants to make a revenge. This usually happen when you’re the one who asked to breakup and he seemed to be okay at first, turn out they’re hiding something.

11. They Don’t Show Any Change In Behavior

Sometime you ask yourself: why are they come back again? Your first thought either they want to get back again or want to be friends with you. Turns out he’s staying the same and doesn’t change a bit. They only want to stringing you along.

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In Conclusion

Those are some signs on how to know your ex stringing along. Don’t let them wind you up and get carried away. Once you breakup with someone, cut off the contacts until you really moved on. Even if you miss them, don’t make it as an excuse.

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