Best Dating Apps for Muslim to Find a Serious Lover

Last updated on June 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

For modern people, different beliefs and religion is not an obstacle for two people to date. However, some religion doesn’t allowed inter-belief marriage. In the other word, they have to get married to someone within their peers. Islam is among those religions. Muslims are not allowed to date or married someone from other religion. It’s strictly forbidden and no compromise.

Sharing similar values as Muslim is important since it will define their way of life in the future. It guarantee a long lasting partnership with a strong foundation. But as many other people, Muslims often find it hard to find the “right one”. So that they go to dating apps to find a partner.

Looking for a lover through dating sites or apps is not a forbidden thing in Islam. As long as the significant other holds the same belief, it doesn’t matter. Here are the best dating apps for Muslim, or websites in this case for Muslims who wants to date within their peers.

  1. Match is one the firsts dating sites with unbeatable reputation despite all the popular dating apps keep appearing. This is a friendly sites for Muslims due to its massive reach with more than 13.5 million visit per month. For that huge number, you will have a big chance to come across someone who have similar belief and value with you, especially when you are looking for a long term relationship. Also read Things to Know Before Marrying a Muslim

Moreover, facilitate more on relationships, dating, and marriage, than any other dating service.

  1. MuslimMarriageSolution

With the tagline “Where compatible single Muslim meet,” this website was made especially for Muslim who is looking for a partner in life. The focus of this website is on compatibility, not appearance. So if you are looking for a marriage partner, there is a big chance that you will meet the most compatible one. It’s completely free and you can access it from any of your device: laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You don’t to pay for any membership and you can use all the features including receive matches, sending messages, and video call.


With the main purpose to help Muslim singles to find the right husband or wife, is designed with the accordance of Islamic principles. You can search using various filters like age, religious sect, and location. You can make contact to other member for free. It is safe and welcoming as well as inspiring many marriage relationship between Muslims who are really committed to the traditional value of Islam. Also read Converting to Islam for Marriage, What to Expect?


While best dating app for Muslim is pretty rare, there are many website that accommodate the need of Muslims singles to find their soul mate. provide numerous database which you can browse to find the perfect match. You can create your profile for free, searching for the profiles of other members, upload up to 20 pics and receive message and invitations.


Extend your network while searching for a partner with this website encourages Muslim to flirt and chat with other Muslims from around the world. You can personalize your own newsfeed to deliver the latest story of a potential partner. You can also mark certain members as your favorite. This website offer a membership where you can chat safely on the internet. Also read Muslim Wedding Planning Guide


You will likely find your best Muslim partner here, as the website has thousands of profile ready to be viewed once you have registered. The website is free and you can join no matter where you come from. With more members join everyday, your chance gets higher. You can also browse freely without being a member to browse through the photos of Muslim singles, but if you want to do advanced research using filters like age, country, and religion, you have to sign up. Only members can join the private chat room with other Muslims.


Most of dating app or website offer a membership plan for you to be able to access their premium features. But not this one. aims to foster friendship between Muslims, so you can register for free and use all the features provided. One thing makes this website different is the hundred of questions you must answer when you first sign up. It includes your background, political views, hobbies, and more things to showcase your personality.

You don’t have to worry whether you will find the right match, since they can look up into your profile before starting a chat with you. All you have to do is put your best photo as profile picture. Also read Relationship in Islam is Haram?


This one dating website is also special, since it was made for Black Muslim communities. The sites provided those who is looking for a partner from the same ethnicity and background. With a clean interface to begin with, is user friendly. You can put an interesting headline to your profile like “Let’s make dua together,” or “A princess looking for her prince” as a clickbait. Fill more detail you like to share more personally with other members.


Even though Islam doesn’t suggest divorce, but life can gets hard and separation is unavoidable. For Muslims divorcee who want to give love a second chance, is the right place. With more than 4.5 million members worldwide, you can start heal your broken heart here. Even since it was founded in 2006, remains one of the most favorite dating websites for Muslims. Also read Reasons Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy

A good Muslim always have faith to the God that a good partner will eventually come along. So while putting some effort in the best dating apps for Muslims, always pray to God for the best partner you could ever have.

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