6 Surprising Signs He Is Pretending To Like You

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you worried that your partner is only pretending to like you?

Do you fear that he’s showering you with fake affection, just to keep to you around?  

Can you not shake the feeling that he’ll be off some chasing some other woman soon enough? 

If the answer is yes, let me tell you I’ve been in that position and it’s horrible. At the same time, these feelings can often stem from paranoia.

That’s why I was keen to write this list of the biggest telltale signs that a man is pretending to like you. There are six giveaway signs listed in total. 

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Below, you’ll find my full list of signs that he’s not serious about you.

Signs He Is Pretending To Like You

When we are in a relationship, sometimes we and our partner can’t make it to a long relationship. If you have broken up with your boyfriend after a long relationship, it might be the best option for you. When you decide to end your relationship, it is a good thing to start over a relationship with someone else.

But sometimes, the one that looks interesting to you are not as good as he looks. He might seem like a good man, but he also might pretend to like you.  You also need to know some signs your relationship is not working.

If you doubt your crush’s feeling to you, there is always reason behind him. It is whether he feels like he can’t be your partner, he can’t make you happy, he doesn’t comfortable around you, or the bad side is he just want to play with you. If you are suspicious about someone, here are some signs he is pretending to like you.

1. You are not his priority

You might have spent your time on chatting him, asking him to go hang out with you, and anything else. But look at his reaction. Does he always have many reasons on not going out with you? How many times did he ask you about your day first? Does he even care about your activities? If you feel like he doesn’t care too much about you, then he doesn’t really like you.

He might be just being curious about you at first. Someone who pretends to like you might have the same sign as someone ghosting you. He has never made you his priority, so you need to consider about ending your relationship with him. Also read signs someone is toxic for you.

2. He shows too much affection in public

Don’t get it wrong when someone shows affection to someone they love in public. It might be considered as pure love, and they don’t really mean to seek for public’s attention.

But if your crush only shows you affection in front of the public, while when you are alone with him, he doesn’t even care too much, it might be a bad sign. It might be a sign that he just pretends to like you.

3. He doesn’t spare his time to contact you

If someone like each other--no matter how busy they are—they must spare their time to contact someone they love. Even when they are tired from a long job in a day, they will at least ask you about how’s your day going. They will try their best to still communicate with you.

But if your crush always makes a lot of excuses whenever you ask them about communicating with you, they might just don’t have any feeling about you. If they were used to communicate with you, and then they just don’t have time for you, it might be a sign that they just pretend to like you. If he is ghosting you, know more about reasons why you were ghosted.

4. Always spend the time with his friends

In a relationship, it is normal if you give your partner a break to spend his time with some friends. But if he always hangs out with his friends and ignoring when you ask to go together with you, you should consider to end your relationship with him.

This can be the sign that he is pretending to like you. If you doubt his feeling towards you, the only option is to end your feeling to him, and move on to someone else. Also read tips for dating in your 30s.

5. He doesn’t want to talk about you and his future

If your crush has really like you, he won’t have any hesitation on talking about your future with him. He doesn’t want to have any conversation about your future relationship with him, and he always distract the conversation.

Do you feel like he kind of takes you for granted?
Unfortunately this is one of the most frequent complaints we get from our readers, where they feel they aren't a priority for their boyfriend or husband. They always seem to have some excuse as to why they can't spend some quality time with you like they used to.

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He also never looks comfortable every time you try to talk about it. If your crush shows some reaction like that, it is probably the best for you to leave him and go look for a better man.

6. He doesn’t care about your life

Try to look at his reaction when you talk about your life. You can try to tell him about your school, job, family, and anything. If he doesn’t pay attention to your story, it means that he doesn’t appreciate you.

He doesn’t care about your life, and just want to make you fall for him. He actually never like you, and probably want to use you for his own advantages. Also read how to heal after losing a pet.

If your crush shows some signs mentioned above, you might want to consider about leaving him. It is best for you to look for someone that will love you just the way you are than spending your time with a bad partner. Good luck on looking for your true love.

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