Will Virgo Man Come Back To You Again After A Bad Break Up?

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Breaking up with someone is something that is hard to make sense of because your logic is clouded by all the heart wrenching emotions you are feeling. But, looking at their zodiac sign might give you a hint on why things unfolded that way.

Virgo relies on their brain to go through life, especially when it comes to break ups. We are here to answer your question on “Virgo man broke up with me, will he come back to me?” through these analysis;


He Will Not Come Back

For the level headed sign like a Virgo, it’s not odd that they can cut off his partner coldly. But these heartbreaking break up is never without reason. Here are some possible reason on why he will never come back to you;

1. He Needs To Focus On His Career

he needs to focus on his career

Logic before love is probably a motto that is held high by a Virgo men. That is why he will probably always choose his career.

2. You Don’t Like How Controlling He Is

Being controlling is a way for you to know How to Tell When Virgo Man Is Ready to Commit with You. If you can’t accept his love language, he won’t come back.

3. You Are Too Emotional

There is nothing more annoying than a girl that is too emotional for a Virgo.

4. You Make Him Choose Between You And His Career

The fact that you can’t see that his career always comes first will be maddening for a Virgo men, making him leave you faster than you imagined.

5. He Can’t Be The Perfectionist He Wants To Be

The basic trait of a Virgo men is that he is a perfectionist. He doesn’t want to be with someone who can’t respect that.

6. You Don’t Have The Same Attention To Detail

The Wife Material Signs he is looking for is someone who is as picky about details as he is. If you aren’t that person, he can’t imagine a future with you.

7. You Are Too Reckless And Adventurous

Stability is really important for a Virgo. The feeling of lacking stability will urge him to find it in other people.

8. He Haven’t Been Organized In The Relationship

If he have been reckless in a relationship, he is just showing that he is not himself. This is a red flag because he will soon hate this version of him.

9. He Have Been Distant

Physical and emotional distance is the hint on How Do You Know When A Virgo Man Has Lost Interest.

He Will Come Back

So, Virgo man broke up with me, will he come back to me? In some condition, he might come back as long as you notice these signs in the relationship.

1. He Have Been Vulnerable With You

It is not easy for a Virgo to open up because he relies on his brain to stop himself from being over emotional. If you are someone he is vulnerable with, he probably will come back to you.

2. He Admits That He Is Comfortable With You

he admits that he is comfortable with you

This verbal proof is not something to take lightly. It means that no matter where he is or how things are between you guys, he will show that he loves you. Reading How to Know He Loves You Even When He Doesn't Say It may help you understand him.

3. You See Him Very Emotional After The Break Up

The break up truly wrecked him. To stop hurting, he might run back to you again.

4. He Texts You Again After The Break Up

How to Know If Your Virgo Ex Wants You Back After He Dumped You is when he texts you again as if nothing happened.

5. He Still Wants To Be Friends

He says this to leave the door open between you guys so that he can come back whenever he want.

6. He Tells You To Wait For Him

This is his way of saying that his break up is not for a long time and that he will come back.

7. The Relationship Have Been Stable

If you haven’t notice any turbulence in the relationship, it could be a sign that the break up is not serious.

When it comes to coming or not coming back after a break up, you really need to see how a Virgo men behaves in the relationship. Because Virgo is straightforward in his action, you probably can quickly get an answer to the question Virgo man broke up with me, will he come back to me. So, no need to be confused.

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