Why Do Guys Always Carry Chocolate With Them? Sweet Guys Signs

Last updated on April 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Believe it or not, there are guys who almost have chocolate with them every single day. The reason behind it is not always about crushing a girl.

Why Do Guys Always Carry Chocolate With Them

So here are many other reasons why guys always carry chocolate with them.

1. Because They Like To Eat Chocolate

The Simplest answer is simply because they like it. They likes to eat chocolate very much that they bring it with them every single time.

The sweetness of chocolate is indeed delicious and it can make a person always in a good mood, so there is nothing odd with bringing chocolate everyday, especially for guys. You may also need to read How to Seduce a Man without Him Knowing.

2. Because They Will Give It To Friends

As you might don't know, guys also give snacks to other guys and this is very common. So if a guy brings chocolate with him, he might want to give it to his best friends at school or anywhere.

That is of course very fun and far far better than group of boys who have drugs or guns with them which people may say "manly" but not at all manly. Chocolate doesn't kill.

3. Because They Don't Smoke Anymore

The other reason why guys carry chocolate with them is because they don't smoke anymore.

They eat chocolate to deal with the urge to smoke or to keep their mouth busy so they forget to smoke. You may also want to read Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Office – Spread the Love!

4 .Because They Want To Impress Many People

Some guys like to be the center of attention, so this one trick will work. They will come to a group of people and give the chocolate to them hoping that people will know them and will be impressed.

5. Because They Want To Cheer Someone Up

Their friends might have just lost their pets, or sick, or have just got terrible days so they want to cheer their friends and families with the chocolate. Chocolate is believable to cure stress, so this is a good thing to give. You may want know Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend What He Means to You without Words.

6. Because They Want To Gain Weight

If you are curious about guys who always have chocolate with them, check if they want to gain weight.

Men like to appear strong and big, so for them who have small or skinny figure, some of them want to gain weight and chocolate can help them gaining weight pretty fast with the correct choice of certain kind of chocolate.

7. Because They Have Sisters And Brothers At The Same School

Other reason why they bring chocolate with them is because they have sisters or brothers at the same school who like to ask them for snacks so they always have snacks like chocolate for them. Read our other interesting article about How to Deal with a Guy Sending Mixed Signals.

8. Because They Want To Surprise Someone

This may be the most common reason why guys bring chocolate with them. Whenever they want to surprise someone, it will come handy.

Most girls or anyone will like to receive chocolate for any reasons. This article Reasons Your Boyfriend Should Be Your Biggest Fan may give you more information.

9. Because They Will Visit Someone

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As mentioned before that chocolate can raise someone's mood, so giving chocolate to someone sounds great especially if they live far away.

Guys will give their significant other or friends chocolate to show respect and love. Also read How to Seduce a Man without Being Obvious.

10. Because They Will Visit Some Places That Day

If you think guys don't like chocolate, you are wrong. There are so many guys who like chocolate just like girls do so they will carry it with them every time.

Above are the reasons why do guys carry chocolate with them as you might never thought before. Assuming that guys only carry chocolate to give it to girlfriend is wrong. They simply like it, and give it to show respect and love, and wish to get well soon too.

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