Reasons Your Boyfriend Should Be Your Biggest Fan

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Not everyone enjoy getting all the spotlight and becoming the center of attention. But one sure thing is, everyone wants to get attention from the one the love. Speaking of which, you don't care if the rest of the world is not giving a shit about you. The most important thing that your boyfriend loves you and driving all his attention only to you. No one in the world want to be neglected by their lover.

The attention you want to get from your boyfriend is not the one like he showers you with gifts, texting you every minute, and never miss to call you every hour. It's kind of moderate attention to show that he loves you so much and everyone around him knows about it.

By giving you all of his attention and showing to the world that he loves you, it's enough as proof that he is your biggest fan. There are always good reasons you boyfriend should be your biggest fan: it's because you're his biggest fan too.

Why does he should be your biggest fan? Let's go down with all the reasons:

1. You're the Best Girl He Has Ever Met

After the bad relationship he had, he finally found you. Among all the girls he has dated before, you are the most loving, caring and understanding to him. A girl like you won't come everyday in life so he should know how to value you as you are the best girl he has ever met. Also read Cute Ways To Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her

2. You are Always There for Him

For all the things he does, during his ups and downs, you are always there for him. You are very supportive to your boyfriend, clapping your hand when he made it and patting his back when he fails. It serves as a strong foundation for the relationship which make it last for a long time.

3. There are a Lot to Brag About You

You're not just an ordinary girl to begin with. He should declare himself as your biggest fan since there are many things to brag about you. You are a hard working girl, independent, and never ask much from him. He should let the world know that he's dating the right girl. Also read Characteristic of A Healthy and An Unhealthy Relationship

4. You are Having His Back

He knows that you are always having his back. No matter what happen, he knows that he will still have you. It's a relationship goal for everyone, where you should be supportive of each other and let each other know that your love is a strength.

5. You are Approving of His Friends

He must have experienced this, whether you had it himself or it happened to his friends, that their girlfriend and their friends don't get along well. But it doesn't happen to him. You never think his friends as a bad influence for him, and his friends never though bad about you. Also read Signs That Your Boyfriend Loves You More Than Anyone Else

6. You are His Biggest Fan

Reasons your boyfriend should be your biggest fan: you are his biggest fan as well. You are proud and supportive to him in a way that it makes your relationship stronger. When two parties love each other equally, then it's guaranteed their relationship will last long. You should be the biggest fan for each other, so that it won't be easy for others to shake your relationship.

7. You Gives Him What He Needs

You are mature as a girlfriend. You make him feel very comfortable with the relationship and he always enjoy your company. Why? because you gives him everything he needs. You never complain when he told you he want some time alone. You let him spend the night out with his friends and many other thing that will turn him into your biggest fan. Also read Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in A Relationship

8. His Happiness is Your Happiness

One signs that you love someone is how much you care about him. As you love him, you want him to be happy. It's a good way for you to express that you love him. And everything that make him happy, it makes you happy too. Since you show him that he cares about you more that you are to yourself, he should become your biggest fan right then.

9. You Genuinely Love Him

In a relationship, nothing is more important that for two people loving each other. There are many cases where a man unfortunately met a wrong woman and he's having a bad relationship. But you always show him that you genuinely love him. And if he's thankful of that, he should let others know how much he loves you in return. Also read signs that a man loves you unconditionally.

10. He Can Count On You

Because you are there, he is able to gather all his braveness to take all the challenge in front of him. He is not afraid to fall because he knows he can count on you. Not only you want him to be reliable as a boyfriend, you should be a strong girlfriend that he can rely on.

11. Your Love Gives Him Strength

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Love should give each other strength. If you found yourself being stronger because of the love he gave you, then you are in a relationship with the right person. So your love should be the source of strength for him too. That way your love grow stronger every other day and strengthening bot of you as well. Also read Signs that Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon

12. You Treat His Family Well

A good man is those who is good toward his family. And if you want him to be your biggest fan immediately, you should know how to treat him family well. Show your love and respect for them (especially him mother), and it won't take him long to realize that you are the one he's been looking for.

In a relationship, you must make each other as a priorities. As he is one of the most important person in your life, it should be enough as reasons your boyfriend should be your biggest fan. It makes you relived to know that he is your biggest fan since it's a proof that he loves you dearly.

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