27 Hidden Reasons You Need to Get Through a Heartbreak Once in Life

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There are million of ways to describe love. When some people say love is the greatest blessing ever existed, others say they'd rather not experienced love again. As you know, love is not always about sweet and romantic things: it could sometime ends in a huge pain. Nobody would ever want to experience the pain from a heartbreak, and because of it you need to know the reasons you need to get through a heartbreak once in life.

If you can escape from it safely, heartbreak is actually rather beneficial and helps you grow. You can discover you new self after a heartbreak and realizing what you actually capable of.

1. It Makes You Feel Relieved and Thankful

When the heartbreak occurs, it feels like the end of the world. But after sometime and you get healed, you will be thankful instead. As well as relieved because you have saved from what could have been the biggest disaster in your life. Only bad things will be removed from your life. You only find about it later.

2. Nothing Last Forever

If you think that love is everlasting, you will be awaken that it's not. One of the biggest reasons you need to get through a heartbreak once in life is to make you realize that nothing last forever, including love. Which makes you find the Ways to Forget Your First Love.

3. It Makes You Brave

Breaking up means letting go and it requires bravery. You have to accept that things are not going as you wish them to be and move on. It gives you change to reflect on your life and yourself, of what's important and letting go what's not. As you can do well on your own, you don't need anymore Reasons Why You Don't Need Boyfriend to be Happy.

4. Love is a Gift

To love someone is a risk, but to never feel love at all is even worse. Heartbreaking is hurt, but it is worth the lesson. To love and to be loved is a gift and it what makes you feel grateful in life. Even though you have experienced the pain in love, it doesn't make love itself looks bad.

5. It Teaches You Patience

Everything in this life doesn't come easy. It sometime offers you an experience like a roller coaster ride. It makes you realize it's the process that shaped you, not the result itself. For the best thing that is yet to come, you must be patience. In the end, you will find the Signs of Conditional Love as it really is.

6. Being Alone is Not Lonely

Don't be scared to be alone in life. Alone doesn't mean lonely. It's a good time for you to live your life the way you want it to be, pursuing your dreams, walking with your head up high. You don't need somebody to define who you are through all the Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up.

7. You Deserve Better

Through heartbreak, you know that there are various types of person in the world. Why would you hang on after seeing the Signs of a Bad Relationship with Your Boyfriend? Letting go is hard but you will eventually realize you deserve better.

8. It Wakes You Up

In life, things happen at unexpected time just like the thunder that hits when you sleep. If heartbreak was the thunder, then you will be woken up that life will give you lemon at the most unexpected moments.


Heartbreak is a Blessing in Disguise


There is always silver lining in everything, including the deeply hurt heartbreak you experienced. It may seems painful and you feel like you can't stand it, but surely the heartbreak will pass too. And there is good reasons you need to get through a heartbreak once in life for these benefits below:

  1. Fairy tales that you dreamed when you were younger turns out never existed. Heartbreak helps you to realize about this one.
  2. Love hasn't always ended with happily ever after.
  3. The guys that come to your life is not a prince, and will never be. They might be not that romantic as well.
  4. Heartbreak puts in one of the lowest point in your life.
  5. You will learn how to get up from there.
  6. You can find out the truth about yourself, whether you're a fighter or a coward.
  7. You will eventually find the real meaning of love and what kind of relationship that you want.
  8. And learned that true love needs to be worked out.
  9. Heartbreak is just another challenge in life, win it and you will become a champion.
  10. You realize that you can't relay on anyone but you. You have to help yourself to get up.

How Heartbreak Helps You Grow

Beyond beneficial, there are more upside of a heartbreak for you, it helps you to grow up. Check how heartbreak changes you.

  1. We know the difference between pain and sufferings. Pain is related to the body while sufferings is more like emotional condition where you feel depressed.
  2. You think that the purpose of love is happiness, but what you seek in love is comfort.
  3. You can't change love nor the one you love. You have change yourself.
  4. The way you see heartbreak will change. It's not a breakdown but a breakthrough.
  5. As much as you feel joy, the pain you get is balanced.
  6. You will eventually realize that break up is not that necessary.
  7. Everything in the world costs. Heartbreak is the cost of falling in love.
  8. Heartbreak is another form of freedom.
  9. It's the heartbreak you should defeat, not it being defeated by it.


Now that you have known all the reasons you need to get through a heartbreak once in life, turns out it has many bright side too. Take it as a process you have to get through in life.

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