How To Get A Scorpio Man Back (23 Ways To Get A Scorpio Man Back After A Breakup)

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you regret breaking up with a special Scorpio? 

Are you hoping to rekindle your relationship? 

Are you thinking about whether there are specific behaviors that Scorpios react to?

Well. the answer is: yes, there definitely are some actions you can take that Scorpios can’t help but respond to.  

And I have one hell of a useful article for you to teach you about this. It features 23 of the most effective ways to get a Scorpio man back.

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With that said, scroll down for my list of ways to get a Scorpio man back into your life.


23 Ways To Get Your Scorpio Man Back After A Breakup

Do you regret breaking up with your Scorpio boyfriend after realizing he is the one for you? Do you feel like you’re on the brink of frustration because all the methods you’re trying to get your man back is not working out? 

Although sweet and friendly, once Scorpio men make up their mind, they will hardly heed to cries over spilled milk. 

If you didn’t know a Scorpio can be hard-headed sometimes, your attempts to win back your Scorpio boyfriend may reveal some of his characters you wouldn’t like.

However, there must have been a level of trust and love in your failed relationship, or else he wouldn’t be hurt over the break-up. As such, you can still get your Scorpio man back if that’s what you want. Like every other guy, it won’t be a piece of cake but, it doesn’t have to be a mission impossible project either.

If he was the one who initiated the breakup, the situation becomes harder because he must have felt he couldn’t manage the problems that led to the break-up. Again, it is not impossible to get your Scorpio man back after a breakup. The tips in this article will give you a head-start and helpful tips on getting back together.

1. Focus on yourself

While dating your Scorpio guy did you make him the center of your life or make your relationship your whole focus? If yes, it means you were doing something wrong and, that’s why the relationship didn’t work out in the first place. Before thinking about getting your Scorpio man back, you need to start focusing on yourself alone. 

The idea of making yourself the center of everything isn’t selfishness but self-preservation. It is when you make sense of who you are that your relationship with others, including your Scorpio guy, will work. Figuring yourself out will be in your favor because Scorpio men love their women intelligent, smart, and knowledgeable. 

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2. Is Pursuing His Interest The Best Thing For You Right Now

It’s obvious you like this Scorpio guy else, you won’t be trying to get him back. However, you need to ask yourself if pursuing his interest is the right thing for you to be doing at the moment. While at it, ask yourself if the chase will be worth it. Was the man good to you or are you just trying to patch a relationship that was never meant to be?

It is easy for anyone to want to get back after a break-up but, most people fail to consider if that’s what they should be doing. You should ask yourself if getting your Scorpio man back will improve you as a person or continue to make you an unpleasant person.

3. Be Sure He Still Wants You Too

be sure he still wants you too

Does he still care about you? Are you sure your pursuit won’t end in tears and further pain? It will be pointless and useless to keep going after a man who has lost interest in you even if you love him so much. Plus, it’s one thing to get a Scorpio man back, but that’s only if he wants to come back in the first place.

Even if he has no idea that you want to get back with him, you should be able to determine his level of interest in you. If he has a complete distaste for you, all hope might be lost but, if he still speaks with you with some affection, you could still stand a chance to win back your Scorpio man. 

4. Stay Away From Him For A While

When you love or care for a man, you’ll want to be around him often. If he is a Scorpio man your interest might double because of his amazing personality. However, your relationship is over and it will be awkward to become friends so soon after the break-up, if ever. 

Therefore, the period of trying to get your Scorpio man back is not the time to be hounding him with text messages, calls, or physical meetups. Yes, you want your presence to convince him that you want him to come back, but, you also need to be patient with him too. As long as you make sure your plans are intact, you don’t need to see him too often for your plans to work.

5. Act Like You Don’t Care What He Does With His Life

Now, it is obvious you care about this man but like all other guys, Scorpio men that know you’re interested in going back to the way things were would take advantage of the situation and play with you. 

So this guy might lead you on, use the resources you offer so desperately, and still disappoint you at the end of the day. As such, you need to be careful with the way you express your still vibrant interest in him. Create a balance that works in your favor.

6. Even If He Gives You Some Attention, Don’t Be Too Eager To Respond

It is possible that you’ve managed to capture his attention and your excited self will want to jump all over that little interest. Don’t do that. If you show extreme eagerness, he might toy with you as a form of punishment, especially if he’s still hurt over the last time.

Scorpio men can be petty too when hurt and they will nurse the grudge until they are ready to let it go. Let him see that you’re happy to have his attention again but, maintain some level of reservation.

7. Send Him A Message That Suggests You’re Simply Checking Up On Him, Not Monitoring Him

When you are still at the stage of getting him to meet you in person, you need to play it cool. You could be following his activities on social media or through mutual friends to see how he’s doing or if he has moved on to another woman. At the same time, you can keep in touch with him via text messages since calling him might not yet be the best option.

In your text messages, make sure you don’t sound too inquisitive so as not to alert him. You need to be even more careful not to mess your plans up if he starts to reply to your messages. Build up his interest until you make him fall for you once again.

8. Do Things That Will Make Him Interested In You Again

Scorpio men tend to fall in love with women with different personalities, not necessarily with the ones from a particular zodiac sign. However, there are central qualities that draw the attention of a Scorpio guy. For example, a Scorpio man is goal-oriented and pays attention to details and so, he will appreciate similar attributes in his woman.

Which attributes attracted him to you in the first place? Enhance those attributes, make sure he is aware of what you’re up to, and wait for him to take the good bait. If he still cares, he will be all for it.

9. Throw Him Some Reminders Of How Good Things Were Between Both Of You

throw him some reminders of how good things were between both of you

A good reminder delivered strategically over time might be that you’re the woman for him. You can deliver these reminders to him directly or indirectly. Directly means you can send him pictures while indirectly means asking him to send you some videos you no longer have with you.

He might be skeptical as to why you’re doing this but, if he’s a sensitive guy, he’d assume you’re still hung up on the relationship. If he still has hopes that something can still work between you two, his hurt would start to thaw. 

10. Reveal The Mystique In You To Match His Natural Level Of Curiosity

A Scorpio man loves mysteries and desires to solve them. He knows you to a large extent and so, when you become unpredictable, it triggers his interest. He still likes you even if his interest is no longer potent. As such, he will want to know what is going on with you one way or the other.

To pique his interest and draw his attention back to you, get a mutual friend to help you out by alerting him. You don’t need to do anything crazy, just shroud some of your activities in secrecy and the knight in him will surface to help you.

11. Don’t Lose Your Intelligence Just Because He Says He’ll Consider Getting Back With You

Your Scorpio ex said he will think about getting back with you and he has restored communication. That’s not a sign to start baking him pies or preparing delicious desserts for him. It is not also the time to lose your sensibilities and start having sex with him. 

If you make the mistake of becoming too available to get a Scorpio man back, the result might not be what you hope for. Even if you manage to get him back with that, the restored relationship might not last.

12. Avoid Begging Multiple Times Just To Get Back With Your Scorpio Man

You were the wrong one but, you don’t have to become a sobering mess every time you get to talk with your Scorpio ex before he forgives you. Regardless of your errors, saying sorry should be enough to get your man to forgive you. 

If saying sorry won’t be enough, you can find other ways to do so without losing your pride completely.

13. Undergo A Makeover To Build Self-Confidence In Yourself And Appear Even More Attractive To Him

This tip is more for you than it is for your Scorpio man. After the break-up, you might not recognize who you are and so, a makeover might be what you need to boost your self-confidence. The makeover is not just about your physical looks but also your entire carriage.

A self-improvement class might be all the boost you need to gain clarity about your life and what you want from your Scorpio ex.

14. Be Discreet With Your Plans To Get Back Together With Him

be discreet with your plans to get back together with him

Whatever process you want to make use of to get your Scorpio man back, don’t be too obvious about it. Even if you need to enlist anyone’s help, ask them to be discreet too. Men love to do the chasing and the Scorpio man might consider your pursuit unsuitable to the nature of things.

Somewhere down the road, when you get back together, you can both laugh about how he knew you pursued his interest but, now is not that time.

15. When It’s Time To Lay Your Cards Out, You Want To Get Straight To The Point, Not Beat Around The Bush

As much as you should be discreet about wanting him back, direct communication of what you want from a Scorpio will probably get you a speedier response than if you walk around in circles. 

However, you can only lay your cards on the table when you’re sure this man wants to be actively pursued. If not, your efforts will be useless. Tell him you want another chance with him and see what his response to you will be.

16. Don’t Act Like A Lovesick Puppy On His Leash

Regardless of how good things were in your relationship, you need to realize that you’re no longer a couple and you have no right to his attention. If he gives you some attention, don’t abuse it and start acting like a lovesick puppy on a leash.

You are free to devote your time to other important things even while trying to fix things with the Scorpio man. He will appreciate your dedication to yourself more than your fascination with him.

17. Occupy Your Free Time By Hanging Out With Friends

If you were tied to the hip with your Scorpio man when you were a couple, your singlehood is the time to bond with some friends before you give a relationship a try again. Even if you get the Scorpio guy back, what happens on days when there’s another misunderstanding? 

Having friends to discuss with and shoulders to cry on will help minimize the pain you might go through. Hanging out with friends will also help to temporarily take your mind off the pursuit of your man. 

18. Pick Up A New Skill Or Hobby To Focus On

Another thing you can do while working on your Scorpio man is to get a new skill or try a new hobby, especially if you’re struggling with keeping a focus on other things. 

The purpose of shifting your focus is to make sure you can handle regular life experiences rather than make getting him back your sole purpose. It is only in movies that people leave their regular lives behind to chase love but, this is reality.

19. Apologize To Your Scorpio Man If You Were The Wrong Party

Apologies don’t necessarily fix things immediately but, they go a long way in gradually mending the wrongs. If the weight of the break up lies solely on you, be humble and apologize. Your apology can be in words and actions, depending on which form will make your Scorpio man forgive you easily.

20. Make Him See The Reasons Why He Was Wrong If You Didn’t Cause The Break-Up

make him see the reasons why he was wrong if you didn't cause the breakup

If the Scorpio man was the one who made a mistake by breaking up with you, let him the error of his ways. The fact that you want him despite breaking up with you, means he has redeemable qualities. If he is as reasonable as most Scorpio men, he will rethink his decision.

21. Talk to Mutual Friends Or Families Who Once Believed In Your Relationship

You need allies who can make getting back together with your Scorpio man easier. If you have mutual friends who believe in the love you share with him, ask for their help. They could have a few tips that will help you progress in your quest. 

The smaller the number of people you seek out, the better your chances. Don’t make the Scorpio guy feel hunted.

22. Get The Closure You Need If He Still Doesn’t Come Around

After you’ve tried your best and your Scorpio guy doesn’t come around, you can ask him for closure. The closure you seek might be in terms of a lengthy conversation or hanging out in a place you both loved to spend time together. As long as you can accept that you tried but, it just didn’t work, you should be good.

23. Forget About Him And Move On To Someone Else

It may be hard to accept defeat despite doing all you can to get your special Scorpio man back. However, after every defeat is a chance to start afresh. The best thing to do would be to start building new memories that do not remind you of him and with time, you’ll forget him.


How do you make a Scorpio man miss you?

When you know what the Scorpio man in question loves about you or women in general, it becomes easier to secure his interest. You don’t need to act desperate to ensure he misses you, just appeal to his mysterious and passionate sides and he’ll fall in line. 

Why does a Scorpio man come back?

A Scorpio man can get stubborn when it comes to forgiving and forgetting because he doesn’t give out his loyalty cheaply. However, if a Scorpio man comes back to you, it means his loyalty and care for you runs deep.

What to do when a Scorpio man ignores you?

When a Scorpio man ignores you, ignore him too. The idea sounds counterproductive but that’s what works for most guys, including Scorpio men. He needs his space and won’t give you what you need unless you respect what he needs.

How do you deal with a Scorpio man being distant?

A Scorpio man is naturally sociable and fun to be with and so, if he’s being distant with you, you would still find him associating with others. One way to make him stop distancing himself is to put yourself in his presence by being available in places he cannot ignore you. 

Do Scorpios like to be chased?

Even though they prefer to be the ones doing the chasing, men like it when women admire and chase them sometimes too. However, a Scorpio doesn’t give a positive response to every woman who actively chases him for a relationship because he is selective by nature.

In Conclusion

Remember, you can get your Scorpio man back if you make use of the tips in this article. However, like every man, a Scorpio man may decide the relationship cannot work between both of you. Rest assured that whatever steps you take through the process of pursuing him won’t be in vain. You will emerge a better you!

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