How To Get A Guy's Attention On Facebook Status - 7 Effective Ways!

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Here we go again in the, #1 all about love from Devani site. If has discussed some
articles like what happens when you ignore a Gemini woman, falling in love with a married man who loves you too but what to do, and reasons to marry a welsh person, in this occasion, will talk about ways to get you crush attention through social media within the article entitle: "How to Get a Guy Attention on Facebook Status - 7 Effective Ways!" But before we start, don't forget to read the other articles: signs your best friend is emotionally draining you & how to tell if a Gemini has lost interest in you.

There is someone you really like and wish to get his attention on one social media platform like Facebook? Here are a few tips that will help you to catch his attention and possibly become his lover.


1. Add Him As Your Friend On Facebook

Interaction is the first step toward affection. You hardly get his attention If due not registered as his friend. So, first and foremost step is, you have to be connected as his friend. you can :

  • If you go to the same school as him, you can casually send a friend request and send some greeting friendly message like, "Hey, we go to the same school, add me :)" Try to keep your message short and simple.
  • If you are well known to his friend, you can send try to befriend his friend on Facebook first then send a friend request to him, People in Facebook tend to accept friend request toward people who have a mutual friend with him.
  • Make your presence in the Facebook group he's in, be active and post related things there and try to make him engage in one of your posts. Should he reply and engage on one of your posts, you shall have a reason to add him as having a common interest. You possibly gain material that will be easier for you to have a nice conversation.

Congrats, you should have befriended with him on Facebook. You can skip this step should you already have him as your friend on Facebook.

2. Be In His Radar

be in his radar

Make your presence known on his Facebook timeline. You can start by stalking his timeline to take note of his interest. While stalking his timeline, you can start giving like and commenting on his post to make your presence known to him. Be sure to compliment him in his joyous moment and console him in his sad moment. Be with him in his key moment like congratulate him on his birthday.

Remember, try to be moderate. While guys like to get positive interact, they tend to get away if you overdo it (Like suddenly spam giving like to all his status, posts and photos massively in one day).

3. Be Brave, Chat Him

By now, you should have been quite friendly to him. He might be replying your comment or even give like, and comment your post. If you have in this phase, he should have an amiable impression toward you. You can proceed by sending him a chat to deepening your friendship toward him. Try to bring up any of his interest topics to make him reply and have a conversation with you. Make sure your conversation giving him hint that you appeared to be interested in him through the topic you pick.

Don't start the conversation by talking on and on about yourself as most of the guys will get turn off. Should you pull it off correctly, you will have his most attention and will appear to be interested in you. Hopefully, he will start to share many of his moment with you and see you as someone that he can lean on. Always show interest in him and what he interested while keeping yourself a bit mysterious by not revealing much about yourself. Guys quite attracted toward a mysterious girl, and that is your charm and appeal.

4. Likes What He Likes, Love What He Loves

Guys really like a girl who has a common interest and who that has a similar life goal. try to find a common interest that both of you have, but try to no obviously show that you like all thing he likes. Slip few of what he likes in yours but be real about yourself. Don't force yourself should things he like is too far for your liking. Find something else that both of you likes.

By having same things of what he likes and what he loves, it will become a great material to bring up in conversation, hence will bring a great conversation that both of you can talk pleasantly, deepening your intimation between you.

5. Friends Of His Is Also Your Friend

His friends are a trove of information that you might can't get directly from him. Slowly convert his friend to become your ally (too). Try to not do it too obviously by adding all of his friends instantly. Do it slowly but surely.

By having his friends as your friend too, you can have an information network about him that even he himself might secretly keep to you. Such as his favorite type of girl, preference, or does he already have a girlfriend? (Surely you don't want to be a villain... or do you?). You can try to befriend and win his friend as your ally by giving them compliments, as everyone likes to get compliments.

With his friends is now having a favorable impression toward you, they might even help to promote you as the most suitable companion for him. Isn't it great to have allies to back you up?

6. Start To Be Bold, Flirt him

start to be bold flirt him

By now, he has given you some favorable impression and interaction toward you on Facebook, you might want to start to be bold by flirt him in his wall. You can try few of these template flirty wall post and change it creatively,

  • Are you tired? Because you have been running in my mind all day
  • Did sun just come out or you just smile at me?
  • I have a really bad day and it makes me want to see your smile, can you send me your smile? Or just sent me a photo of yours on Facebook

7. Using Facebook To Figure Out If He Has Fall For You

See this sign to figure it out if he has fallen for you or not:

  • Notice you have come online and often come to chat with you.
  • You have posted something on Facebook and he comes to interact with it (giving like or make comment)
  • Often tag you in photos or video of himself.
  • Somehow freaked out when you change your relationship status become "In Relationship" (Oh, so evil prank)
  • Remember and celebrate your birthday or any of your important moment on Facebook.
  • Compliment your cute photos

With these signs, there is a higher chance that he has fallen for you. So gather your courage and tell him that you like him and love to go out with him. Hopefully, you have already won his heart and willing to go out with you, congratulation.

And that’s the article entitle “How to Get a Guy Attention on Facebook Status - 7 Effective Ways!” By using these kind of ways, surely, you'll win your crush's heart in no time.

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