How to Make Shawn Mendes Notice Me! Shawnaccess Need to Do These!

Last updated on June 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There’s no easy answer on how to make Shawn Mendes notice me. He’s a pop star and getting yourself recognised by the Canadian won’t happen overnight. But it's highly possible.

If you really, really want a follow, a mention, a retweet or anything that can get him to pay attention to you, here’s what you can do:

1. Like and Comment His Posts

If you have been wondering for so long on how to make Shawn Mendes notice me, start on the internet. Bet you already follow all of his social media account but make sure that they are verified. You don’t want an impersonator to trick you.

Then like and comment his posts. All of them if possible. Constantly liking his posts is like getting easy brownie points. There’s more chance that Shawn will see your name. If you ever get the chance to meet him, make sure you know how to act when Meeting Someone for the First Time after Knowing Them Online.

2. Post a Video of You Performing His Song

You have to at least try to post a video of you performing his song. It doesn’t matter if you think your voice is good or not. Forget about other people’s judgements as well. Be sincere and show that you enjoy singing his song.

Who knows, your post could become viral! Bonus tip: you can add a bit of humour into it if you want. Make it funny and Shawn Mendes might also like it.

3. Go to His Concert

In case Shawn Mendes ever comes to your city, make sure you try to get a ticket. It’s actually a really nice way to get his attention. You see, when you come to the concert, you’re not only hoping to make ‘Shawn Mendes notice me’. You are there to support his music and his dream. Shawn Mendes must be really grateful for that. Here's How to Get BTS to Notice You at a Concert that you can try in a Shawn Mendes' concert.

When you’re interacting with Shawn Mendes, you can also bring up the topic of how fun his concert was. When he sees what you said, he will take an extra look to find out who you are.

4. Buy His Merch

Buy Shawn Mendes’ official merchandise. It’s okay if can only have one, at least you have something that goes into supporting his music. Get his attention and put your merchandise on display in your social media. Take a picture of yourself rocking his hoodies, T-shirts or holding his perfume and compliment its fantastic scent.

5. Frequently Leave Supporting Messages

Frequently leave supporting messages on Shawn Mendes’ socials. According to psychologists, good support can help a person avoid depression and feeling of loneliness. Although Shawn Mendes is a superstar now, he’s still human. He might feel upset but hides it away from the public.

This is why your support matters. Your messages can lift his spirit. It will bring a smile to his face. Shawn Mendes will remember your name each time you send him a supportive message. Being supportive is also one of the Ways to Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You.

6. Make Funny Edits

Another great way to make Shawn Mendes to notice me is through funny videos. Make funny edits of him. The video doesn’t have to be long. It can be something really short but really funny.

Other than making funny videos, you can also edit his pictures. Post them all and don’t forget to tag him. You can also tag his fan pages so you’ll get more exposure.

7. Send Him DMs

Shawn Mendes won’t bite you if you send him a DM. So go ahead and send him one. You can just say ‘Hi’ or reply to an instagram story that he made. The key here is to not be creepy. Be really nice in your DM and respectful. That’s what Shawn Mendes would like. Keep sending him DMs and one day, he might reply to you and you can start a conversation.

8. Dedicate a Video for Him

This particular one is different from the funny video edit. Make this one more serious and heartfelt. Dedicate a video for Shawn Mendes. You can talk about his great personality, inspiring journey and how he has affected your life.

At the end of the video you can thank him or say something that shows your love and support. Share the video on all of your social media platforms so people can watch, including Shawn Mendes.

9. Get Involved in His Favourite Charities

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Is there a particular cause or charity that Shawn Mendes is active in? Be a part of that. You can donate or ask others to support it. An underrated way on How to Make a Hot Boy Fall in Love with You is by showing your kindness.

The more active and involved you are in his favourite charities, the better. It will be easier for Shawn Mendes to know who you are and he might show his appreciation.

10. Stay Friendly on Social Media

What you can also do to make Shawn Mendes notice me is to stay friendly on social media. Don’t ever be overly aggressive or mean to other people. Based on what numerous psychologists have said, being friendly is an attractive quality. People are naturally drawn to friendly people. It's also a top tip on How to Get Your Crush's Attention Through Social Media.

Even if Shawn Mendes is going through harsh criticism, you have to be cool, calm and collected on social media. Shawn Mendes will avoid you if you act really rude and incosiderate.

11. Ask Genuine Questions

Ask genuine questions to Shawn Mendes on social media. If someone is about to have a Q&A session with him, use that opportunity to give a lot of questions. But they have to be really good so think carefully. Don’t be too intrusive in your questions because Shawn will ignore you.

12. Be Patient

You might be asking yourself “how long will it take to make Shawn Mendes notice me?”. There’s no definite answer for that. He’s a busy person and it might take months or years for it to happen. Be patient. Just keep giving your best effort for him to see you. Don’t stress over it and let your personality shine through.

Getting noticed by Shawn Mendes would be a dream come true. Like any dreams, work hard for it. Use the power of social media and create genuine interaction with Shawn Mendes.

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