How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Pretends To Hate You

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you unsure whether a particular woman likes you or hates you?

This might sound like an odd question, but these emotions really aren’t too far separated.

The opposite of love is indifference.

If she’s putting the energy into hating you, it could be that she’s pretending just to get your attention. These mind games are more common than they should be…

Never mind. 

In this guide, I’m going to help you out by revealing some of the most clearcut signs that a woman likes you, but is pretending to hate you.

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With that said, this woman could already be showing some signs that she actually likes you, even if it looks like she hates you on the surface. 

Scroll down to get an idea of what these signs are.

Girl's Personality

Girls are very good at hiding their feeling especially when it comes to a little crush at someone or even the deep deep love at somebody. But why they do this and just being dishonest about it? Well, many reasons behind it but some of the most common one is because it’s pretty embarrassing for a girl if the person she like knows that she likes him especially when she thinks he doesn’t like her back.

But why show hate? Because she would act to hate you only to show ignorance, not hate, to check if you care or not. Boys will not make any move to even ask if they don’t interested to certain girls. And boys will crave her by asking, texting, and talking to her if interested.

How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Pretends To Hate You

Or probably she isn’t just ready to have a relationship with You. Or maybe she’s been angry and disappointed with you the whole time because you never ask her out. Here are clues so you know if a girl likes you but pretends to hate you.

1. She Acts Like She Doesn’t Care But She Does

she acts like she doesn't care but she does

Boys sometimes really don’t have any clue when a girl likes them because she doesn’t barely tell them she likes them. Of course she won’t tell. She will act like she doesn’t care at all to avoid any visible actions that will make you boys think she likes you. She wants YOU to like her and the one who will tell her.

She will talk to everyone but you, only to make impression that she is very worthy for you. She hopes that you wants her so bad that you will need to finally ask or start a conversation with her. 

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2. She Won’t Respond When You Mention Other Girl’s Names

If she’s already someone you know and you often tell her your life, she will not respond to your story with your exes or other girls you mentioned. She hopes you know the hints and realize soon that she likes you and you ask her out immediately.

3. She Likes Almost All Your Social Media Posts But Never Gives Any Comment And Bait You

If you are on social media and she’s been there too the whole time and likes all your posts but never gives any comment then she probably likes you but is afraid to be so obvious and aggressive towards you. She also secretly hopes that you will like all her posts and give comments to each of them so they will post “interesting” posts to bait your responds. 

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4. She Secretly Looks At You When You Are Busy But Acts Like She’s Not Looking

If she’s a complete stranger and you may sometimes catches his eyes on you but suddenly look at other direction and when you think she’s around you in most occasions. You may see her on the same class as you or meet her on your friends’ parties but she appears everywhere around you.

5. She Asks Things About You To Her Friends Secretly

she asks things about you to her friends secretly

You may hear some of your friends tell that somebody thinks you’re cute when she’s not around you. This means your friends might have been asked things about yourself but your friends can’t keep that a secret so this can be a hint. 

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6. She Gives You Harsh Opinions When You Tell Her Your Stories With Your Exes

How to know if a girl likes you but pretends to hate you? If you know her already, this girl will give you sarcastic or harsh opinions when you tell her your stories with your ex girlfriends. She will likely give bad comments or blame all your exes for being jerk and tell you were lucky you left. It may tell that you will have better relationship with her. She will also ask whether or not you are in an open relationship. 

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7. She Takes Very Long Time To Reply To Your Texts But Always Replies

She likes you if she play diva or being mysterious with you if she takes very long to respond to your texts. Never mind, because the hint is that she always reply all of your texts, with all cute languages, jokes and smileys. 

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Then what you can do next if you know she likes you but hide it anyway? It’s all depend on you. If you like her too don’t wait too long, ask her out very soon! If you are not ready for a relationship, then don’t give any chance to let the girl chase or have a too long crush on you because it will waste her time although you like the feeling. You can tell her immediately that you are not interested to have a relationship whenever you have a chance.

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