Heartbreaking Quotes About Your Crush Liking Your Best Friend

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So you have been eyeing that cool guy in your school for quite a while now but then, much to your dismay, your worst nightmare comes true. You find out he does not like you back. And as if it is not worst enough, he likes your best friend out of all people. Also check how to get a guy notice you at school.

However, before you panic and drown yourself in the pool of self-pity for the rest of eternity, there are two things you should consider. First, it is not the end of the world. Second, you are not the first person to involuntarily involve yourself in this tragic love triangle.

At the end of the day, I know exactly how you feel, and I am willing to help you get through this storm hole. But before that, you may want to relate to these quotes about your crush liking your best friend below.

  • A friend would ask your crush if he likes you but a best friend would push you into him, scream “Get some!” and run away.
  • That awkward moment when your crush sits near you and you keep looking over at him casually. Alas, he throws a glance, not at you, but at your best friend instead.
  • That mini heart attack you get when your crush confesses to have been interested in your best friend for a quite a while. Also check what to do when your crush likes your best friend.
  • Do you ever see something that just breaks your heart and you just kind of “Oh” and stare at nothing because you want to burst into tears and punch a wall? That is when you know that your crush likes none other than your best friend.
  • Genuine feeling is having a crush on someone even after knowing that he likes your best friend instead of you.
  • That uneasy feeling you get when your crush tells you he likes your best friend.
  • Just because I do not talk to you does not mean I stop caring about you. I am just distancing myself because I know I cannot have you and I know you like someone else already.
  • Knowing that your crush likes your best friend is equal to hearing something that kills you inside and having to pretend it does not.
  • Hearing the words, “I like your best friend,” coming from my crush’s mouth feels like I have just been gunned down brutally like a rat.
  • Why do they call it crush? Because that is how you feel when he does not feel the same way in return.
  • Friendship and crush is the combination of deep sea and cliffs under the sea. They have that thin sharp edge which will invite death that if you leap to the front, you will die falling into the valley under the sea and if you stay back, you will die of drowning. At the end of the day, you will die. So, it is better to stay alone.
  • I am having a huge crush on you but I am getting used to the fact that I am never going to be as good as my best friend.
  • You never realize how much you like your crush until you see him with someone else.
  • Deep down, I am still confused whether I should accept the fact that my crush likes my best friend or not.
  • I do not like it when my crush meets my best friend because I am afraid he will like her more.
  • Truth is I am crazy for you and everyone can see that but you.
  • I do not think you could feel all the love I am willing to give and I am sure you never realized you have been my will to live.
  • A couple of eye contact with your crush is more than enough to heal the heartbreak.
  • Not even the entire English language could explain the rush I get in my veins when I hear you like my best friend.
  • I secretly envy my best friend because every guy has a crush on her but none likes me. It is not entirely her fault but I still envy.
  • It kills me inside knowing my best friend starts to go out with my crush. I hope she would understand if suddenly I stopped talking to her.
  • My crush will never like me back. There are so many beautiful girls around like my best friend and I am just there, non-existent. Why would someone ever like me?

So, those are quotes about your crush liking your best friend. You may also want to check other quotes such as quotes about falling in love for the second time and quotes to make your boyfriend cry.

You do not have to feel defeated in this situation. If you sense your crush is feeling your best friend more, you can stop crushing and start moving on because when it comes to matters of the heart, your best defense is sometimes a good offense.

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