How to Talk to a Girl on Twitter without Coming Off Like a Creep - Dos and Don'ts

Last updated on June 11, 2022 by Michelle Devani

So you have been scrolling your Twitter feeds all these time, marvelling the beauty of a girl you have been following all along. The thing is, you don’t have enough courage to talk to her or you just don’t know how.

Don’t worry buddy because we got everything in this article. By the end of this article, you will stop wondering how to talk to a girl on Twitter without coming off like a creep. Because, yes, social media is one scary place.

People are being careful and they prefer not to respond somebody they don’t know well, especially a complete stranger. Let’s dig in what we got at the store for you. Also read How to Get Your Crush's Attention Through Social Media

  1. Don’t Just Throw Any Jokes

When you are nervous, throwing jokes is the best way to melt the ice. Every time she tweet something, your thumbs must be itchy to reply it with jokes. It’s nothing wrong but you have to be careful.

Throwing random jokes only makes you appear like a psycho to her. Before doing that, think again if your jokes are appropriate and how would she think upon reading it. Will she find it funny, or else, she is completely turned off by it.

  1. Be Humble

Well, nobody ever like anyone who likes to show off about everything. While using social media to catch the attention of a girl, becoming a humble person is the best way. Instead of boasting up what you have or have done, share something that might make her smile.

While it can be inappropriate to joke to her all the time, throw your joke through your tweets instead. So that she will find it funny and worth waiting for all the time. Isn’t it good? Also read Signs a Girl Likes You on Social Media

  1. No Need to Mention Her Everywhere

You want her to notice you so badly that you keep mentioning her everywhere. If you don’t know yet, let us tell you that it’s annoying. Even though you keep reminded of her upon seeing certain tweets, no need to directly mention her into it.

If you want her to see it and she follows your account too, just retweet it and she will see it. Don’t be a mention pest if you really want to start talking to her. For the record, mention pest is one the must-avoided person on Twitter.

  1. Keep the Focus On You

Another way on how to talk to a girl on Twitter without coming off like a creep. Okay, you are not being narcissistic here but you should keep the focus on you. You don’t want her attention driven somewhere else just because you let it to be, right?

So when you talk to her, keep the topics within both of you. Either about you or her. Never talk about other random things if you really don’t want to sound creepy. Also read What to Do When Your Crush Unfollows You on Instagram

  1. Don’t Sound Like a Psycho

After mention pest, a girl hates a guy who act like a bad guy. Especially when you don’t know her that personally, no need to try to look cool in front of her by imitating a bad guy. For example when she update her photos doing something and she’s not smiling on it, don’t say “you look so much prettier when you smile.” Also read Things To Say to A Girl Over Text to Make Her Smile

Well, how do you think she will reply it? Twitter is one of the most public place in social media, and making that comment only embarrassing her.

  1. Don’t Act Like You Know Her Well

Once again, Twitter is a very general place. It’s impossible that you close with all people you follow or your followers. In fact, most of them are stranger. So the big no while talking with a girl on Twitter is pretending you know everything about her.

Instead of making her feel special, she will think “Is this guy been stalking me through Twitter all the time?” And guess what will happen next? She will block your account. Also read Reasons Why You Should Quit Social Media

  1. Avoid DM-ing Her If You Don’t Know Her

Unless you know her well, don’t send her a DM. If you don’t know her too well, having a conversation through public tweets sounds better. Most girls also prefer that way, to prove that you are a good guy. After some time, you probably going to obtain her number.

So those are our tips on how to talk to a girl on Twitter without coming off like a creep. Do it slowly and naturally. It might progressing slowly, so you’re gonna need a lot of patience here. If you have another tips, do share with others through the comment section below,

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