All The Reasons Why You Should Never Go Dating With Korean Guys

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Guys are the same in general, but once we know them more we come to realize that they have no similarities at all. The way guys behave, including behavior in a relationship or on a daily basis to how they treat their girlfriends, are strongly affected by the circumstances they are brought up in.

How their parents teach them and what they see in everyday life also shaped the men they are. It explains why guys are different by their culture and and origin. Now we're going to talk about this particular Korean guys. We can't deny that Korea is going global by their movies, songs, and dramas. Especially from the last one, we kinda get a picture of how relationship between Koreans going, which bring us to the reasons why you should never dating Korean guys.


1. They Are The Ultimate Mama's Boy

If you're looking for an independent man, Korean guys are not the answer. From the day you date him, you have to find the Ways to Make Your Mother in Law Likes You. Yes, mother is everything for a Korean guy. He practically can't live his life without his mother, regardless of his age.

2. Get Ready To Burn Your Stomach Down

get ready to burn your stomach down

Korea has their own liquor, Soju, which popular among the middle to the lower class. Drinking habit in Korea is so bad that they have no limitation of tolerance to alcohol. They party hard and you have to keep up with the endless bottle to burn your stomach down.

3. Make Space For The Kimchis

Speaking about food, Korean have their own taste. They eat any kind of food with a side dish named Kimchi, made from fermented vegetables seasoned with onion and chili powder. And yes, every Korean household has stack of Kimchi inside their fridge.

4. They Are Going To Spoil You

The reasons why you should never dating Korean guys if you are an independent woman is because it will be hard for you to adjust. Korean guys are the prince type who take care of everything when they go on a date, from picking up the girl, paying the bill, and get her home safely. Isn't it the the best Husband Material Signs?

5. The Everyday's Feast

Simple eating is not a Korean lifestyle. For you who never met any Korean or visit a Korean family before, you'd think they have feast everyday. To eat well is one of the basic principle, which is why they served numerous food in one go. It's their way on How to Lead a Happy and Peaceful Life in a Simple Way.

6. If You're Not Into His Family As Well

Even if you are just date him, you have to meet his family as well. Like it or not, it's their culture. So if you don't want to be bothered by noisy boyfriend's family or feel it's too fast for that, you better not date any Korean guy. Things will be tougher if the one you date is the eldest son of the family.

7. You're Not Ready To Melt Into Their Culture

If you are happen to be Western, get ready to adjust with Korean culture. It has been proved that Koreans are so keen with their culture everywhere they go. To make them change is almost impossible. So in the end, it will be you who follow him to eat on the floor, using chopsticks.

8. Drama, Drama, Drama

Do you think what's seen in Korean drama is merely a drama? Of course not! Some things in the drama are how Koreans live and date. They cry, they groom, and they watch drama as well. Plus, every Korean guys always have an actress as her ideal type of girlfriend, and sometimes he might compare you to her.

9. They Might Be Prettier Than You!

Koreans are also obsessed with their looks. The last thing they want to hear from others is that they look ugly. If you look for the Reasons Why You Should Date a Man with a Beard since you find them manly, you will rarely seen bearded man in Korea. From a fresh looking man in his early twenties to middle aged man, they're all cleanly shaved and never grow their beard. Their smooth skin make them look even prettier than you.

10. Don't Date Them If You Want To Have This Life Easy

don't date them if you want this life easy

One good traits that make you want to date Korean guys is that they are very, very hardworking. Each of them are living with their dreams and will never stop until it's coming true. So if you want to have an easy life, Korean guys are no match for you.

11. You're Not Ready For A Lengthy Critics

Korean guys never hold back. They told you what they don't like about you, they will tell you when you're lacking, and lengthy critics than seemed endless. But when you looked into it again, those critics are actually useful for you. But indeed, not everyone can take critics in a mature way to make them a better person. Some of you may find these critics offending though.

12. You're Up Only For A Game

If you only want to "try" to date a Korean guy, never do it. You may have trauma for the Dangers of a Long Term Relationship, you prefer for a short fling only. But sadly, it's not for our Korean guys. They look for settlement in life by finding the dream girl and having a happily ever after with them. Loyalty above everything.

Well, all the reasons why you should never dating Korean guys shouldn't stop you to love them after all. Especially when you are looking TO settle and long time relationship, Korean guys must be taken into account.

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