What to Do When Your Boyfriend Keeps Accusing You of Cheating When You're Not

Last updated on June 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Building a strong relationship isn’t just about setting date, buying flower for each other and sending each other goodnight message. It’s about trust, about building trust that can sustain the relationship for a long time. However, most of the time, cheating become a problem that sink down the relationship.

Both real cheating and seemed-like cheating could ruin a relationship in a few minutes. If you have a boyfriend who’s having trust issue, then perhaps you need to know .

Reasons Underlying

People do things not out of the blue. There are backgrounds for everything. Even for his over jealousy. You need to be understanding in order to solve the problem in a proper way. Here are few possible reasons that make him accuse you over and over :

  • He has trust issue

There are a lot of guys who also have trust issue. He can get jealous easily. He might find it hard to trust you fully. He’s insecure, and here it’s probably not you who’s at fault. It's his natural character or character that's built based on his growing environment. He himself is the source of the problems.

  • Bad experiences

Check his track records. Had he ever been betrayed by his girl? Did his ex girlfriend cheat on him and having affair with other guy? If so, he might have lost his ability to trust and think positively over his girl. Such trauma might affect the way he acts and treats his jealousy even to his new partner.

  • Your attitude

The way you act will trigger different responds from him. Check once more, are you trustworthy?  Can he rely and trust on you? Are you the true reasons between his act? Of course all these could affect him greatly. Perhaps he sees obvious signs of a cheating partner in a relationship through the way you act.

  • Making things up

Does he love you or is he just playing around with you? Perhaps he just want to tear things apart between both of you that he’s trying to cause problems that are unreal and made up. This is least likely to happen among the other three, but it might be the case anytime.

How to React

No one can ever blame a guy who’s jealous if his girlfriend is truly cheating. It’s very normal and usual, especially because the relationship is not build by coincidence yet by love and interest. Then what if you didn’t do anything wrong such as cheating yet he accuses you? What to do when your boyfriend keeps accusing you of cheating? Here are few things to keep in mind : 

1. Introspect

You need to make it clear, whether he’s accusing you out of unreasonable jealousy and self issues, or it’s because of you yourself. If you know that you’ve been too close with another guy, a friend of yours, or perhaps you’re ignoring him too much, then it’s probably because of you. When you show things that could cause his jealousy, then you’re the one who should change.

2. Ask and communicate

When you don’t communicate things out, things might get out of hands. Things are going to get terrible when there’s no communication. When there are too many assumptions that aren’t even true, it will be harder for the relationship to survive. Ask him so that you know for sure what’s in need to be fixed.

3. Fix

Fix your flirtatious act with other guys, if that’s the source of his jealousy. Avoid doing how to make your boyfriend jealous through whatsapp status if you don't want him to suspect you. Change, if you realized after the step one and two, that you’re the one who’s wrong. Fix what’s trying to meddle in between your relationship. If it’s his issues, try to help him get out of it. If it’s your attitude, change slowly till he sees that you’re trustworthy enough. 

4. Explain

If you’re at fault, explanation should go along with fixing the problems. Of course you wouldn’t want to stop being flirtatious yet letting him believe that you’re originally flirtatious, yet you change for him. Explain to him that you’re not conscious of your act that bother him. Explain him everything you need to make clear, avoid any other lies that could make the problem goes deeper.

5. Love him more

Sometimes, when people are being too jealous for things that are rather simple, it’s because they need love and affection. When their heart is not filled with enough love, it’s easier for them to think and act negatively. Love him more, let him know that you’re serious with him and he can trust you. Perhaps you need to try things to say to your boyfriend to make him realize you love him. You might need to give a shot on these things to say to your boyfriend to make him realize you love him.

6. Leave him for good

If all of the steps above, including loving him more couldn’t work, then probably leaving him properly would be the best way to fix the problem. Trust is a crucial thing in a relationship. If he can’t trust you from the very start, it’ll be had for your relationship to survive till the end. Be aware of the signs of incompatibility in relationship with your partner. End it properly and make him understand why you’re leaving him for real.

Actually, knowing what to do when your boyfriend keeps accusing you of cheating is not as hard as you think. It’s true that it’s complicated to solve. But, if you do every step properly, letting your heart and mind to think and understand deeply, then it’ll be a piece of cake for you.

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