How To Make A Libra Man Jealous On Facebook (100% Works)

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People say love is not love when there is not jealousy. Sometime us girls like it so much to make our man jealous. Whether he's our boyfriend or our crush. Since jealousy could become the ultimate verification that he really loves you. It's the main reason why girls work so hard to find ways How to Make Your Crush Jealous on Snapchat. But Snapchat is not the only social media to get him jealous.


How To Make A Libra Man Jealous On Facebook

Jealousy and possessive is the nature of Libra man. So that even though you're not making him jealous on purpose, he get jealous on his own. Based on the fact, finding many ways how to make a Libra man jealous on Facebook is not a hard thing. Let's check what we can do:

1. Frequently Update Your Status

Libra man doesn't like it when you drive your attention to someone else but him. The same thing goes when you update your Facebook status way too often and ignoring him. As he gets jealous easily, don't be surprised when later on you find him post a status about you or leaving a jealous comment on yours.

2. Be More Active On Facebook

By being more active on Facebook, it's clear for him that he's not on your priority. And he won't like it at all. He doesn't like you to be active on Facebook. He wants you to be with him.

3. Ignore Him On Facebook

ignore him on facebook

So you're now the Facebook queen but you treat him like he doesn't exist? Yes. He would definitely get jealous at it. Don't hit the like button for any of his posts, nor replying for his comment. But remember not to keep this for too long.

4. Leave Comments On His Friends' Profile

Instead of commenting on his status, leave comments on his friends'. You better find one in which he also commenting. Keep him close but away at the same time. He'll be going crazy for this.

5. Posts Many Photos

One of the best Ways to Get a Libra Jealous on Facebook is by posting many of your photos. Make sure you post your recent doings and whereabouts, which you don't tell him. Or the memories from your last vacation.

6. Show Your Closeness With Others In Social Media

How to make a Libra man jealous on Facebook is very easy. Show that you're close with others on Facebook. Post a photo with your friends, be active in their status, and hit many likes for them.

7. Show Your Happiness Through Facebook

Indeed, you have many Reasons Why You Don't Need Boyfriend to be Happy and you better show it to them. Write a status, post a photo, quote some wise words to show that you're happy. It will motivate him to become the man you need in life.

8. Post A Status Minutes After He Sends You A Message

You don't have to reply for this text right away if you want to make him jealous. Make a status on Facebook minutes after he sent the message. He'll be jealous that you ignore his text but active on Facebook.

9. Pretend To Be Busy While You're Online

Your account is online on Facebook but you say you are busy? Who won't get angry over that? He will too. It's interesting sometime to make him jealously angry.

10. Show Your Concern To Someone Else

Show your concern to your mutual Facebook friends so that he can see it. One of the How To Tell If Your Crush Is Jealous Of Another Guy is when you show your sympathy to others but you don't seem to be care for him.

Signs A Libra Is Jealous

Let's check whether you have succeed. Here are the signs when a Libra man is jealous.

1. He Tries To Make You Jealous Back

he tries to make you jealous back

Of course he will make revenge. You're not the only one who can make him jealous. But remember not to budge over this. Don't lose for this since he's juts pretending in what he does.

2. He Shows He Is A Better Person

Libra man could be a perfect lover. He always wants to be the best for you. So when you show your affection and concern to anyone else, he will do all his best to show that he is the better person who deserve it more.

3. He Blame You For His Jealousy

Yes, yes, yes. This is ridiculously childish. A Libra man get angry when he's jealous. He is not usually childish but his jealousy has woken up the child in him. He will blame you for the jealousy he has. Since you're the one who make him so, you must take the responsibility.

4. He Try To Get More Affectionate With You

He doesn't like the fact that you show the Ways to Love Yourself and be Happy with the World. He wants you to be happy with him and he wants to make you happy. He'll show all of his affections to prove it.

5. He Starts Being Flirty

Talk about revenge, so here's one of it. All of a sudden, he becomes the most flirtatious man on Earth. When he meets you, he deliberately looking at other girls. He simply wants you to know how jealousy feels.

6. He Is Angry To You

When he is angry to you, it means his jealousy has reached its peak and it's time for you to stop. His anger is enough as proof that he did loves you and you don't need to drag it for too long.

7. He Is On A Bad Mood

he is on a bad mood

He might as well ignore you when he's jealous. No, this is not a revenge but you have successfully put him in a worst bad mood mode.

Enough said that a Libra man is a passionate lover worth to fight for. It's okay to make him jealous but remember to stop when the game is over.

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