22 Reasons Why Gamers Make Better Lovers Than Others

Last updated on April 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You might have your head wrapped around the stigma that gamer are geeks obsessed with the computer screens who can't see past their curtained windows. But in reality, there are so many reasons why gamers make better lovers, which are often not as obvious as answering Why You Should Date a Soccer Player. But the following reasons might convince you to ask out a gamer soon after!

  1. They’re Brainiacs

It’s not just a spoof that playing video games make you smarter. In fact, studies have shown that gaming actually boosts certain regions of your brain. So a gamer is essentially someone whose brains are regularly stimulated with contents and hand-eye coordinating activities. This kind of intelligence is also a reason Why You Should Date an Asian.

  1. They Can Stay Up Until 5 A.M.

Gamers are used to pulling all-nighters twiddling their thumbs in front of a screen. Which just means you’ll always have someone to call in the middle of the night. Or, it could also mean that you’ll have no problem convincing them to stay up all night with you, on the bed.

  1. They’re Never Boring

“Game” isn’t just their label; they really are a fun bunch when you really get to know them. The ultimate reasons why gamers make better lovers is that they always have something up their sleeves, if you ever run out of things to talk about or do.

  1. They Have A Great Sense of Humor

But not only are they not boring, gamers also generally have a great sense of humor. Maybe it’s because they’re constantly engaged in a creative atmosphere where video games are also a form of storytelling, they just seem to know the best jokes to tell!

  1. You Always Know Where to Find Them

Maybe you’ve dated before and had your partner going M.I.A for a whole night before showing up the next day with no explanation. This won’t happen when you date a gamer, as they’ll probably still be where you left them off the last time –the screen!

  1. They Are Game With Staying In

No, you do not need a no-limit credit card to indulge a gamer, nor will you have to take him out to fancy restaurants or clubs. If you want to spend the day at home, cuddled up in a couch over Pizza and Netflix, a gamer will be happy to comply! They don’t mind staying indoors the whole day –or days, or a week, even, as long as you don’t unplug their gadgets.

  1. They Know Their Electronics

You won’t need to hire professionals to fix your computer or TV anymore. Remember that gamers are heavily reliant on their electronics, so they will quickly learn to fix even the seemingly most complex problems. When you’re dating one of them, they’ll be sure to handle your cables and machines for you. In fact, this is also the Reasons You Should Date A Nerd.

  1. They Aren’t Clingy

Another good quality that makes gamers better lovers is their independence. They’re not clingy at all and won’t pester you via text or calls every hour, as they’re probably busy slaying zombies or fighting monsters in their own world…

  1. They Are Patient

Gamers have had to deal with hours-long game updates and sometimes waiting for the newest video game to come out is the most excruciating waiting game. It seems that they’re especially good at those, and their patience is most likely not limited to game stuff only. 

  1. Their Gifts Are Always Thoughtful

They are used to paying attention to the tiniest details all throughout their gaming career, so it’s natural that this observant nature seeps into their real life. Much like the Reasons Why You Should Date A Photographer. They will remember the smallest comments you made and make sure that you’ll cherish and appreciate their gifts forever. A box of roses, chocolate and teddy bears are just out of the list.

  1. Buying Them Gifts is Easy

On the other hand, buying them gifts can become a simple task, be it for birthdays or anniversaries. Similar to the Reasons Why You Should Date a Girl Who Reads, there always seems to be a new game released on the market or an up-and-coming gaming gadget to purchase that they'd appreciate.

  1. They Don’t Give Up

Maybe it’s experience in facing countless levels of varying difficulties, but in general, gamers are not the type of person who easily gives up. They’re persistent, perseverant and will repeat the process as many times as it takes for them to succeed. On a similar note, they won’t easily give up on your relationship if it’s one that he or she is truly invested in. 

  1. They Know Exactly What to Say

For some inexplicable reason, gamers are usually apt at their words. They always know the right things to say to cheer you up and make you feel better. So don’t worry about awkward moments or arguments over petty things, a gamer knows the line to melt your heart.

  1. They Will Fight For You

Just as they would not give up on your relationship, they would do anything it takes to fight for you. If it means getting to be with you in the end, they would face whatever challenges and hardship that stand in their way.

Reasons Why Should Date A Gamer

Here are more more reasons why gamers make better lovers:

  1. They Can Be Surprisingly Loyal
  2. They Love Exploring New Things and Places
  3. Their Mistakes Make Them A Better Person
  4. They’re Extremely Loyal
  5. They Work For What They Want
  6. Decision-making is One of Their Expertise
  7. They Know How to Work With Their Hands
  8. Their Actions Are Always Genuine

Well, the reasons mentioned here are but a few of the many more reasons why gamers make better lovers. So the next time you think that a gamer has a cute smile or hair, don’t be afraid to make the first move. They’re not just spectacled geeks who know nothing of the world beyond their living room. In fact, you have to date them to really know their true worth!

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