Things You Need to Know before Dating A Single Mom

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Yesterday, we have talked about the things you should know before dating an INFJ. Now, we want to talk about do dating with a single mom. Dating a single mom is not easy, it needs some tips to get her. So, before you want to know how to date a single mom. Below here, there are some things you need to know before dating a single mom. Let's check below here the reasons first.

1. She has a kid

Some of the single mom, she has already a kid; one or even three kids. Otherwise, some single mom does not have any kids. Well, the first you must know if she has a kid, you have to know about her kid also; what are their name, where are they school at, and else.

2. Her free time is precious

Being a single mom is heavy, that is why a free time is precious time for her. So, if you meet or text her in these free time. Use your time wisely, do not waste her time.

3. Ask her, what does she like ?

What does she like? Ask this to her, a single mom likes if she has someone that always ready to hear her complain. She is being a mother and also as a father, so one thing that she likes is the attention. For more tips you can also go on how do I know if she loves me without asking her?

4. Her ex stiil on mind

Divorce is something that really hurt her feeling. So, it is fine if she stills remember about her ex. The picture of her hex still on her mind. The things that you can do is give some positive motivation that life is must going on.

5. Offering some help

She would be happy if you do offering some help to her. Example; do you need any help to clean this living room? or may I help you to cook the dinner, tonight? It is really helpful, she will love this. Some tips to your friend some things-to say to help someone who is stressed

6. Do not act weird

While you meet with a single mom, do not act awkward even wird. Just calm down, and relax. It is not impossible she asks you will you be my husband? (on the first time). Single mom no needs a guy that loves to play, single mom is taft woman and she will carefully think about who is the right father of their kids. So, just act normal and talk some jokes. Make her smile.

7. Yes, you should pay for her

As a gentleman, you should pay for her; Why? She already paid for the rent, for the electricity, for the food, and else. She spends lots of money and works for their kids. This is why you should pay the bills always.

8. Gives that she really needs

What does she really need? A single woman needs someone to motivating her up, she needs someone to share, she needs someone to listening about her life, she needs little surprise that make her happy. So, choose one what can you do for her.

9. Take your opportunity

She is tired or maybe she is sick now. So, take this opportunity to make her happy by your own way. You can make a soup for her, buys some medicine to reduce her cold, even take her to the massage center.

10. Play with her kids

Play with her kids is one way to get closer to her. First, be honest through to the kids and the mother, help her to take care her kids even play with them. With this, she will thinks more about you.

Signs The Single Mom Likes You

There are some signs that you should know that the single mom is like you too even you younger than her. So, below these are the signs the single mom is like you so much.


Single mom, it might be at the outside she looks strong. But, definiately she is weak. She needs something in you; well if she like to cuddle, hugs or even kiss you. She is in crush on you.

2. Cook all things

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In the kitchen you help her to prepare the dinner today also with their kids. This is a special moment for her. She hopes, you always do this every dinner time.

3. Like their kids

Yes, the single mom will crush on you if you like also her kids. Play together with them, makes some comedy for her kids, even take care her kids all day.

4. Stay connected

The single mom will be happy if the communication is through good. So keep up your communication with her.

5. Smart guy

A single mom always wants a smart guy just like Steve Jobs. Smart is a thing that sexy. So, be a smart guy and she will likes you alots.

How to dating with a single mom

Now, we going on to the tips how to dating with a single mom? Below here there are some tips that always success on how to dating with a single mom? Let's check these out.

1.Limited time

A single mom really busy more than an entrepreneur, let's check more about this on things to know before you date a young entrepreneur. She has less of free time, the time that she has use to work and take care her kids.

2. The top priority

Her top priority is her kids, she really does all of things for her kids. She does this to make brighter future for her kids. If you really wants to date with a single mom, try to help her to take care her kids.

3. She must to handle her kid

Let she handle her kids 100 percent, you just see and learn how are the right ways to handle a kid. However, if she cannot handle it well you can go to help her.

4. The win solution

What for the win solution? So, in here she just divorced with her ex. The win solution is to make this problem clear. You can share your opinion to help her or resolve her problem. However, does telling little white lies causing big problems in relationship?

5. Trustworthy

Trustworthy is a must, this is important thing if you date with a single mom. Remember, her trust was gone because her ex. Today, do not let her loss her trust on you.

6. Do not trying to solve her problem

A single mom is an independent woman, so if you see any problem but you can not solve her problem, do not trying to do anything.

7. Listen your heart

Are you sure want to date with a single mom? Are you already think how about the risk? Well, listen to your heart and tell to yourself is it right decision to choose a single mom to date?

Hopefully, the the things you need to know before dating single mom may could useful for you. Learn all of these carefully, then choose what is your decision. Good luck.

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