Magical Reasons Why You Should Love Harry Potter - Books and Movies!

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“There won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name.” – Albus Dumbledore

The quote above was said when he was leaving Harry in front of his aunt’s doorstep. And it magically becomes true. There are no people (not only child, but people!) who doesn’t know who Harry Potter is. We know we love everything about him and the books, but there are still people who need to be convinced with the reasons why you should love Harry Potter.

Well, there are thousands more than what is written below. But they will be enough to make you turn the first page of the book.

  1. We Want to be Part of Wizarding World…

If you have been with Harry since long ago, you must have your own favorite houses, your patronus, and your favorite teacher. You probably loathe Umbridge like Hermione or fear Voldemort that you can’t say his name just like Ron. That’s why we love Harry Potter. We want to be part of the journey too. Also read Why You Should Date a Girl Who Reads

  1. …Because We Might be a Wizard!

Wizards are not all pure-blood. In fact, we met many Muggleborns throughout the series, including our favorite Hermione Granger. The fact that she didn’t have any wizard ancestry makes us wonder that we might be a wizard! We hope that we’d receive the acceptance letter by the time we turn 11 and depart with the Hogwarts Express on September 1st.

  1. Hogwarts is Cooler Than Any Other School Around

Schools are suck but Hogwarts. We want to learn Charms with Professor Flitwick, taking care of the plants with Professor Sprout, and we don’t even mind to face the scary-but-sweet McGonagall or going under detention with Snape in the dungeon. We just want to be a Hogwarts’ student. We can help Harry fights Voldemort as well. Also read Why You Should Fall in Love with a Slytherin

  1. You Want Your Own Character Name Too

Every character’s name in Harry Potter is just sooo unique. From Hedwig to Hermione, those are certainly names that we don’t hear of everyday. And, oh, do you know that all Black family was named after a constellation? Sirius, Bellatrix, Andromeda, Narcissa, and Regulus are such beautiful names. You must have one in your mind too.

  1. They’ve Got the Coolest Uniform for School

Another reason why we should love Harry Potter is how everything was down to the details. Not only the grand staircase to the Great Hall or Dumbledore’s office that was guarded by Gargoyle, they’ve got a cool uniform for school too. Also read How to Get a Hot Girl in High School to Like You

While Hogwarts student was wearing long robes, Durmstrang wears thick and fluffy clothes as they are located somewhere cold. As for Beauxbatons, they’re uniform was just as pretty as them.

  1. Everything is Left to Your Imagination

Every situation, place, and characters was explained in detail both in books and movies. But there are still a huge place for you to imagine things. You must be having your own version of school’s corridor, the Hogwarts’ Express, Hogsmeade, and many more. You can also embark on your own journey to the castle in Pottermore. Fun, right?

  1. The Plot Twist Always Makes You Curious

The seventh and last book had ended more than ten years ago. Our curiosity about Harry and the fate of Wizarding World had been answered. But if you were living on an era where we were all waiting for the next book to be released, your curiosity was helpless. Even when you’re just start to read the book, you won’t stop until the very last page of the very last book. Also read Reasons to Date a Writer

  1. It Makes You Love Reading Again

In the age where everything is digitalized, it’s hard to find someone who still read books. And that is the magic Harry Potter created. It made young children, adult, and elders (including us) to start reading again. Around 450 million copies have been sold all over the world, not to mention those who still reread the series. Harry Potter made a huge impact in literature, society, and JK Rowling’s life.

  1. Too Many Values to Learn

Aside from the magic and fantasy, there were a lot to learn from the story and character. We learned how each of them grow. We know how important loyalty was from Snape, what a betrayer deserve from Peter Pettigrew, and how we learn to gather our strength and bravery from Neville. And in the end, Rowling gave us the perfect picture of what we need to conquer the evil: love.

  1. Harry Potter is Our Generation’s Identity

Teenagers nowadays will never know how it feels to live in the world without Harry Potter. The tales has been passed down through generations and, yes, nobody doesn’t know his name just like Dumbledore predicted. You want your kids, your brother, and your sister to know him.

  1. It Taught You to Overcome Depression

Life can sometimes be hard and unbearable. Like Dementor and their presence who never fail to make us feel hopeless. Actually, Dementor is Rowling’s own character to represent depression. You can only fight Dementors with Patronus Charm, which can only produced by gathering happy memories. And what does the best remedy for depression? The happy thought. Also read Things You Should Know Before You Date Someone with Depression

  1. There’s So Much More to Find Even Though the Series Has Ended

You think you already know everything because Voldemort had defeated? You’re wrong. You feel like you know everything but there are much more thing to be discovered. You always want to know how Harry lives his life after Voldemort and to what House Albus Severus get sorted into. Well, The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts movies are there to fill in.

  1. We Have Our Own Favorite Couples

Ron and Hermione are probably the most favorited couple from the Potter universe—or not. The pureblood and Muggleborn pairing reminded you of what James and Lily Potter were, and you feel like you fully understand why they end up together. You’re with them from their first meeting on Hogwarts’ Express to their first kiss in the Chamber of Secrets and the ups and downs between.

There are others who prefer Hermione with Harry since both stick to each other until the very end. But with Harry with Ginny and Ron with Hermione makes all three of them true family, aren’t they?

There are still so much more reasons why you should love Harry Potter that will make the list endless. What are you waiting for? Go get the first book now.

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