Types Of Boyfriends You'll Have In Your 20s (Bad Ones and Good Ones)

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The 20s often said as the best time in life. You’re filled with energy to live to the full but at the same time you realize you’re not as strong as you were in your teens. You start to make a living on your own, dealing with dizziness every month due to the bills you have to pay, and so on.

And here comes the most exciting of all: love life. 20s is the time where you make mistakes, going through the worst heartbreak, and dealing with shitty boyfriends. You’re going to love these types of boyfriends you’ll have in your thirties.

Don’t be surprised if you nod to most of the list. Let’s get down.


1. Future Boyfriend

At least once in life, you’ll bump into a guy who looks too perfect to exist. He’s the kind of future boyfriend you want to keep forever: smart, caring, and respectful. Not only he seems to have a bright future, he also treats you right. The cons is, he’ll bored you to die. ]

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2. BFF Boyfriend

bff boyfriend

Having a boyfriend who can be your BFF is all girls need. You have the same hobbies, love the same band, love to lazy around all day, etc. The time you spend with him dubbed as the best time in your life. Sadly, when you break up with him you likely lose the chance to have a BFF you could ever have in life.

3. The Mine-Or-Not Boyfriend

Are we dating or are we not? Dating is not just between both of you. You’ll need the recognition form everyone you. That’s why you want to meet his friends and family. But there will be guys who keeps you in the dark, doesn’t think you’re as someone important, and you want to throw him away.

4. Office Boyfriend

Entering mid-20s, you secure your first job and likely your first office boyfriend. From a colleague who’s hating the same boss and same overloaded tasks, things get heated up on bed.

You’ll enjoy sticking notes to each other’s desk every morning and enjoy lunch together everyday. Just make sure you can separate things personally and professionally.

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5. Baby Boyfriend

Speaking about the types of boyfriends you’ll have in your 20s, you can’t leave this one. A boyfriend who acts like grown up refusing to grow up will truly exhaust you emotionally. He whines, he cries, he’s angry to get anything he wants. Don’t waste time expecting him to magically become wiser someday.

6. Need-To-Be-Fixed Boyfriend

If you want to experience a movie-like relationship, dating a guy with troubled past would fulfil your need. This guy need to be nurtured, loved, and cared of.

However, he won’t be able to return any of it to you. He only knows how to take without giving away and he’ll manipulate you to give all yourself for nothing.

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7. Clinger Boyfriend

clinger boyfriend

While there is a boyfriend who keeps you in the dark, there are also someone who tag you along everywhere to tell everyone you’re dating. It feels sweet at first, but he’s going to control you eventually. You can’t miss a second without his text or call. This kind of guy might drag you down.

8. Artist Boyfriend

You can say you’re wiser than your teenage years, only to find yourself get easily swayed when a guy serenade you with a guitar. When you have this kind of boyfriend, weekend concerts become your regular date. This guys is a typical first love, but not someone you want to keep forever.

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9. Older Boyfriend

While dating guys around your age cause needless drama, older man show you everything you’ve missed when you waste your time dealing with those boys. He’s on his thirties so he’d be settled financially. You’ll experience dinner in a fancy restaurant, driving inside a nice car, etc. Hopefully he’s not married yet or else you’d be the other woman.

10. Bad-Boy Boyfriend

Well, well, well. People say your love life isn’t complete if you haven’t date a bad boy. He’s the kind who is chased by every girl, flirting openly, cocky, and irresistible at the same time. Despite his jerky behaviour, you feel like a champion when you date him. But he also the one who will put you in the most miserable break up.

11. Backup Boyfriend

Another types of boyfriend you’ll have in your 20s: the backup boyfriend. He’s not your first choice and you’re not his top list either. But you know that you can count on each other when there are nobody else to date or you want to make revenge on your exes. For your own sake, you better skip on this one.

12. Prince (Overly) Charming Boyfriend

Every girls are princess in their heart and they dream about prince charming someday in the future. When someone who is—not only giving you roses, chocolates, love letters, and endless surprise, he’s also—remember every little thing you said. Remember the important dates. Too sweet and caring. Only for you to find out that he is obsessed with you. He believes that every girl loves to be possessed by guys.

13. Forbidden Boyfriend

Breaking rules always feel good, especially when you date someone you shouldn’t have to. Be it your best friend’s exes or your brother’s best friend, you know you shouldn’t date them but he’s too sweet that you can resist.

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14. Tinder Boyfriend

tinder boyfriend

It doesn’t have to be Tinder, but in the internet era you can find boyfriend online easily. You meet this one through blind dates and set-up dates, finding similarity and feel connected, ended up dating. You can choose anyone in your preference: face, personality, interest, etc.

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15. Favourite Boyfriend

The one that everyone loves. From your parents, your best friends, and anyone said you look good together. You can find him by every way possible: set-up from your besties who thought he’s the right one for you, another Tinder boyfriend, or a long-time fan who’s been liking you all these time.

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So those are the types of boyfriends you’ll have in your 20s. There could be more types who are not mentioned yet. Whatever it is, make sure the 20s relationship is something that you enjoy.

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