Best Dating App in India for Natives and Travelers

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Dating app has found its popularity here and there nowadays. Modern people, either young or adult find themselves enjoy using the dating app to find a serious partner or a short hookup. And it also happen in India. If you are about to go there and wishing to have a casual relationship, you would want to know the best dating app in India.

Dating becomes a popular culture in India and people love to use the dating app to find the best match for them. Tinder would be unbeatable, but it’s not the only dating app you can find in India. Other dating apps are also good and worth to try, especially when you’re looking for a native Indian partner. Choose which one is the most suitable for you and you may begin your search.

Here are the list of best dating app in India.

  1. Tinder

In every country Tinder is the most popular when it comes to dating app. In India, the Tinder user growing rapidly by the day, which makes your chance to find a partner getting higher. At first Tinder will ask you to connect with your Facebook account for basic profile, but it brings many inconvenience for its user. Not if you’re 18 and above, you don’t have to do it anymore. See also Indian Characteristics and Traits

Tinder is easy to use as you can swipe right and left according to your preference. If you signed up to Tinder for free, the amount of users you can swipe everyday would be limited. For unlimited swipe, you have to join as premium member.

  1. TrulyMadly

This one dating app using a very serious profile verification so you might not be tricked with fake users. Before you make your profile, you will be asked for an identity proof. After the verification success, your profile starts to live and you will have your own trusts score based on things you have verified. Users with more score shows they are more trusted.

It’s easy to use since you can show your like or dislike to a profile, and if they like you back you can start chatting. And don’t worry about the safety of your photo or profile because this app is disabling the screenshot and download features for photos. See also Reasons Why You Should Date A South Indian Girl

  1. Happn

Using location as a base to match two person, you have a big chance to meet with an Indian through the app. And the special feature of Happn is you can find people who you have crossed path with and like them. Check if they are on Happn and like their profile secretly. Wish they will like you back and you can start chatting from then on.

Like any other dating app, your first like to someone caused by their appearance. But as you have a deeper talk, you will find whether they really match you or not. See also Best Dating App for 30 Something

  1. Woo

So you want to know the best dating app in India for a rather serious relationship. You can choose Woo, a dating app for well educated professionals in India. It’s not so easy to sign up in the app but you can enjoy many features that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. It offers Tag Search, Question & Answers, Direct Messaging, and Voice Intro. So you can have a direct talk without having to share your personal number.

  1. OkCupid

As one of the oldest dating app around, OkCupid managed to have millions of users and giving its best service. Create your profile as best as possible so that other users find it interesting. You can search for other users who have similar interest with you. This app’s filter works very well. See also Best Dating App for Relationship

You will be offered with advanced features like seeing who likes you removing the ads, and many more. Unfortunately, to be able to use and access its best features you have to pay for subscriptions and membership.

  1. Hinge

Hinge has a unique way of finding you match. When you sign up for the first time, you have to use your Facebook profile and it will gives you suggestions based on friends chain. You may bumped into your friends, the friend of your friends, and 3rd degree friends.  You will find these people trusted, or probably you like them but have no courage to talk to them. Hinge is the best opportunity for you.

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Sound familiar? Yes, this highly trusted service is also one of the best dating app in India. It becomes the favorite mostly for women. Women users only receive suggestion     n of male users that have shown interest on them. You will receive only one suggestion a day, which is saving your time from swiping multiple profile that turns out far from your preference. See also Best Dating Apps for Muslim

  1. Bumble

Bumble was originally made for women, but it’s good enough that attract men to use It as well. By the look and interface, Bumble is Tinder’s twin with black and yellow shade. But if you install the app and have a closer look, you’ll find that Bumble is different than any other dating app.

Bumble is particularly convenient for women. When two opposite sex like each other, the woman should text first, otherwise they can’t start chatting at all. She has 24 hours to decide whether to text or not. Bumble is pretty safe since it prohibits any kind of pornographic material.

You must connect with your Facebook account to sign up in Bumble.

Now the list of the best dating app in India has landed safely in your hands. As you know, among the list are international dating app, so they will have many users from other country. Chances are you can meet foreign people who resides or visit India at the same time as you. Use the filter to find only Indian person, and read their profile thoroughly before you start chatting them.

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