How To Know If God Wants You To Be With Someone For Worse And Better

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Every woman really wants a relationship that belongs to the end, marriage and happily live ever after. However, that story is just in a fairy tale, while we got a relationship, there were like and dislike both parents and family. These can cause a problem whether the percentage of dislike is more than the like.

Well, do you ever think is it the sign of God that he is a bad guy? So, how to know if God wants you to be with someone? Why your parent does not like him or you? Below here are the reasons. Let's check these out.


1. Do The Backstreet Relationship

In fact, you know that while you fall in love with him, it caught you into the problem with your family. So, you did this backstreet relationship. It is really not a good choice.

2. The Religion

Love someone who has a difference in a religion is still be a big problem. That's why your parent does not agree with you two.

3. Still In College

Have a good career is dreamed by all of the people, even you. So, just focus in your study than your relationship. It's better to have a good job first.

4. He Does Not Have A Good Job

he does not have a good job

Well, you found someone who suites with you, and you love him so much. But, he is only a driver. Your parent thinks it is not enough good job. How will he make you happy in the future then?

5. Handsome Or Beauty

Good looking is the first impression to make your parents impress. However, while you choose someone who does not have a good looking, will your parent agree with you?

6. There Was A Conflict

Both you and he have big family conflict. This conflict was very big and it was not finished. Well, this conflict will be a big obstacle to your relationship.

7. Status Both Of You

The different status, one is a widow and one is single or one is rich and one is poor. Sometimes, status is still the thing that important, ask your parents. This is a reason why your parent does not agree with you. Well, you have to know about this, what are the advantages and disadvantages of dating an older man?

8. A Character Of The Person

Your parent sees that your girlfriend has a bad attitude and also have much of tattoo. They see that she is not right for you. However, you love her so much. These are the tips to changes your girl.How to Change from A Bad Girl to A Good Girl? These tricks could help you.

How To Know If God Wants You To Be With Someone

Well, God knows what you really need, what is best for you. So, below the following here are some signs that God warns you that he or she is not a man or woman who is suitable to be your life partner. Please let's check these out. 

1. Feeling Unsafe

Every day, you feel unsafe. You did backstreet relationship with him in these several months. You keep this a secret behind your family.

2. Gives Negative Effect

gives negative effect

Well, if he or she really a good person. So they will have a positive effect on you. They will not change you to be worse like this.

3. Being An Angry Person

You do not listen to your parents since you have backstreet with him. In here you really change be an angry person. It seems you belong to a bad person. As her boyfriend, you should do these things, what to do when she is angry at you

4. God Shows You

By time and time, God will show you some signs that he or she is not right for you. God shows how really bad person he or she did.

5. The Secret

All his secret is blown up, God shows you he is a liar and never loves you all these time. So, will you leave him or still stay? Here is for you Some of the secretive signs that your partner is thinking about cheating. Be aware.

6. The Heart Voice

Please, listen to your hear voice and do praying. Say to God, " God, show me that he is a good guy or the bad guy. Suit me into the right guy who you know the best."

7. Being Happy Or Not

Ask yourself, Is he make you happy? Are you really happy with him all these time? Do you accept what of kind person he is? The decision is in you. 

Tips On How To Break Up The Unhealthy Relationship

This relationship is unhealthy, and you feel this is so useless. There are more signs that given by God, that he is not right for you. God wants you to be with someone better because you are a good person. So, what are the tips on how to break up this unhealthy relationship? Well, let's learn below the following here.

1. Discuss It

discuss it

First discuss it with someone who you trust, such as best friend or sister even mother. Tell the truth what is be going on your relationship. Well, your best friend will give you some tips on how to tell someone you don't want to be in a relationship anymore.

2. Survive Or Not

In here, you should think carefully if you really could survive or not in this unhealthy relationship? Listen to your heart what is the best decision for you?

3. Tells The Truth

Make a right time to tells him the truth that this unhealthy relationship is should end. Tells him that this relationship is really hard and you can not hold it for a long time. Well, how to ask your ex-boyfriend for your stuff back? If he does not let your stuff back, just let it go then.

4. Do Not Be Rude

Be honest is important even you want this relationship will end quickly. So, do not overact rudely even to your ex-boyfriend.

5. Use Your Time Wisely

Pick a date or time and tells him or her you want this relationship ends. Do not waste your time too long.

6. Stick In Your Decision

Say Yes if you want this relationship ends and say No if you won't survive. Please, God has already given you some signs that he is not good for you. Will you still stay?

7. Make A New Life

Your new life begins, start your journey with good things and please meet someone who kind and cares you as you did.

Hopefully, above on how to know if God wants you to be with someone could benefit for you. There are many signs that God given to you, He warns us, He shows what is the person he or she is. Only God who knows what is the best for we are.

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