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All The Blessed Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When He’s Having A Bad Day

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Is your boyfriend coming home with a grumpy face? Is he upset, sad or in a bad mood? Can you sense from his phone call that he is not having the kind of day that he wants? Maybe you feel helpless on how to cheer his mood back up? Here’s more about Ways to Get Close to Your Boyfriend’s Mother and Win Her Heart


Do you get confused about what to do or what to say to make him feel better? Maybe you’re currently wondering, should you do some grand romantic gestures, or some little notes are enough? Surely you would like to be a part and the reason for your boyfriend’s happiness, and help to make him feel better. Worry not, cause here are some things to say to your boyfriend when he’s having a bad day.

  1. Are you okay?
  2. Do you want me to give you some space?
  3. Do you want to talk about it?
  4. What can I do to make you happy?
  5. Do you want me to do something for you?
  6. Let me make you a cup of tea / coffee.
  7. You’re having a bad day and it’s okay to feel upset.
  8. I believe you can take care of yourself, but is it okay if I help to make you feel better?
  9. I am sorry that you’re having a bad day.
  10. Sorry you’re upset, is there someone I can kill?
  11. I can understand you, days like this just sucks.
  12. Just relax and chill, take your time.
  13. Even just being with you makes me happy.
  14. I’m so lucky that I get to have you as my boyfriend.
  15. How about playing your favorite game together?
  16. Let’s eat your favorite food tonight.
  17. Though it’s still a bad day, it could have been worse if …
  18. Since you’ve had a bad day, you can ask me for anything you like and I will try to grant it for you.
  19. Do you want to watch your favorite movie together? Here’s more about Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When He’s Being A Jerk
  20. Do you want me to help you get your mind off things?
  21. I’ll catch you when you fall, and hold your hand anytime you need me to.
  22. Enjoy your me time if you’d like to and call me if you need help.
  23. Want to go for a walk and venture the nature?
  24. You gotta smile, it suits you so well.
  25. Come home soon, I have a surprise for you. Here’s more about What to Say to Boyfriend Who Is Depressed to Feel Okay Again
  26. I’ll rub your back when you get home.
  27. Breathe, and know that it’s okay if you want to let your feelings out.
  28. It’s okay to be upset for now, but don’t dwell in it for too long.
  29. You’re amazing and you mean a lot to me. 

  30. Don’t let this challenge stops you from going even stronger.
  31. I can’t promise to fix all your problems but I can promise you won’t have to face them all alone.
  32. We’ll get through this together.
  33. In good times or bad times, I’ll stand by you. Here’s more about Things to Say to Your Boyfriend on Your One Month Anniversary
  34. This too shall pass, and things will get better.
  35. We’re a team and you can count on me.
  36. Hang on, man up, and I’m sure you’ll be a stronger and better person after this.
  37. I know you can handle this.
  38. Do you remember that time when you succeed at …?
  39. I am here if you want to talk about it, but take your time.
  40. You are not alone.
  41. Stay strong, baby, and cheer up
  42. Can I hug or kiss you?
  43. You know, kissing releases endorphins, which can makes someone happy. Wanna kiss?
  44. You still are the best thing that ever happened to me.  

  45. You’re still the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.
  46. I hope you’ll cheer up soon.
  47. I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day. Here’s more about Things to Say to Your Boyfriend on Your 11 Month Anniversary
  48. I believe in you.
  49. I will support you all the way, no matter what.
  50. I am still proud of you.
  51. I got your back.
  52. I love you anyway.

Those are some things to say to your boyfriend when he’s having a bad day. The main thing is to ask him first, whether he would like to have some space when he is in a bad mood, or whether he would like it if you give him extra care and attention. Though you mean well, it is best to not directly bug him by inquiring questions about his bad mood or push him to talk it out.

When you bombard him with questions and coming up with ways to fix things, the problem might feel like it’s a bigger deal than he had thought. Ask him, let him initiate the talking, and if he does not want to talk about it, just talk about something else.

You should also avoid making him feel weak, give him some space to decide for himself how much he wants to share with you and the kind of input from you that he wants. This kind of independence makes him feel strong and feel better as well.

Additionally, keep in mind that you should never compare, nor telling your boyfriend that his bad day is not so bad. Just show him that you’re ready to make him feel better, be emphatic and accompany him while he also tries to make himself feel better. Show him that you care for him. You can also show that you’re happy and he does have a part in making you happy. Men likes to achieve something, and knowing that he can makes you happy can also makes him feel successful. If your boyfriend likes to joke around, it would also works to say some funny things and be a little sarcastic. Don’t directly shower him with judgments, opinions, or any solution.

Ask him if he has calmed down, what can you do to make him feel better. If he chose to vent, listen carefully and be present. Listen to understand, and offer some solution in case he feels hopeless. If he chose to stay quiet for a while, don’t be discouraged. You’ll find that sometimes, your comforting presence is all he needed to feel better. In conclusion, offer your time to listen to your boyfriend, respect him, and love him through the way.

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