Have You Ever Been in A Rebound Relationship? If So, How Long Did It Last?

Last updated on February 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Rebound relationships are more common than you thought. You might be involved in one without even realizing it. They don’t often last that long. Probably no longer than 3 months.

What a Rebound Relationship Is Like

Check out what a rebound relationship is like right here:

1. Everyone Has an Ulterior Motive

Either you or your partner has an ulterior motive. The relationship is not based on love. It could just be a façade to make an ex jealous. According to psychologists, there’s even the potential of the relationship turning toxic!

2. Feeling Like the Last Choice

Not even the second choice but the last. That’s how you’re going to feel all the time. There’s the constant thought of your partner eyeing someone else.

The fear of being replaced starts to creep in. Also here's How to Know If Your Ex Girlfriend is In a Rebound Relationship.

3. Nothing is Solid

Have you ever been in a rebound relationship? If so, how long did it last? Probably not too long because nothing is solid.

Nothing is certain in the relationship. You and your partner know that this is just temporary.

4. Happiness is Short-lived

One minute you feel truly happy. But most of the time, you don’t. What you feel is mostly other negative emotions.

Rebounds tend to be the place where people dump their feelings into. Get to know What Are Signs That Can Show That Someone Was Used As A Rebound in A Relationship.

5. Emotionally Draining

A rebound relationship is also emotionally draining. You’re worried, scared, angry, tired and so much more. There’s no feeling of comfort. You don’t feel genuinely loved.

How to Get Out of a Rebound Relationship

So you think you’re rebound and feeling trapped. Get yourself out of the relationship with these tips:

1. Just End It

Sit down with your partner and end the relationship. If your partner knows that it’s a rebound then the breakup will be quick and painless.

You’ve got to rip off that band-aid and move on for everyone’s sake.

2. Show Your Bad Sides

Keep the place messy, never do your laundry, leave dirty dishes on the counter and break promises.

Show all your bad sides to your partner. It’s the fastest way to make them get sick of you.

3. Be Firm with Your Decision

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Being firm and sure of your decision is important. Remember these questions: Have you ever been in a rebound relationship? If so, how long did it last? If you have, then you know it doesn’t have to last for too long.

You hold the power to decide and end it whenever you want. You might also want to know How Long Do Rebound Relationship Last For Men.

4. Erase Their Traces

Simply remove yourself from your partner’s life. Erase their contact number, social media and anything else that connects the two of you.

5. Find New People

Stop socializing with your partner’s inner circle. Find new people to mingle with. Preferably, those who are certainly not going to use you as a rebound. You don’t want to fall into another one.

How to Avoid Being a Rebound

Don’t let yourself down. These tips will help you avoid being a rebound:

1. Value Yourself

You’re a person worthy of love. You’re valuable and you deserve to be treated like a decent human being.

Repeat these words so you won’t fall for someone trick and become their rebound. It's an idea that you can try for What to Do If Your Ex is in a Rebound Relationship.

2. Dig Deep into Someone’s Dating History

Before dating someone, dig deep into their dating history. What kind of lover are they looking for? Are they the serious type?

Someone who’s truly into you won’t mind opening up to you.

3. Have a Purpose

You need to set a purpose for the relationship you’re aiming for. Avoid the questions have you ever been in a rebound relationship? If so, how long did it last? Your relationship will last for a lifetime if your purpose is the right one.

4. Heal Yourself

A hurting soul tends to attract negative energy. It latches on to anger and resentment. You don’t want that.

Surround yourself with love, warmth, and optimism. You’ll start to see the world in a different way and can avoid being a rebound.

5. Say No

When someone comes straight up to date you without a clear intention, say no! Listen to what your gut is telling you.

It’s right on point and looking out for you. Your lack of rejecting someone could be the reason Why Do Guys Always Use Me As A Rebound.

Fear not if you or someone else is in a rebound relationship. Gather the strength to find someone out there who is worth your time.

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