Best Things To Say To A Capricorn Woman To Make Her Flattered

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Capricorn women may seem cool or act cool when they get a compliment from men but on the inside, they enjoy being praised. They are independent, ambitious, and romantic at the same time. While working so hard to achieve goals in her career, she also wishes to taste a romantic relationship with her partner or her partner to be. Some sincere words may work to have her flattered and bashful even sometimes there are many reasons why Capricorns are hard to understand.


Things To Say To A Capricorn Woman to Make Her Flattered

If you want to make her flattered, here are 10 best things to say to a Capricorn woman which will get her into you. Try to say these things as natural and sincere as possible. Don’t leave unconvincing signs that you lie to make her like you.

1. “I Am So Proud Of You”

She is ambitious and passionate in her career. When she achieves her goals or gets a promotion at work, you can tell her how proud you are of her. This simple words can make her flatter and boost up her confidence. Not only her achievement at work, it also applies to other achievements in different forms.

2. “Thanks For Being Always There For Me”

thanks for being always there for me

A Capricorn woman always tries to be there when people need her, especially her loved one. She is dependable and like being helpful. Just simply being thankful for her availability make her feel special and moved. Again. He likes being helpful and dependable.

3. “I’m Lucky To Have You”

Either as a partner or a best friend, tell her how lucky you are to have her in your life. It simply means that she is meaningful and helpful. When you say this to her with a low tone and an intense look in the eyes, she surely will be flattered and bashful.

4. “You’re Intelligent And Sensible”

Yes, here's the things to say to a Capricorn woman to make her flattered. A Capricorn is very sensible and intelligent at the same time. They always fill themselves with a wide range of knowledge. Even more, they can read a situation and know how to comfort other people.

5. “You Look Beautiful In That Dress”

A Capricorn woman likes to leave a good impression by showing the best version of herself. When you set a meeting with her, she will make an attempt to look gorgeous and nice. Give her an honest compliment like this when you see her looking beautiful in a dress she’s wearing.

6. “I Bought You Your Favorite Food, Chocolate!”

One of Capricorn’s favorite food is chocolate. She will never get bored of it. You can give her a little surprise by buying her chocolate bars. It would be much better and advisable if you know her favorite chocolate brand too.

7. “I Want To Introduce You To My Friends/Family”

She will feel special and honored to get to know your family and friends. It makes her feel important and special. Moreover, it’s also a sign that you are being serious with her. It’s her favorite thing in a relationship.

8. “Look! I Bought Books For You”

She loves books. And knowing you know what she likes will definitely flatter her. You can give it as a birthday present or just a simple surprise. Make sure you know what kind of books she likes and she hasn’t had the collection of books you will want to give her.

9. “You’re The Kindest And The Warmest Person I’ve Ever Met”

As she likes being helpful and dependable to people, it will be nice for her to hear such a compliment. Finally, someone acknowledges her best part. It’s one of the best things to say to a Capricorn woman using her best quality. She may deny or be humble about it but trust me, deep inside she is flattered. She just tries to hide it from you.

10. “I Want To Protect You”

Even though she seems independent and strong, but a Capricorn woman adores a man who can give a protection to her. Not that she’s not strong enough to be alone, but it’s just because she likes the feeling of being protected. 

More Tips To Flatter A Capricorn Woman

Needs more actions than words to flatter a Capricorn woman. She is tough and hard to work with in the beginning. But if you know how to deal with her, you will be able to win her heart effortlessly. Here are some more tips for you to flatter a Capricorn woman.

1. Be Romantic

As a Capricorn loves something romantic, you can set a plan to show your romantic side to her. You can surprise her with a candlelight dinner or take her to her favorite restaurant. You can elaborate more on the things she loves.

2. Give Her An Honest Compliment

give her an honest compliment

She likes honesty and an honest compliment won’t hurt. If she looks beautiful, just tell her so. Or if she flatters you with her beautiful smile, just tell her so. An honest compliment will never fail at making her bashful and flattered.

3. Be Calm And Mature

Someone who can maintain a calm and mature personality will always have a place to a Capricorn woman’s heart. So, if you can maintain these attitude, you’ll certainly one step ahead to capture a Capricorn woman’s heart. Even more, it's actually a legit way how to make a Capricorn calm down when they are mad at you.

4. Open Up To Her

If you can open up to her, she will feel honored. She knows it’s not easy to be open up to a person. So, if you can open up to her, it will flatter her as she is sure that you trust her enough. As in return, she will also consider to open up with you.

5. Be Committed To Her

It takes time for a Capricorn to trust a person or to lay her heart in. She will make sure if the person is trustworthy and reliable enough to get his attention and love. Be committed and show her how serious you are with her. 

Signs A Capricorn Woman Is In Love With You

When a Capricorn woman in love, she may not be able to hide it. You can definitely tell it by her actions. However, sometimes she shows subtle signs, thus, you need to take a careful look and use your best intuition. Here are signs of Capricorn woman personality when she is in love.

1. She Opens Up With You

She is hard to open up with someone. If she opens up with you more than her other friends, you can tell that she’s in love. She shares her true feeling to a special person only. That’s the sign.

2. She Trusts You

Trust is something she really treasures. She doesn’t give it away to random people. When she finally can trust you and have a deep talk with you, it means she treasures you as an important person in her life.

3. She Likes To Stare At You More Frequently

She is bad at hiding her true feelings when she is in love. When she’s interested in you, she will make an eye contact with you or stare at you frequently.

4. She Asks You To Hang Out With Her And Her Friends More Often

She can’t stand being away from you. She has the need to see you often. Therefore, she invites you to hang out with her gang more often than before.

Indeed, that's all the things to say to a Capricorn woman to make her flattered. A Capricorn woman may seem tough from the outside but soft in the inside. As many other women do, she also likes compliments. Sincere compliments will leave her flattered and joyful. Make sure you know the best things to say to a Capricorn woman and what compliments work best to her. It’s a master key to win her heart.

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