Unfortunate Signs That Your Mother In Law Doesn't Like You

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When we are entering a relationship, of course, what we want is to take things seriously. When we are serious about each other in a relationship, we start getting into each other’s life. But what if we are not welcomed?

Once we are serious, we clearly need to please their family. The first person to please is their mother in law who is usually stern and judgmental. The biggest mistake you could make is to make her not like you. This is the terrible signs that your mother in law doesn’t like you;


1. Hugging You Is Rarely Done

The signs that someone is ready to be close with us is usually hugging which is done by mothers. If it isn’t shown in your mother in law, there is something wrong.

2. She Doesn’t Smile When She Sees You

Putting up a sour face whenever you are in their view is actually showing the Signs a Family Member Doesn't Like You. This could hurt your relationship.

3. Always Wanting To Cut The Conversation Short

always wanting to cut the conversation short

The lengthy conversation is not what they want to do with you because she finds you boring and unattractive.

4. Looking At You With Evil Eyes

The sometimes hidden signs that your mother in law doesn't like you is that they cast upon you a hateful eye.

5. Separating You When You Show Physical Closeness With Your Partner

Whenever you try to do the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You, your mother in law disagrees and start to do anything she can to separate the both of you.

6. Doubting Every Move You Make

Every little thing you make in your life or in the realm of the relationship is seriously doubted by her. This is so that you have lower self-esteem.

7. Comparing You To Other People

She knows well that comparison destroys our mental health but she will do that to you so that you feel like you aren’t good enough for your partner.

8. Suggesting Your Partner To Choose Someone Else

The hurtful thing that she will do is to start saying out loud a better candidate for your partner than you.

9. Talking Bad About You In Front Of You

A mother-in-law is not someone shy so when she hates you she will talk about you or criticize you cruelly.

10. Silently Spreading Rumors About You

Rumors that you know aren’t true will start to roam around and it can even get into the mind of your lover. 

11. Not Wanting To Meet

not wanting to meet

Whenever you suggest a meeting to get closer, your mother in law rejects it with a lot of excuses that seem to not be true. If you are unsure if it is true, find out with the How to Know When People Are Lying To You.

12. Always Rushing To Get Away From You

She never wants to be close to you and want to get away from you.

13. Never Praising You

Your mother in law never shows the attempt to make Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved come true.

14. Never Saying Thank You

A simple thank you is never said by your spiteful mother in law because she thinks all you do is never enough.

15. Being Over Protective Of Their Kid

She starts being over protective of their kid and not letting their kid do anything with you.

16. Always Asking If You Are Still Together With Their Kid

She continually ask if your relationship with them is alright. If you say that it is, she will get even more mad.

17. Skepticism Always Arise

Skepticism surrounding your life will arise.

18. They Can’t Be In The Same Room As You For Too Long

She starts getting uncomfortable when she stays with you too long.

19. Don’t Like To See You Happy For Too Long

Attempts to rob you from your happiness will be done.

20. Doing ‘Accidental’ Thing To Make You Get Away

Things that doesn’t seem like an accident is done to make you get away.

Ways To Know That Your Mother-In-Law Hates You

ways to know that your that your mother-in-law hates you

Hate is a strong word but a mother-in-law usually express their emotion strongly too. This is why you need to make sure if she really is feeling that. Here are the uncomforting way to know that your mother in law hates you ;

1. Suggesting You To Be With Someone Else

She even dares to suggest that you are better with someone else.

2. Always Questioning The Relationship

Doubt always arise in terms of the relationship.

3. Trying To Make Your Partner Spend Less Time With You

She always try to make you spend less time with your lover.

4. Pretending You Don’t Exist

When she really hates you, she pretends you don’t exist.

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5. Shaming You In Public

Shaming you can be done if she wants you to really run away from your current lover.

6. Not Wanting To Talk To You

Silence treatment is a true form of hatred.

7. Refuse Help From You

Whenever you try to be kind and help, she refuse.

8. Never Happy For Your Wins

Any wins you make will not be celebrated. 

Tips To Get Your Mother In Law To Adore You

tips to get your mother-in-law to adore you

It might feel impossible to turn the relationship around but nothing is impossible. Here are some serious tips you need to put into actions to make your mother in law to adore you;

1. Listen To Their Advice

Sometimes their advice comes as hateful criticism towards you. But make sure to know your worth.

2. Show Your Good Side

Persist, show your good side, and do the Ways to Prove You Don't Hate Someone at All.

3. Praise Them A Lot

Praisin them is one way to get to their heart.

4. Be Yourself

No matter what, you shouldn’t sink down to her level of hatred. Love yourself and start to be yourself.

The world might feel like hell when you find out the signs that your mother in law doesn’t like you. But it doesn’t have to crush your relationship. As a great partner, you need to apply the tips to get your mother in law to adore you. From those tips alone, you can see your relationship starting to blossom!

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