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How to Tell a Guy You Want to Kiss Him Over Text

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You can show affection to your loved one by landed a kiss for them. It is also the most exciting part when you’re dating and also help deepen your bond.


Even though they might be the one that always starts it, there are times when you just miss and craving for their kiss. It’s definitely not wrong and perfectly normal.

Here are how to tell a guy you want to kiss him over text

But somehow, telling him you want to kiss him isn’t that easy even only by text. However, if you do it right, you’ll find that he is also content to hear that from you.

So, to help you with it, here are how to tell a guy you want to kiss him over text.

1. “What a perfect day to have your kiss.”

Someone is going to blush if they receive an adorable text like this. Moreover, he might be thinking about go on a date after reading your message.

This enthusiasm keeps his mood up until he meets you. The text you sent within the morning additionally shows that he’s the primary inherit your mind at the beginning of the day.

2. “I want to taste your sweet lips.”

You’re craving for that sweet lips. The text heated things up and maybe that’s what he thinks too.

It can be cute yet sexy at the same time sending him that kind of text if you want to try to flirt him but deep inside you’re such a shy girl like maybe you should learn about Signs a Shy Girl Wants You to Ask Her Out.

3. “Don’t wear black ’cause I want to leave a mark on your clothes.”

A guy in a black surely has a more neat aura. No matter how many times you imagine he’s wearing that, it can turn you on.

But, when you’re craving to kiss him, maybe it’s best for him not to wear it. Flip him on by expression what proportion you would like to go away your mark in it.

It’s truly the simplest thanks to telling him that you simply need to kiss him. Then, you should text him not to wearing black.

4. “Last time was unforgettable, makes me want it more.”

An ideal date ought to be sealed with an associate unforgettable kiss. Once he tastes your lips, he might want to let it happen again.

Tell him that when you send him messages. There is a chance tonight he’d asking you to go out on a romantic dinner–and have that kiss! Learn also All the Sexiest Things to Text a Guy to Make Him Want You More.

5. “Are you curious about my new lipstick?”

It said that your lipstick is very tantalizing for a guy and he forthwith gets wise that you just need to be kissed.

To approach it on a text, you should be additional flirty. But that’s okay, in a simple way you can tell him that you’ve just bought a new lipstick. Maybe he eagers to try? Also learn about this Cute Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend.

6. “The last romantic movie I watched has a cute kissing scene.”

Giving him a signal that you want to be kissed is a cutesy idea to text him. You may want to tell him about the last night when you watched a romantic movie and there was a kissing scene there.

If he takes the bait, he’ll know your intention right away and give it to you when the next of your meeting.

7. “Would you be my first kiss?”

A first kiss is exciting for them that haven’t tried it. Yet, you still really want him to be the one gives you and let you taste it.

You can simply tell him that you’ve never been kissed by anyone and check this to help you How to Tell Your Boyfriend You’ve Never Been Kissed Before. It can be a good signal for them and also an approvement.

Signs He Would Kiss You When You Meet

Here are signs he would kiss you when you meet. Check this to know it better How to Tell If a Guy Wants to Kiss You at the Movies.

1. Ask for a Date

If he directly asks you to go on a date after those cute messages, then it is possible he’d kiss you.

2. Talk about That Scene

Remember when you were telling him about the romantic movie? If he suddenly talks about it again, then it is a sign he wants to kiss you now.

3. Wear His Best Shirt

Haven’t heard we dress to impress? That’s what he does.

4. Steal the Kiss

He knows that you want it. So, without any further chitty-chatty, he’d go in and kiss you when you meet.

More Tips Before You Kiss a Guy

Here are more tips before you kiss a guy.

1. Prepare Yourself

You may want to be well-prepared before having a kiss. Probably learn some about it?

2. Start Softly

Even though you want it bad, you should start the kiss softly and stop slowly too.

3. Lips Isn’t the Only Place

When you’re focusing on kissing his lips, you’d forget that there are any other places to give him a sweet kiss.

4. Change Your Head Position

You should try to change your head position when start to kiss.

5. Eat Mint

You don’t want to be smelly when you’re kissing because it can be a major turn off. Try to eat some candy mint before.

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