Ways To Kiss A Friend Accidentally And Get Away With It (31 Ways)

Last updated on April 14, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Apart from the times when you meet someone you’re sexually or romantically attracted to, nobody plans to fall in love with their friend. It’s easy to start a friendship with good and beneficial intentions for you both. You want it to be long-lasting, fun, loving, and pure.

Sometimes, it's not that easy, especially when you're opposite sexes, and have grown fond of each other. It's even more complicated when none of you is involved in a relationship, but you do most things together. You can't stay a day without hearing from them and you can't make a few major decisions without letting them know.

The bad part is, only one of you could be emotionally connected to the other. The other person may still be having the notion of being a nice platonic friend. This is where the issue comes in. If you're the one developing feelings, you may be thinking, “how do I love or even kiss my friend without breaking my friendship?”

You look at your friend and want to kiss them, but you feel, think, or just know that things may end up being awkward. You may not be wrong. You could kiss them accidentally and make an excuse for it. 

Are you wondering how possible it could be? Here are 31 ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it.


31 Ways To Kiss A Friend Accidentally And Get Away With It

1. Kiss them when they’re very happy

Happiness has a way of making people do what they’d never really do on a normal day. They could go as far as making promises because of how good they feel at that moment. 

If you kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it when they’re happy about something. They would think you're just being happy for them, so they may not give your act so much attention.

2. Peck them on the cheek when they’re sad

Pecking your friend shouldn't be a bother, especially when you're both close to each other. It's one of the things you could do immediately after giving them a hug.

They won't see anything wrong with this, except you choose to make it look like a bad thing by acting nervous afterward. It's one of the ways you can kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it.

3. Use kiss emojis through text

Using the kiss emoji is one way you can start if you really feel nervous about kissing your friend physically. You could even apologize profusely and get away with it.

That's because they may have been used to your flirty chats already. So, they'll only think it's normal to do it since you do it on your chats together. That's one of the ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it.

4. During the spin the bottle game, kiss them

If you've been attracted to your friend for some time, you want to kiss them, and you don't know how to, you could use the spin-the-bottle game. Spin the bottle is a kissing party game played at teenage parties.

You could initiate the game with your friend. In this case, you don't need to feel bad or apologize for it. If you want, you could give her a wet kiss in the process.

5. Get drunk and kiss them

When you're drunk, you get to do many silly things and get away with them. Take a few drinks, act like you're drunk, and give your friend an accidental kiss. They won't have even a hint that you meant to do that. 

Getting drunk is one way, except they stay away from you. It's even more beautiful when you convince them to get drunk too. At that point, you could get all the body contact you want. 

6. Pretend to trip just to kiss them

Anyone could trip and fall, hit their face, or fall on someone else. This is one sneaky move you can use to kiss a friend accidentally. You could miss a few steps and trip on their face. 

That way you achieve your plans. If it feels like it would go bad, you can apologize profusely. This is when you give a perfect accidental excuse. 

7. Kiss them whenever they do something nice for you

It’s a good thing to appreciate your friend when they do something nice for you. The only thing is, they may not expect it from you as a kiss. So, you could give them a tight and long hug for it and kiss at the end.

Things may be awkward, but it won’t be for long, especially when extreme happiness is your reason for doing it. This is one thing you can kiss your friend and get away with. 

8. When you’re extremely happy, you kiss them

when you're extremely happy you kiss them

Happiness is something that makes people do crazy things. It’s a time where you get to express your crazy emotions positively. As you jump for joy, you could grab, hug, and kiss them, even if it’s just a peck or multiple ones.

Don’t worry, this won’t break your relationship even though it could threaten it for a short while. You could use the excuse that you were happy and couldn’t control your mood at the time.

9. Kiss them on the forehead when you both see each other

Another way you can accidentally kiss a friend is by kissing them on the forehead when you get to see them. It could be when you both go out for a drink, to a festival, a park, or go to the cinema.

Do it casually like an accident would be, so if you're caught, you could say you didn't realize when you did it until they said it. That's one way to accidentally kiss a friend.

10. You can always kiss them as a congratulatory act

In the spirit of achievement, there are many things you could do when congratulating your friend. You could intentionally add kissing to one of them.

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While hugging, laughing, or speaking in a high tone, you could gently peck them on their forehead or cheeks. It will naturally blend into the moment. If it doesn't, you can easily apologize for it. That's one way to accidentally kiss a friend and get away with it.

11. Suggest truth or dare and dare them to kiss you

Dare kissing is one of the best. Why is this? Because your friend won’t see it coming, but you planned it all. Truth or dare could be a drinking game that you organize just for kissing intentions.

No matter what happens, it can never break your relationship because the truth is, it’s for fun. That’s one way to kiss your friend and get away with it.

12. When you’re both being very playful, you can kiss them

When you get so playful with anyone, they tend to lose guard, hence, dropping boundaries because they’re open-hearted at the time. That’s when they’ll laugh at your jokes uncontrollably and ask random questions.

At this time, you could give them a slight peck on their cheek with an excuse that they looked too cute while laughing. That's a way to accidentally kiss a friend.

13. Make it a way of saying goodbye

There are numerous ways to say goodbyes, especially to your friend. One of them could be kissing, but that’s only if they’re okay with you kissing them.

Observe their expression. If your friend’s pretty comfortable with it, go with the flow. If they’re not, apologize to them for the accidental move. That’s one way to kiss your friend accidentally and get away with it.

14. Another time to kiss your friend is when they're nervous or panicking

When someone is nervous or panicking about something, you find possible ways to calm them. One of these ways could include kissing them. This could even be during a conversation.

The truth is, it may truly be an accident on your path, especially if it’s been on your mind for a long time. Be careful, this particular kiss could break your friendship with them. But, to avoid confusion, you could have a good conversation with them to explain it.

15. Kiss your friend for a few seconds on New Year’s Day

Do you remember the moment you have when there are fireworks? That’s when couples get to kiss whether they’ll have a long-term relationship or not.

This is when you can kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it. You can give any excuse at this point, no matter how lame it sounds to you or them. Tell them you felt you could do it since you’re good friends.

16. Remember the mistletoe? Kiss underneath it

remember the mistletoe

A mistletoe is known to be a symbol of life and fertility. It stays green even when other trees die during the winter. So, it always blooms.

You could use this as a reason to kiss a friend accidentally. Tell them it's a sign of good luck and you wanted to try and see if it works. You could even ask them to try again with a lame reason. 

17. Kiss them when you or they open up to you

When you’re having a special moment with your friend, like a time you're both sharing secrets, it's a time for a little romance to happen.

Sharing heartfelt secrets is one way you get to take advantage of your friend’s soft feelings. At that point, they’re not in full control of themselves, so they can get so angry or blame you for doing anything. But, they may do it in the future.

18. Do it when you’re leaning in to get something

Most people have used this trick to get things done, like picking something from someone’s food, stealing, or retaliating for something someone did to them.

Kissing your friend while leaning in to get something is a funny and interesting scenario. As much as it feels like an accident, it feels intentional too. But, apologizing and pretending it was a mistake is the best way to make things move forward from any possible fight.

19. You could do it when you’re fighting or quarreling

Kisses are a way to calm things down, but that’s only if you’re in a relationship with someone and not when you’re just friends. It could be a bit awkward when you're not dating.

Tell them you didn’t like how pissed they were, so you felt like kissing them was the best way to end the argument, fight, or quarrel. And it was the only way to make things move forward from the bad point they were.

20. You kiss them when they’re sleeping

It's the safest bet and you also get to have close facial contact with them. The only bad thing about this is that if you're caught in the act, it may ruin your relationship with them.

That's because it would send the wrong message to them and they could have mixed feelings about you from that moment. But, you can still try this.

21. Kiss them when they blow you an air kiss

Air kisses are your best bet to kiss a friend accidentally and act like nothing happened. If you already do it together when you see, fair enough. If not, you could ask for it intentionally for the kiss.

After a good hug, ask for air kisses. During the process, preferably the last one, give them a direct quick kiss and act like it was a mistake.

22. Peck everyone you know there just to kiss them

This has a high probability of working right. All you need to do is peck everyone in the house or environment you meet your friend. It could be air kisses.

But, when it’s time to say hi to them, give them a real kiss. They may not get so upset, especially when they see you doing it to other people before them.

23. Act like you’re trying a trending challenge

It’s not a new thing that there are trending challenges out there to try with your friend. You could tell your friend that you would like to try one of the challenges with them.

Kiss them during the challenge. It could be an existing challenge or not. But, it’s best if it’s an existing one, so you don’t get into trouble with your friend.

24. Talk about a movie scene and demonstrate it

talk about a movie scene and demonstrate it

Telling your friend about a movie is one way you could kiss them accidentally and hope to get away with the excuse. 

25. Ask them a question that relates to kisses in an indirect way

Depending on your friend’s personality, they could laugh when you do this. But, if they’re not that playful or in a bad mood, you may want to apologize to make things move forward in your friendship.

Questions like “what would you do if a random person asked to kiss you?” would do the trick. You could also try other questions to get them to directly say they’ll do nothing if you kiss them.

26. Tell them how someone accidentally pecked you and demonstrate it with a quick kiss

This technique has worked for many people. It’s best to do this the first few minutes after you meet them. They won’t see it coming. Make it a very funny story.

The thing is, they may not even realize you were trying to kiss them and since you’re both good friends, they’ll move on from it quickly. This is one way to kiss a friend accidentally.

27. Start talking about kisses randomly and give a quick peck on their cheeks

One way to kiss a friend is to randomly start talking about kisses. For some people, you could get in their head and make them get in the mood to kiss. All you need to do is tell them a touching story.

That way, they become a little soft and accommodating for a kiss. This is one way to accidentally kiss a friend and get away with it.

28. Tell them you both don’t have a picture of you kissing

Pictures are a good way to connect with people. You could make people do weird things for pictures depending on how close you both are as friends. 

So, one way you can accidentally kiss a friend and get away with it is to ask them to take a kissing photo with you. That way, they won’t feel offended. You could always start with a peck on their cheek or forehead. 

29. Kiss your friend when you see them and keep a normal facial expression

People act based on the psychological effects from things. If you feel and look guilty after kissing your friend, they’ll know you planned it. But, if you don't, you reduce awkwardness.

For instance, if you make your friend feel they’re overreacting because you did something they think is not right, they’ll move on quickly from it. But, if they’re really upset, you could apologize to maintain your friendship.

30. Stand closely behind them and kiss them immediately they turn around

Taking someone unawares is the best bet to kiss a friend. All you need to do is to stand directly behind them when they’re trying to do something.

Time their moves and make sure you’re right next to them when they're turning, so you kiss them and apologize for making such a wrong move. That’s one way to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it.

31. Kiss one of their belongings and extend it to them

A good way to kiss your friend accidentally and get away with it is by kissing their belongings and extending it to them.

For instance, you could kiss their shirt or dress and peck them on their cheek or forehead. This way, you could say you forget you weren’t kissing their belongings anymore.


Can you accidentally kiss someone?

Nothing is impossible and it includes accidentally kissing someone. It depends on the scenario and the things that happen at that moment. For instance, if you’re drunk, it could happen. You would be unable to coordinate your thoughts, so you would think that everything you say or do is right at that time.

How do you get your friend to kiss you?

It depends on your relationship and level of friendship with them. If they’re your best friend, you could simply request them to kiss you. If not, you could play a game, or ask them to kiss you as an appreciation of something nice you did for them. But, you shouldn’t force or emotionally manipulate them to do this.

How do you kiss someone out of nowhere?

In most cases, this ends up ruining any relationship you have with someone, except if it's your lover then it would be romantic. So, the best thing to do is either ask them or be prepared to face any consequences that come with the act. But, you should have a conversation or friendship to do this.

Can you go back to being friends after kissing?

Kissing happens due to present emotions, whether it’s romantic, sad, or extremely happy. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t remain friends with the person because you kissed. With clear communication, understanding, and a little effort to maintain your friendship, things can still be worked out even after kissing.

Where does a girl like to be kissed?

It depends on the girl and her preferences. Besides the lips, a girl may like to be kissed on her forehead, collarbone, neck, back, clitoris, or ears. As weird as it sounds, some girls love to be kissed on the nose, hands, and thighs primarily. So, it’s good to always ask or observe her body language.

In Conclusion

It could be awkward to kiss your friend without a reason, especially when you both don’t have feelings or any emotional connection. You could start with the 31 ways I’ve mentioned to make it easier for you. I hope this article was helpful to you. Please don’t forget to drop a comment and share it with others.

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