Shocking Signs Your Husband Kissed Another Woman

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When you are married, you expect to live a happy and peaceful live with your husband. But this can’t happen when someone invaded the privacy you are supposed to have with your husband only.

The physical intimacy that exist between a husband and wife should not be broken. One of the sacred thing is kisses. When someone kiss your husband sometimes you don’t even know. To not be blindsided, here are the signs your husband kissed another woman;


1. He Is Secretive About What He Does Lately

Not wanting to tell you about what he does lately means that there is something in the relationship that is hidden.

2. He Is Physically Close To Another Girl

he is physically close to another girl

Being close means showing his attraction towards her and with her replying with the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy.

3. He Checks Out That Other Girl

Checking her out from head to toe actually means that he is developing attraction towards her.

4. He Smiles A Lot When Being With That Girl

If he is seen to laugh or smile a lot around her but not with you, something is really wrong between you and him.

5. He Stares Romantically Into That Girl’s Eyes

When a guy stares romantically into a girl’s eyes often, he is actually showing the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say.

6. He Doesn’t Hug You Warmly

Hugging you is a mere touch and not the passionate and affectionate one that lovers do.

7. His Kiss To You Is Not Passionate

Now that he feels that his kiss to someone else is better, his kiss towards you is much shorter and it have a lack of passion.

8. He Often Space Out When Talking To You

To talk with you is something that he is now bored of. What he will do instead is space out and think about the kiss with that other girl.

9. Vanishing Often From Your Life

Now he often vanish or spend less time with you because he wants to spend time to get to know his new girl.

10. Having The Picture Of Other Girl In His Phone

There is an abundant picture of her. It’s either her selfie or a picture of him and her together in an intimate manner.

11. Text The Other Girl Often

text the other girl often

Texting the girl with Ways to Make a Girl Like You Through Text means that a feeling is start to develop between him and her.

12. He Lies About The Little Things

The little things are usually about the girl or the topic surrounding that girl. This is because he is hiding something.

13. He Smiles When Hearing The Name Of The Girl

This smile is spontaneous and romantic. If he does this most of the time, he have his attention towards her.

14. Looking Anxious Most Of The Time

This anxiousness happens because he is always scared to be busted by you.

15. Feeling Guilty Before They Tell You

They carry the load of their guilt around because he feels responsible for not being loyal to you. 

16. Acting Weird

When with you, he starts acting really weird because of all the emotional load that he have with her.

17. Changing His Habit All Of A Sudden

When his habit start to change, that means that his life starts to change too. Probably because of the presence of the girl.

18. He Blame You For Things

When he blame you for the little, he is actually trying to cover his guilt and anxiety.

19. He Gets Mad At The Little Things

This new anger that is often shown in your every day life means that he is hiding something inside.

20. He Threatens To Leave The Relationship

He tries to ruin the relationship because you would want to show the Signs Your Girlfriend is About to Break Up with You when you know that he kissed someone else.

Ways To Know That He Gave Another Girl A Kiss

ways to know that he gave another girl a kiss

The first step to a broken loyalty is a first kiss. It is the gateway to another feeling. Here are the frightening ways to know that he gave another girl a kiss ;

1. He Have Lipstick Stain Or Make Up Stain On His Face

It’s an obvious sign that someone kissed him.

2. Not Opening Up To You Anymore

Not wanting to open up to you means that he is trying so hard to cover something up.

3. Skipping Date Nights A Lot

This can mean that he is now showing the Signs He is Player.

4. He Seems To Want To Talk But Always Hold Back

The thing that he want to talk about can be about the time that he kissed someone else. 

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5. He Often Apologize

Apologizing about nothing at all means that he is guilty about something so big.

6. He Avoid Talking About A Certain Time Frame

The time frame that he is avoiding to talk about is the time that he kissed someone else.

Tips On How To Deal With His Disloyalty

tips on how to deal with his disloyalty

When you feel like all hope is gone because his loyalty does too, you need to do the opposite. What you need to do is to think clear and actually follow these tips;

1. Patiently Ask Him About It

When asking him about it, he might not want to. But be patient and persist to talk to him. Also ask him what the kiss meant.

2. Know What You Want And Feel Inside

Do you want to continue the relationship or not? Ask yourself that.

3. Figure Out A Solution And Commitment As A Couple

If you do want to continue, you need to be committed in solving it together.

4. Move On

A marriage is not as smooth as you think. It will have its highs and lows but when it is suddenly presented with the signs your husband kissed another woman, you know it is about to crack. Because of that, you need to be aware of the signs and start to do the tips in an instant.

Find the: Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

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