Unfortunate Signs Your High School Boyfriend Is Cheating

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High school is the time of youthful fun and a little romance. This can lead you to have a playful relationship with your boyfriend. But what if things are not as pure as they seem?

Cheating can happen to any relationship, especially a high school relationship. In this phase, people are more prone to cheat because of their adventurous and playful nature. Here are the unfortunate signs your high school boyfriend is cheating;


1. He Texts You A Lot Slower And Only Once In A While

Because he is so occupied with his new cheating partner, he texts you back slower and only once in a while.

2. His Friends Knows A Lot

When in high school, our friends know a lot. So when his friends knows that there is another girl, most probably there is already another girl.

3. Rumor Is Spreading Around

Rumor isn’t always bad. Sometimes it is a sign that something is true and that your boyfriend is really showing the (player).

4. He Pops Up In Another Girl’s Social Media

he pops in another girl's social media

His photo shows in another girl’s social media with a romantic caption or an affectionate embrace.

5. He Chats Often With Another Girl

Constant chatting shows that he is showing the Signs Your Crush Likes You Through Texting.

6. Her Phone Records Is Filled With The Girl’s Number

If you check out his phone call record, it is filled with the girl;s number which means that they have been calling her a lot.

7. He Hang Out With You Less

Spending less time being with you can mean that he is spending more of it with another girl if it is combined the other signs.

8. He Doesn’t Say That He Is Committed To You

To the world, he says that he is single and ready to mingle.

9. Comparing You To Another Girl

This comparison is not the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly and signifies that he wants to be with another girl.

10. Still Active On An Online Dating Website

Being active still on an online dating website means that he isn’t really committed to you.

11. Openly Flirting With Other Girls

You know that he is cheating when he is openly using the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong with another girl.

12. He Says He Needs Space

This space means that there is a lot less chance for the Reasons Why You Should Marry Your High School Sweetheart to surface.

13. He Vanishes A Lot Without A Reason

he vanishes a lot without a reason

Vanishing a lot without a reason will be done because he is hiding the fact that he is cheating with someone else.

14. He Looks Nervous A Lot

Being nervous is a natural action that will be done when they are hiding something so big.

15. He Changes The Topic A Lot

When you talk about a thing that is closely related to his cheating, he starts changing the topic drastically to avoid talking about it.

16. He Lies About His Whereabouts

Lying about where he is will be done when he is cheating with someone. 

17. Having The Girl’s Stuff Over His

Whether it’s her clothes or anything else, having a girl’s stuff over his place means that there is something fishy going on.

18. Being Protective About His Phone

Whenever you try to touch his phone, he starts getting mad at you for no reason. This is because all the information is in there.

19. Having The Girl’s Photos On His Album

There will be a lot of the girl’s photos in his photo album because he always miss him.

20. Many People Warns You Against Him

If many people warns you against him because he is a player,most likely he really is.

More Ways To Know That Your High School Sweetheart Is Cheating

more ways to know that your high school sweetheart is cheating

It’s not always obvious that someone is cheating on but they will slowly show the signs. If you want to be more observant, here are more ways to know that your boyfriend is cheating;

1. Always Have Excuses For Not Being There

This excuse will start to pile up.

2. Blaming You For Being Suspicious

Whenever you are being suspicious, he starts blaming you or even accusing you of having the Signs You Are A Psycho Girlfriend.

3. Threatening To Leave The Relationship

The threat is done because he really wants the relationship to end.

4. Habits Starts To Change

His habit starts to change drastically to make time to be with his new girl. 

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5. Can Live With Not Talking To You

It’s okay for him to not talk to you because he doesn’t care about you anymore.

6. Doesn’t Care If You Don’t Get Mad At Him

You being mad at him is not something he is sad about.

7. Another Girl Starts To Claim Him As His Boyfriend

This really means that he is cheating.

Tips On What To Do If He Cheated On You

tips on what to do if he cheated on you

Being cheated on is absolutely heartbreaking. But it doesn’t have to be that way for so long. Here are the tips on how to have a better life after the saddening truth;

1. Confront Him About It With Prove

Talk to him about it with the prove that you have compiled. Make sure that you have a concrete prove.

2. Dump Him

If he is proven guilty of cheating, you need to dump him. There is no use in being a second choice.

3. Move On

Find the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

4. Love Yourself

The last thing that you need to do is to learn to love yourself again with the Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World.

High school is a time of love but it is also a time of folly. This means that your boyfriend will be more prone to showing the signs your high school boyfriend is cheating. When being faced with that truth, you need to pick yourself up and live a better life with the tips we’ve given you.

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