Why Does My Boyfriend Ignore Me Now That Schools Started? I Feel So Bad

Last updated on June 17, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Attention is a very valuable thing especially if you are in a relationship right now. However, you and your boyfriend may experience a short break up, literally, when you are on a school holiday. The reason may quite cliché because both of you can’t spend time together during the school break. But it is not a big problem since you can make up with him once school started.

However, it will be a big question and irritating when he is still ignoring you although the school has started. When it happens it will leave you a big question “Maybe I am no longer attractive for him?”

Before you jump into that conclusion, here are some reason to help you find out why he ignores you now that school started.

He is Embarrassed with your relationship

If you and he have just made a relationship tie during school holiday, the reason why he ignores you may because he is embarrassed with your relationship. Well, it is not always the case, but you can make an assumption through some facts.

First, embarrassed maybe the reason when he looks too shy to say ‘hi’ when both of you are passing by in the school hall. At that moment he would only give you a really small smile.

Or when he completely ignoring you when he is with his friend. But when you are protesting he would say that he didn’t realize when you were there but you are pretty sure he does realize your existence.

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He is Busy or Stressed out on Particular Project

Post-school holiday means new projects that will make students become busier and even stressed out. This might be the reason why he is ignoring you during the early week since school started.

Maybe he has way more homework from school after the holiday and gets stressed over it. That situation may be the reason he doesn’t have time to reach you and he doesn’t even realize. This situation might make you ignore him back as you think that he ignores you.

To overcome this, try to call out his behavior in the past couple of days or even weeks and gives him space to let you know his position. The other option you can do after letting you know how busy or stressful he is, you can give him a space to do his work or projects.

He will appreciate you so much because of this. And he will give you attention than he used to after he finishes his project.
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He is Hurt

Most guys don’t feel like talking up about their feeling to their girls. They will remind silent and you will become distance and make you think that he ignores you. When you are wondering what is going on, it is always okay to ask “What is going on” to him.
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Because we might make a mistake during the school holiday and we are not even realizing it. By asking him directly, he will let you know how he feels and give you space to apologize immediately. Don’t forget to make a compromise that both of you will never hesitate when one party makes a mistake. After that communication problem in your relationship is solved.

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