Reasons to Choose the Girl with the Complicated Past and How to Love Her Right

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

People say, we learn best from experience. It's hard to say someone is skilled when that person has only been studying behind his or her desk. When that person goes hand on, the true skill shown.

Perhaps, this could be the base for one of the reasons to choose the girl with the complicated past. Why complicated past? Here are few of those reasons you should reconsider:

  1. She learned a lot

Past, experience, told us a lot of things in a very effective way, most of the time. Even mistakes could teach someone a lot of valuable lessons that couldn't be taught anywhere else from anyone else.

When she has a complicated past, lies behind her beautiful smile, she must’ve learned a lot. Maybe it's from her mistakes, or it can even be from good things.

  1. She's mature

Going through all those hardships, enduring the pain, survive day by day, and learning all those lessons of life must have shaped her a lot. Someone who has gone through a lot usually are more mature than their age.

This would be possible if that person know how to face and deal with those problems, though. However, you wouldn't want to have a childish woman who triggers unimportant fights every time, right? Her maturity could be one of the reasons why you should marry the complicated girl.

  1. She has that strong and perseverance nature

When something else happen in her life, no matter if it's something good or something hard to deal with, she will persevere. She went through a lot so she knew well how to hold on and survive through every season of life.

This is definitely the kind of woman you need to be your supporter, even when you're at the lowest point of your life. She just know it. She know how to deal with that and how to pull you out of that.

  1. She's not spoiled

You can't buy her diamond ring right away? You are busy with your projects and suddenly can't go on a date for a week? She's not that easy to get mad for uncertain things.

She's not just mature with the way she thinks, but she actually isn't a spoiled girl who demand everything that she wants no matter what. This is one of the reasons to choose the girl with the complicated past.

  1. You can learn from her

Sometimes you need to learn from others' life. If that’s your girlfriend, it would be way better, though. You can learn something even from her life, her past, the way she deal with that, and how can you apply that to your own case.

Someone with complicated past could be a great partner for you, but the question is how to get the heart of these people who have gone through a lot?

How can you maintain the relationship with someone who has known more than you do? Here are few tips for you to keep someone with complicated past interested :

  1. Be wise

If you want someone who's strong and though to stay in love with you, you should go up to their level. For someone who's mature and all strong, you should never be childish for they will not favor that kind of attitude from someone who love them.

  1. Love her hard

Don't play grey. If you want to love this person, do it heartfully and mindfully instead of playing around. You'd better stop rather than loving her vaguely. She has gone through enough for her to play around with someone who's not even serious.

Show her that you really like and want her completely. If you're not ready to love her hard, perhaps you need to know how to tell someone you don't want to be in a serious relationship. Dating her would be very different from how to date a girl who is afraid of commitment, though.

  1. Support her

She's strong, she's mature. But that doesn't mean she's as strong as rock. She does need your support at times.

You're the one she loves, of course your support would mean the world to her. There are times when you need to find out ways to cheer someone up over text and make them smile again.

There are a lot of reasons to choose the girl with the complicated past. There are also reasons why you should marry the simple uncomplicated. However, you should know how to love this complicated girl , if you want that long-term, happy and healthy relationship.

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