Why Do I Keep Thinking About My Ex When I Have A New Boyfriend? What's Best to Do?

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It’s human nature to either constantly think of something we could not have. The worst thing is when the one thing we are stuck on is our ex when we already have someone that loves us in the present moment.

It is not fair to you and your current boyfriend to keep thinking of someone in the past. To solve the problem, what you need to do is to get to the root of the problem.

No need to look further, here are the reason why do i keep thinking about my ex when i have a new boyfriend ;

  1. He Just Posts A Picture With A New Girlfriend

What you’re feeling is completely normal, you’re simply jealous. It doesn’t mean you want him back, it’s just your natural reaction from having been with him in the past.

  1. You Met Him On The Street

Probably you met him on the street when you look like a mess and you wished that he’d seen you in a better light and regret what he had done. Again, this is not love.

  1. You Stumble On The Diary You Wrote About Him

The diary told you the better days of the relationship but remember, nostalgia is a real liar.

  1. Your Ex Is Moving Somewhere Far Away

The signs she likes you  you are feeling is not so much love but probably a feeling of missing someone you once were really close to.

  1. He Hits You Up On Social Media

He talks to you on social media and suddenly he’s on your mind again. This is the answer to why do i keep thinking about my ex when i have a new boyfriend.

  1. You See Him Reaching His Dream

You see the signs he's boyfriend material  in him when he finally reaches his dream. Believe that your current boyfriend can do so too as long as you give him unconditional love.

  1. You Saw A Momento From Your Relationship With Him

While digging through the closet, you see his hoodie or a picture with him and it makes you want to cry. Remember, nothing is never as good as it seems.

  1. Your Current Relationship Is Boring Right Now

This means all you are searching for is happiness, not him. To make that true, all you need to say is the Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Love You Even More.

  1. You Are Fighting With Your Boyfriend Now

Cure this with Things to Say to Your Boyfriend when Y'all are Fighting All The Time, and you’ll get over your ex right away.

  1. You Suspect Something About Your Boyfriend

You see the Signs of a Cheating Partner  and it makes you want someone else that’s more loyal. All you need is loyalty right now and it doesn’t just exist in your ex.

  1. You Don’t Feel Secure About Your Self Worth

The feeling of ‘i don’t deserve my ex’ can gnaw on you. Believe that you deserve better and right now, the universe have granted your wish.

  1. You Haven’t Had A Proper Closure With Him

What you need to remember is that closure is a myth. What is done is done and you need to know Ways to Forget Your Ex 

Things You Should Do To Forget Him

You have a pretty clear idea now why he is the only picture that keeps replaying in your mind. Now you need to put your life back in balance by doing the things you should do to forget him:

  1. Delete Physical Memories Of Him

Throw away the photos and the couple clothes. It’s not good to keep that when you’re in a loving relationship.

  1. Remember The Bad Parts

Conciously try to remember the bad parts of the past relationship. Why did you break up? What is so maddening about him?

  1. Focus On Your Current Boyfriend

Be grateful that you have one and marvel at how much he loves you.

  1. Train Yourself Not To Think Of Him

When a thought of him arise, quickly bat it away and find a distraction. Your brain will soon be trained not to think of him.

  1. Be Consistent

Progress is nothing without consistency. Remember, this is another Ways to Love Yourself

It’s not hard to know why do i keep thinking about my ex when i have a new boyfriend, but with enough reflection and a little hint from us, we’re sure you’ll figure out what’s happening in the bottom of your heart.

Knowing all this, you’ll be more ready to move on and to be in an amazing relationship with your new boyfriend.

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