41 Hurtful Signs Your Husband is Having Emotional Affair

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Emotional affair is definitely different with physical affair. When your husband is having physical affair, it's easy for you to notice the Signs Your Husband is Cheating on Facebook. You are trapped in a situation where you become suspicious toward your husband but there's not obvious evidence. If in the end it's all about the "just friend" situation, it won't be good for your married.

Stop being all suspicious toward him, learn the signs your husband is having emotional affair behind your back:

1. He Behave Strangely in Front of the Other Person

The first signs your husband is having emotional affair you should notice is his behavior when he sees the other person. It could be the email he sent her that is too flirtatious or the way he look at the other person, which is too deep for friendship.

2. You Have Been Physically Distant from Him

Turns out the emotional affair affects your relationship more than you think. Before you know it, you have become distant with your husband. It's natural since he is emotionally distant to you, your body has become distant too.

3. He Becomes One with His Phone

He used to be so open with you that he left his phone all over the house. It's unusual to see him become so attached to his phone, to the extent that he puts it beside him when he sleep. You can't help but becoming more suspicious because of this.

4. The "Just Friend" Excuse

Try to casually ask your husband about the other person, that particular woman you have your suspicion on. Carefully look at how he react and how he give his answer. If he really just friend with her, he won;t be working too hard to assure you.

5. He is Not Interested in the Relationship

There are just too many things he is not interested at. From talking about your marriage to talking about the future. His mind is driven somewhere that he is not interested in talking about anything else.

6. He Avoid the Talk

There must be some gut feeling you have when your husband is having an emotional affair. It's okay to talk to him about the particular person you are suspicious of. Who know that there are really nothing happen between them. But things are completely different if he try to avoid the talk about her. It's also another Clear Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You in Relationship.

7. He is Becoming Critical on You

Another signs to be anticipated is how he behave towards you. He often out you down and gives you unnecessary critics that would hurt you even more. Also, he becomes really defensive and he's not open to discussion anymore.


More Signs of Him Having an Emotional Affair

Here are more signs your husband is having emotional affair for you to notice:

  1. There's a drastic change in your sex life, either for good or for worse.
  2. He detached yourself from you.
  3. He is always on the phone even right before sleep.
  4. He tends to ignore you and no longer care about you.
  5. It takes a long time for him to reply your text while he is on the phone all the time.
  6. There are change on his attitude to you.
  7. He likes to throwing shades about everything, including your cooking, your look, even your liking.
  8. He constantly saying her name, more than he ever did to his other friends.
  9. You are not priority anymore, more like the third wheel.
  10. He cause many disagreement that is unnecessary.
  11. You feel both physically and emotionally distant from you.
  12. You feel like don't know him anymore.
  13. He doesn't speak much to you.
  14. He treat the home like a terminal, he's not really live in there.
  15. You feel truly uncomfortable with his so called "friendship" with the other woman.
  16. He views things differently than before.
  17. He makes a comparison between you and other person.
  18. He always says that you are lacking of something.
  19. He avoiding the talk about that particular "friend".
  20. He has a new interest that is not so... him.

How to Ask Him About the Affair

Rather than being suspicious of all time, it's better for you to find out the truth. You need to make sure whether he is really having emotional affair or not.

  1. Use a calm voice to talk to him, no judgement.
  2. Show your concern on how things has changed for the worse.
  3. Tell them what you'd like his to do. For example, cutting off the contact with that woman.
  4. Give the emotional support he want and need from you.
  5. Get ready to hear his confession, and make sure he is doing so.

Rebuilding the Love After Emotional Affair

Instead of going to the Ways to Forget Your Affair Partner, you decide to forgive him and accept him back for the sake of the family. Here are how you can rebuild your love life after the affair:

  1. Stop being suspicious to your husband. Put little of trust in him.
  2. Don't too possessive to him.
  3. Get over with the hurt and heartbreak.
  4. Don't have the intention for revenge.
  5. Accept his confession of the emotional affair.
  6. Do the many Ways to be a Good Wife to Your Husband so that he won't run away from you again.
  7. Spend more time together alone to find the old fire of romance.
  8. Reflect on yourself, maybe you are lacking something that make him involve in an affair.
  9. Have an honest talk with your husband about the future of your relationship.
  10. Be more open to each other to avoid the same thing to be happen again.

It's very hard to find the signs your husband is having emotional affair. But it's much better to talk things out before everything is too late. You must reflect a lot to yourself too, so you can be the best lover for him.

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