Sweet Things To Say To Capricorn Woman To Make Her Blushing

Last updated on April 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Women are the most interesting creatures to learn, with all their beauty and complexity of their way of thinking, they will definitely make you dizzy around just to look for ways to please them. There is saying

"A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.” — Woodrow Wyatt

And by saying all sweet things to woman you love, it will be the right thing to put your best foot forward!

No exception for a Capricorn woman, who were born in January, known as someone who can keep their emotion tightly. Thus, your way should be on the mark by showing affection to them and first thing first, to say sweet things to Capricorn woman, you might try say some of these words:


1. Will You Spare And Spend Some Time With Me?

The first sign Capricorn woman is starting to show concern on you, is her willingness to meet you. As Capricorn is well known as person who is NOT to be sociable then you’ll find your first meeting may not be a true "date," yet as time goes on it will be one. However the meeting was a good sign when it came to a Capricorn woman.

2. Let's Do Some Tidying-Up Items

let's do some tidying-up items

This zodiac people are in love organizing – right from your desk to your small stuffs, they will try hard enough to get ducks in a row. For men who has lost in track of their belongings, must have agreed this is a positive things to say to them.

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3. Let Me Do Those Things For You

If your tidying up activity has been worked out for her, now it’s time to say sweet things to Capricorn woman “let me do those things for you.” To let her feel being pampered by someone she love is definitely a good point.

4. I Will Always Be There For You

Capricorns women are not famous for their romances, take some times to open up themselves. However, when they have deeper feelings for you, it’s the right time to be around them and say all these sweet things to them. 

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5. Would You Cook For Me?

This means we do the next level, it will take some efforts and time when you have to say sweet things to Capricorn woman. When she begins to feel comfortable with someone, she will make a home-made cooking for one. 

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6. Can I Hold Your Hands?

can i hold your hands

We could say women are longing for cuddling and holding hands moment, nonetheless Capricorns women who have an earth sign, the sign of down to earth person and conservative people. They will keep their matters to be private.

7. My Family Wants To Know You More, Will You Come And Get To Know Them

And as the very last step to show your affection, it is time for you to dhow her off to your friends and family. She must know how grateful and proud you are to them, and by asking her to introduce your family and friends, it shows you are ready to get her trust. 

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Do not worry what would be the outcome, put all your concerns on which words should be express at the right time, then you will hit the nail on the head. So finger cross on your love journey, guys!

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