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My Girlfriend Wants to Keep The Baby But I Don’t – Here’s What to Do

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Waiting for a baby possibly is one of the happiest moment for a couple. Yet, sometimes accidents happen and therefore not all pregnancies are planned.


When you aren’t legally married it means that you haven’t ready either mentally or even financially and also you should remember How Do You Know If God Wants You to Marry Someone.

It goes to having a baby thingy especially for you, couples. However, a woman seems to be more emotionally attached to it and make a decision to keep going with the pregnancy.

Here are about my girlfriend wants to keep the baby but I don’t

You might somehow understand why your girlfriend wants to keep it even though you already discuss it and you aren’t on the same side with her.

You repeatedly ask about my girlfriend wants to keep the baby but I don’t and how to do about it, so here are what we can do to help you. You need to learn this too How to Deal with Finding Out Your Girlfriend is Pregnant.

1. Listen to Her

When you are shocked while hearing this news, it is pretty normal since you didn’t expect it to happen. However, you should pay attention to what your girlfriend says and be her ears.

2. Offer to Help Pay

Pregnancy isn’t going to be easy for a woman. Besides mentally prepared, that’s definitely cost off lots of cash. You can offer her to help pay something if she wants to keep the baby.

3. Ask for Her Condition

Here are my girlfriend wants to keep the baby but I don’t. Your girlfriend might want you together with her facing this and you should be there for her.

Try to be more considerate for example by always checking her condition.

4. Get a Grip

Instead of whining and feeling stress over it, you have to get a grip right now to find the best solution between you and your girl.

5. It’s Her Choice

To have an abortion or keep the baby are actually her fully decision to make since it’s her body after all. You don’t have the right to tell her what to do even though you’re also behind of it.

6. Take a Break

Here are my girlfriend wants to keep the baby but I don’t. Maybe you want to take a break from this problem for like a week or so until you’re back to your sense.

Despite the condition, having a clear mind would help you not to make a rush decision.

7. Ask for Opinions

You can always ask for opinions to help you get through this especially when you can’t solve it just the two of you.

It is better to tell both of your parents and learn How to Tell Your Mother Your Girlfriend is Pregnant because they are more expert about it.

8. Don’t Be Selfish

When you discuss it with your girlfriend, remember to not making a decision based only what’s best for you. Try to throw away your selfishness because her point does matter too. 

9. Face It and Be Responsible

Here are my girlfriend wants to keep the baby but I don’t. Never try to run from your problems.

This is what you do and what you need to face. Then, be responsible for it!

10. Just Wait Until It Comes Out

If she insists to keep the baby, all you can do is support her through her pregnancy. You may want to just wait until the baby comes and it probably changes your point of view.

Signs You Should Let Your Girlfriend Keeps the Baby

Here are signs why you should let your girlfriend keeps the baby. Also check this thing You Need to Know About Dating A Partner Who Doesn’t Show Affection.

1. She Insists to Keep It

 You know that nothing is going to change her mind because she insists to stick to her intention which is keeping the baby.

2. She Looks Content

Despite all of the stress, you may want to look at how happy she is with the pregnancy. Give yourself another vie already!

3. She Expects You Do Too

It isn’t only for what she wants, can you see, she actually thinks about you too because she wants you to be happy as she is.

4. She Knows She Is Ready

If the abortion suggestion was rejected, then maybe she thinks that she is ready for the baby.

5. She Is Responsible

She kind of feels responsible to the future baby. And, why you don’t though?

More Tips Facing Your Girlfriend Pregnancy

Here are more tips when your girlfriend pregnant and what should you do. This might can help you too How to Get Pregnant Without Your Boyfriend Knowing.

1. Support Her

You should always remember that you’re not the only one feeling down. Therefore, make sure you always be there for your pregnant girl and support her.

2. Don’t Be a Burden

Don’t add more bowl of stress to her since it is pregnancy we’re talking about and a bit portion of it can affect the baby.

3. Help Her Maintain Her Health

It must be tough for her until she doesn’t have time to think about herself. This is where you needed which you should help her by giving her affection and stuff.

4. Prepare to Be a Daddy

Take notes and learn more about how to become a good daddy because in 9 months you’re going to be a papa.

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