47 Sure-fire Signs Your Classmate Has A Crush On You

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you suspect that your classmate in school or college has a crush on you?

Perhaps you feel like there’s no legitimate way to know the truth. 

At this young age, it’s common for men and women to lie about their romantic intentions, for fear of being ridiculed and the whole class finding out. 

Maybe you’re one of them - and that’s why you won’t go ahead and ask your classmate how they feel. 

Sometimes, even if you ask them how they feel, it’s possible you won’t get an honest answer.

Luckily, there are plenty of telltale signs that men and women give away when they have a crush. In fact, teens and young adults tend to be the worst at hiding their feelings. 

That’s why I have written down a comprehensive list of 47 clear signs that your classmate has a crush on you. The more of these signs you see in your classmate, the more likely it is that they really would like to date you. 

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For more subtle ways to find the truth about your classmate’s feelings, read the list below.


Signs Your Classmate Has Crush On You

You notice them staring at you out of the corner of your eye. They’re cute, but do they like you? There’s a difference between a person checking you out and someone that genuinely has a crush on you. 

When a person has a crush on you, they have romantic feelings for you. Your classmate could be fantasizing about your future together even if the two of you have never spoken to one another. When the two of you are not close to one another, it can be harder to tell if they like you. There are a few ways that you can tell whether a guy likes you or not, though. 

There are certain things that people do when they have a crush on someone else. Most of them are subconscious acts that people don’t even realize they are doing. If you pay attention, you’ll easily be able to tell whether a boy likes you more than a friend or not. 

Watch for these sure-fire clues that he has a huge crush on you. 

1. He makes eye contact

When a man is into you as more than a friend, he’ll stare into your eyes. It feels like he’s staring into your soul. Sometimes, he’ll make eye contact when you’re talking, which is normal even if a person likes you as a friend. When a man likes you in a romantic way, he’ll make eye contact from across the room. 

A shy guy won’t maintain it. Instead, he’ll briefly look you in the eye, and then blush and look away. If he’s feeling nervous, he might look down. This is a sign of feeling anxious. 

2. You catch him looking at you

Not only will he stare into your eyes, but you’ll also catch him staring at you when he doesn’t think you’re looking. Try to catch a glimpse of him out of the corner of your eye to see how hard he’s staring at you. 

This is a great way to tell if a guy has a crush on you or just wants to have sex with you, too. If you want to know which one it is, watch where his eyes are looking. When a man has a huge crush on you, he’ll look at your face more than anything. He will be particularly drawn to your eyes. When a boy is focused on other things, he’s going to look at other parts of your body. 

3. Nervous body language

The way he does certain things will be one of the biggest signs your classmate has a crush on you. If a boy is nervous, he’ll fidget more. He might look at the floor, or anywhere in the room that isn’t looking at you. Sometimes, guys sweat when they feel nervous. Other examples include: 

  • Lip biting
  • Tucking their chin
  • Looking down
  • Picking at his nails
  • Leaning
  • Cracking his knuckles

This is because he thinks that you are one of the greatest things in the world. If he’s scared that you won’t like him back, he’s bound to get nervous. 

A serious crush can mimic love in the brain, too. That means that without even speaking to you he can get butterflies in his stomach. His heart rate will go up. Simply having that crush on you is enough to make his entire body go haywire. 

4. He is suddenly interested in the same school activities that you are

When a boy is interested in you, he wants to be close to you. He’ll find a reason to be in your presence. If you participate in activities outside of school, like soccer or softball, you might notice him in the stands at your games all of the sudden. 

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Some classmates are a bit bolder than that. Instead of simply sitting in the stands, they might approach you for a conversation about them. This is because they probably don’t know a lot of your other interests. If you don’t want to talk about sports all day with him, make sure that you tell him some other things that you like too. 

He could also join a club that you’re in as a way to get closer to you. For example, if you’re a part of a certain club, he could ask you about joining. Then, you’ll see the signs that he likes you when you’re in that club together. If you like him back, make sure that you let him know. 

5. He’s now friends with your guy friends

hes now friends with your guy friends

He wants to be included in your life. The easiest way to be around you and learn more about you is by being friends with your friends. You might notice that he was never in your circle of friends before, and now he’s at every outing. 

When you don’t have many friends that are boys, you might notice that he’s nicer to your girlfriends. This is because he’s trying to get closer to you. It comes off pretty weird, though. At first, it will look like he likes your friend. He seemingly comes out of nowhere and is really nice to them. Then, you’ll find out he likes you because he’s asking your friend about you. 

6. Your jokes are always funny

It doesn’t matter if you tell the corniest jokes in the world, and no one else laughs, this guy does. He thinks all of your jokes are hilarious. If you want to know if he really thinks you are funny, tell a lame story but laugh at the end. He might laugh just because you’re laughing. 

7. He tells more jokes when you’re around

Not only does he love your sense of humor, but he also loves to make you laugh. As soon as you sit in the circle with him and your friends, you’ll notice that he goes above and beyond to make you smile. He tells jokes that he knows will instantly make you smile and laugh. 

Some guys don’t know a lot of jokes. They might not want to sound corny, either. When this is the case, he might do other things that he knows make you laugh. Friends might tickle you. He could make really corny puns that he knows will make you smile. Anything to make you start grinning ear to ear!

8. Homework help

If he offers to help you with a project or asks you to tutor him in a subject that he’s struggling with, it could be a ploy to spend more time with you. He’ll tell plenty of jokes and “get distracted easily” when the two of you are together. It’s because he’s not really focused on getting an A on the assignment. 

Sometimes, it can be the other way around too. When a classmate has a crush on you, he’ll want to help you with things. That might mean carrying heavy things for you. It could also mean helping you with your school project. Mention that you’re having a hard time understanding an assignment, and see if he offers to help or not. When a boy likes you, he’ll jump at the chance. 

Make sure that you don’t say that you’re struggling in a subject that you’re really good at. As time goes on, he’ll pick up on your lie. You don’t want to embarrass yourself. 

9. Details about you are always remembered

If you say your favorite color is purple, he instantly remembers it. In fact, this guy remembers plenty of details about you, from what sports you like to play to your hobbies. When a classmate has a huge crush on you, he’ll remember things like that. They stay stored in his memory because all of those details help him figure out what you might like, and he wants to make sure you like topics he brings up.

10. Small behavior changes when you’re around

small behavior changes when youre around

He might tell inappropriate jokes around his friends for fun, but as soon as you walk into the room he instantly changes. He doesn’t want to take a chance on offending you or you not liking him. He’ll wait to let out those inappropriate jokes until he knows how you feel about that type of behavior. Other behavior changes that might only happen when you are around include: 

  • His voice gets deeper
  • He’s more polite
  • He sticks his chest out when he stands up
  • He suddenly loves the same things that you do

Guys will do this for a few reasons. First, he wants you to like him so he won’t want to do anything that might offend you. Second, he wants to impress you. When we have a huge crush on someone else, we always try to impress them. 

11. There’s a reason for him to have your phone number

Maybe the two of you are working on a class project together. He might also need to text you so that you can hang out with the friend group. Whatever the case, he’s suddenly got a reason to have your digits saved in his phone. 

Then, he might “accidentally” send you a text meant for someone else. Or, he’ll text you to invite you out with him and some friends. He’s trying to spend time with you. 

12. Pay attention to where he stands in the room

When a classmate likes you, he unintentionally stands closer to you. It is almost like he gravitates towards you as if being very slowly pulled by a magnet. That’s because when a guy is into you he instantly would like to be closer to you physically. This is one of the signs that he wants to be close to you on a deeper, more emotional level too. 

He’ll do this when you’re sitting down too. For example, let’s say that an entire group of friends, including you and him, are sitting at a table. He’ll want to sit either close to you, or he’ll want to sit across from you so that he can look into your eyes. 

13. You’re about to be in the same study group

Whether it’s him wanting to join your study group or inviting you to join his study group, he’s trying to make sure that you’re both doing the same thing. If he doesn’t want you to know that he likes you just yet, this is one of the easiest ways for him to get closer to you. 

Some classmates might be too shy to boldly ask about joining your study group. Instead, they will make hints, such as saying that they are having a hard time with a certain subject. They might ask if you know anyone that can help them with a certain thing, especially if they know that you are really good at something. 

14. They pay attention to everything you say

Even if you’re not talking to them. They’ll overhear conversations that you have with your best friend. This boy seems to absorb everything that you say. He can’t help it. It’s because he’s into you. 

Not only will you notice that he remembers the details about you, but you’ll also see him listening to you. He looks you in your eyes when you’re speaking, which shows that he’s focused on what you’re saying. When he responds, it won’t be a short yes or no answer. He won’t change the subject back to himself. You’ll even see that he doesn’t spend the entire time you’re talking sucked into his phone. 

Another way to tell if someone is paying attention to what you’re saying is by their subtle movements. When you’re listening to someone, you typically turn your body towards them. His feet will be pointed towards you. Check for these signs that he’s listening. 

15. He has more fun when you’re around

he has more fun when youre around

You may notice that he seems bored until you show up. Then, he’s full of fun and telling jokes. It’s because he wants you to think that he’s fun. Another reason is because he really is happier when you’re around!

It can be hard to tell if he’s acting differently because you’re around, or if he’s just in a really good mood. The best way to tell is to walk into a room and watch him before he realizes you are there. Then, walk past him, and watch his behavior again. If you see a change, it’s him acting differently because he knows that you are there. 

16. He smiles a lot more

When the two of you are together, he’s always grinning ear to ear. Guys naturally smile more when they are around a girl that they have a huge crush on. He might not even realize that he’s doing it. 

Just like with other behavior changes, you might have to watch him when he doesn’t know you’re there to see if he’s acting differently. He could just be a happy person. 

Another great way to find out what he’s like when you’re not around is to ask your friends or other classmates. They see him, and his face, before you get to class every day. Tell your best friend that you think he likes you, and then ask her if he acts differently when you’re there. 

17. He’s asking about you

If you’re not one to put all of your business out in the open, he might be wondering if you have a boyfriend. He’ll ask another girl that is close to you if you feel the same way about him that he does about you. 

If he is asking about you, your friends will more than likely tell you. Think about it. When a guy asks you about your friend, don’t you tell her? To be sure, ask your closest friends if the guy you think is crushing on you is asking about you, just in case they forgot to mention it. 

18. He finds reasons to strike up a conversation

When a guy is finding a reason to talk to a girl, you can tell. He will make more of an effort to keep the conversation going. He’ll try to start one over everything, from your outfit to what you’re currently doing. Boys that can’t come up with any ideas will mention something that happened in school or a class that you have together. 

Remember, a guy can try to strike up a conversation even if he’s feeling nervous. He might look down, touch his face, or blush if he’s shy. Cut him some slack. You’re so amazing that it makes sense for a guy to feel shy around you!

19. Dilated pupils 

Your pupils will slowly dilate when you are around someone that you have feelings for. The same thing happens to a boy when he has a huge crush on a girl. He can’t help it. If his pupils start to get wider or bigger as he looks into your eyes, it’s a reaction to his feelings for you. 

20. Everyone else will notice his actions

everyone else will notice his action

When a guy at school is going out of his way because he has a crush on you, expect other classmates to notice his actions. They’ll see the way that he holds open the door for you, but won’t do the same for another girl. It’s blatantly obvious that he is treating you differently and in the best way possible. 

21. Your friends will tell you he likes you

You might not notice the dramatic changes in his behavior. It’s easy to think a classmate is just being nice to you or wants to be your friend. Your best friend will be the first to tell you that he likes you, though. 

22. Open body language

When a guy is feeling confident, and not nervous, they tend to be more open. That means that his arms will not be crossed. Instead, they’ll be hanging at his sides. His legs might be spread open instead of closed to. This is common when a classmate likes a girl. 

23. He’s suddenly everywhere

Now, he’s taking a different path when walking to school so he can run into you. You see him in the hallways. He is even with your groups of friends more. That’s because he’s finding ways to make sure that he sees you more often. 

24. He tells you he likes you

Sometimes, a guy will throw all of those shy feelings out of the window. Instead, he’ll simply tell you that he likes you to see if you feel the same way about him. Keep in mind that he won’t have this conversation unless he’s been around you, and is wondering if you’re sending him signals that you like him back. 

25. He stalks you on social media

he stalks you on social media

When a guy likes you, you’ll notice that he’s always watching your snap chat story. He likes or heart reacts to your posts. It doesn’t get more obvious than that! 

26. His friends know that he’s showing an interest in you

He’ll probably ask his friends about you, such as if you have a boyfriend. He might ask them details about your life so he can figure out some conversation topics. His friends will pick up on those subtle behavior changes quicker than anyone else will too. 

27. He is a show-off when you’re around

When a guy likes you, he’s dying to get some of your attention. If you have yet to notice that he’s alive, or you just aren’t looking in his direction, he’ll try to get you to. He might talk louder, suddenly want to show off his moves on the dance floor, or talk about how great he is at sports. 

28. He checks to see if you are paying attention to him

What’s the point in showing off if you don’t notice him? While he’s showing off, you’ll notice that he steals glances towards you. That’s because he wants to see if you’re paying attention to what he’s doing. He’ll also want to know if you like that he’s the star player or not. 

29. There’s sudden jealousy when other guys pay attention to you

Even if this guy is saying that he is fine just being your friend, you’ll know that he has a huge crush on you by the way he acts when other classmates like you. If another boy at school starts flirting with you, he’ll get jealous. He might get mad, or he could try to show you that he’s better than this new guy. Other signs that he’s feeling the bite of that green-eyed monster are: 

  • He wonders where you are and what you’re doing
  • Suddenly playing hard to get
  • Doesn’t like it when other boys give you compliments
  • His behavior changes when you talk about other guys
  • Snide remarks about other classmates that like you
  • He isn’t so sure about your friends

Guys usually act like this when they like you and are feeling jealous. If you want to curb this behavior, consider telling him that you like him too. A little reassurance is great for handling jealousy. 

30. He doesn’t talk to other girls

he doesnt talk to other girls

Some guys will talk to multiple girls at one time. Other guys will focus on one girl at a time. If he’s not talking to other girls and shows all the signs that he has a crush on you, then you can trust that he really likes you

31. He obviously wants your attention

When a guy wants your attention, he’ll make sure that you know. He will go out of his way to try and get it. For example, he’ll give you his number and tell you to text him. He’ll fish for compliments.

You’ll notice that quite a few of the things on this list are him trying to get your attention. For example, showing off, telling jokes that he knows will make you smile, and being the loudest person in the room are all exceptional ways to get you to notice him.

32. He tells you he wants to get to know you better

Sometimes, a guy will do this to be friends. More often, it’s because he has a huge crush on you but hasn’t said it yet. He’ll want to find out more about you, like what you love, and see where your feelings are at first. 

33. Compliments

When your classmate likes you, or any man likes you, they will compliment you. He might tell you that he is in love with your hair, or that you smell nice. If he likes more than your appearance, he could give you more specific compliments, such as saying that he loves your personality. 

34. People tell you that “someone” likes you

Sometimes, a shy classmate will take some time to tell you that they like you more than a friend. However, as soon as their friends know they will start to tease you. If they promised that they wouldn’t say anything, they might simply tell you that an anonymous person likes you or to use your imagination when you ask who likes you. 

35. You suddenly have a secret admirer

If you have noticed plenty of signs that a boy likes you, and you suddenly get an anonymous note telling you how awesome you are, you can trust that this guy has a serious crush on you. 

36. He responds with longer text messages

When a guy has a crush on you, pay attention to how he responds to your messages. If he wants to keep the conversation going, which he will if he likes you, the responses will be longer. He might ask you more questions about yourself in an effort to keep you talking. For example, what do you love to do in your free time? Do you love Chinese food? 

37. More emojis are used

As a general rule of thumb, the more a man likes you, the more he will use emojis. Keep in mind that there are some guys that simply don’t use emojis. If he does use them, he’ll use them more if he likes you. (This is also true when a man is in love with you.)

38. You make him blush

When a guy is nervous and has a crush on you, you’ll make him blush. You might just think he gets embarrassed easily, but that’s probably not the case. To test this out, have a friend of yours talk to him and see if she gets the same reaction. 

39. He suddenly looks a lot better

This guy that used to be your friend and show up in a wrinkled shirt is suddenly putting effort into his appearance. Every man puts more effort into their appearance when they have a crush on someone. Changes in their appearance are one of the biggest signs your classmate has a crush on you. He will look a lot more put together than he ever has before. 

If he’s always had a crush on you, you won’t notice that he tends to look better when he’s around you. However, you will notice that he cares more about his appearance. For example, he’ll touch his face to smooth down his facial hair when he’s around you. He might straighten his hair or give himself a quick once over in front of the mirror before walking over to you. 

40. He wears your favorite things

he wears your favorite things

Tell him that he smells good one time. Then, if this man likes you as more than a friend, you’ll notice him wearing it a lot more. That’s because he wants to be someone that you have a crush on too!

This doesn’t only apply to cologne. He’ll start wearing anything that you compliment him on more. That could be if you love his new hoody or if you say you love a certain color on him. 

41. You have long talks

You’re probably used to spending hours on the phone with your closest friends. It’s not as common to do that with a boy that you’re just getting to know, though. Girls find themselves doing this when they are talking to a guy that likes them. The longer the convo, the bigger a sign it is that he likes you. 

If you start observing his behavior, you’ll probably notice that he keeps conversations going if he can. This could be asking you questions, telling you stories, or making sure to bring up new topics that the two of you can talk about. 

In person, you’ll see some of the other signs that your classmate is totally crushing on you. For example, him accidentally touching you or sitting close to you. He’ll remember details that you’ve told him before and might bring them up during those long nights on the phone. You can also watch for signs that he’s genuinely listening to you, which says that he likes you. 

On the phone, it’s a little bit harder to tell. Instead of watching his actions to see if he likes you, watch for him not wanting to get off the phone. He won’t mention having to go do something or hanging up at all. That is a sign that he is enjoying talking to you!

42. He knows things you’ve never told him

He knows your favorite color even though you don’t recall telling him. He might know who your friends are or what you like to do in your free time. Some of this might be from him paying attention. Perhaps he does love something that you love. It’s more than likely him asking about you, though. 

He might be watching you from a distance, too. He’ll see the way that certain things make you smile. Then, he’ll make a mental note of those things so that he can impress you or plan the perfect date later. 

43. Him thinking of you is a big sign

It doesn’t matter how big of a group you’re with, this guy always thinks of you. He’ll make sure to ask if you want anything when he grabs something to drink. This is the guy that never forgets that you’re there. Bonus points if he texts you when he hasn’t seen you in a while to see how you’re doing. 

44. He asks for your contact information

He might not shyly ask for it or even pretend that he has a reason to. If a guy asks for your phone number or if he can add you on social media, that’s a huge sign that he likes you. He wants to check out your profile, see if you’re single, and he wants a way to contact you in the future. 

45. He specifically asks about your relationship status

he specifically asks about your relationship status

I’ve had men do this two separate ways. Some mention my boyfriend in conversation to see if I say that I don’t have a boyfriend. For example, “Does your boyfriend care if you do that?” 

Others will flat out ask if I have a boyfriend. A shy guy might not feel comfortable asking you if you’ve got a man. Instead, he could ask your friends what your current relationship status is so he doesn’t feel embarrassed asking you himself. (Don’t worry. Your friends will tell you if a classmate is wondering whether you are in a committed relationship or not. This is the easiest way to tell if a classmate has a huge crush on you!)

Either way, him asking about your relationship status is a sign that he has a crush on you. 

46. He keeps touching you

He might try to play this off as an accident. For example, he’ll accidentally bump into you. He could also “accidentally” brush his arm or hand along your arm or leg because the two of you are sitting next to each other. 

47. Finding a reason to touch your face

Touching your face is one of the biggest signs that this guy likes you. In general, the face is somewhere that we don’t randomly touch on other people so this is a bold move. Shy men might be too nervous to pull it off. Other ones might find a reason to touch your face, like saying that you have a crumb on your face or moving your hair out of your eyes. 


What should I do if I have a crush on my classmate?

As a mutual friend if they like you too. Watch for signs that they have a crush on you, or someone else. Make sure that you dress your best, and try to catch their eye. This can tell you how they feel. Get to know them better to see if you still like them. 

Can you tell if someone has a crush on you?,

Yes, you can. One of the biggest signs is that they will stare at you. Another sign is that they will try to impress you or make you pay attention to you. When a man has a crush on you, he’ll enjoy having long conversations with you. He might ask you for details about yourself, like your favorite color. 

How do you know if someone has a crush on you secretly?

Staring at you is one of the biggest signs that someone has a secret crush. They might have nervous body language, like blushing, fidgeting, not knowing what to do with their hands or sweating. Staring at the floor is another sign of a secret crush. He’ll also be closer to you physically than he is to other people. 

How can I win my crush?

First, let him know that you like him. Watch for signs that he likes you back. Be positive and always put your best foot forward. Ask your friends what types of things he likes, and invite him to do them together. Start off being his friend to make sure that the two of you mesh well together. 

How can I attract my crush online?

Post amazing pictures that really show off your best features. Make sure that you update your status to show how fun and amazing you are. Enjoy time with friends, and post about it. Heart react his pictures and compliment him. He’ll pick up on the signs that you like him. Then, he’ll reciprocate if he likes you back. 

In Conclusion

When a guy has a crush on you, there are certain ways that you can tell. Pay attention to his body language and what he does so you notice the signs that he likes you. What other signs should someone watch for?

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