30 Clear Signs Your Classmate Has Crush On You (#1 Is Suspicious)

by Michelle Devani

Do you suspect that your classmate in school or college has a crush on you?

Perhaps you feel like there’s no legitimate way to know the truth. 

At this young age, it’s common for men and women to lie about their romantic intentions, for fear of being ridiculed and the whole class finding out. 

Maybe you’re one of them - and that’s why you won’t go ahead and ask your classmate how they feel. 

Sometimes, even if you ask them how they feel, it’s possible you won’t get an honest answer.

Luckily, there are plenty of telltale signs that men and women give away when they have a crush. In fact, teens and young adults tend to be the worst at hiding their feelings. 

That’s why I have written down a comprehensive list of 30 clear signs that your classmate has a crush on you. The more of these signs you see in your classmate, the more likely it is that they really would like to date you. 

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For more subtle ways to find the truth about your classmate’s feelings, read the list below.

30 Signs Your Classmate Has A Crush On You

1. They Are Too Quick To Help You Out

Instead of helping you out, your friends hardly giving you a hand. They'd rather making fun of you and even ask something in return. But they are just too quick to help you recently, even volunteering their day off for you. Well, it's one of the Cute Ways to Let Your Crush Know You Like Him.

2. They Talk About You Too Often

It's common for friends to talk about each other. But things get weird when they talk about you too much. To your other friends, to his friends, even to his family. They let them know what they think about you and trying to make others see what they see in you.

3. They Like To Tease You

Friends make jokes and tease each other. But jokes between friends is different with jokes with your crush. But they will be careful so that their jokes won't hurt you. And vice versa, they excessively respond to your jokes even though it's very crispy. They often do the ways How to Ask Your Crush Out without Embarrassing You through jokes.

4. They Smile At You Too Often

they smile at you too often

Someone will behave positively in front of the people they like. This good vibes is contagious, and they want you to be happy around them. That is why they start to become all smile whenever you're around. They wish you will see the other side of them.

5. They Start To Pay Attention In Everything You Say

Being friends with opposite gender is always something. We didn't celebrate birthday and we don't pay much attention to what they say. However, things change when they suddenly remember every little details that you forgot yourself. Feeling the attention, awkward situation would come. It's maybe one of the reasons Why You Should Not Date Your Best Friend after all.

More Signs Your Classmate Is Crushing You

It's hard to believe at first that you classmate did has crush on you so it takes you longer to notice. In case that you haven't believe all the signs your classmate has crush on you, you may look up for more detailed signs as listed below:

  1. They text you good morning even though you will meet in class later. It's undoubtedly the Signs You Miss Your Crush that they show.
  2. They insist on making a study group with you.
  3. They suddenly change their style into your dream boy or girl.
  4. They try so hard to impress you, even when their jokes are not funny.
  5. You caught them stealing glances on you.
  6. Your friends become suspicious of him.
  7. They blush whenever they see you, usually girls.
  8. They suddenly love picking on you, male fun of your silly mistakes and just can’t stop talking about it.
  9. They avoid you in the crowd and trying so hard not to get too close with you.
  10. But suddenly become overfriendly when there are just two of you.
  11. They become really interested in your love story.
  12. They compliment your for every little thing you do.
  13. They notice the smallest change in you, even when you have just changed your perfume.
  14. They try to start a conversation, talking about lecture for example.
  15. Or not talking with you at all out of embarrassment.
  16. If you have a lover, they pretend like you don’t have one. They simply don’t care about it.
  17. They become really curious about your life.
  18. They start asking about deeper question such as your view on certain things or your goals for the future.
  19. They have their eyes set on you even though your lecturer is present.
  20. They emphasize that they are single.

How To Deal With Them

how to deal with them

Since it’s your classmate who has crush on you, things could be very awkward between you to. Moreover when you have to seem him in almost class you take. Truthfully, you still haven't find the reasons Why You Should Date Best Friend, and trying to tell them about it. Uh, oh. Here are the things you should to to deal with it rightly.

  1. Be true to what you feel. When you don't reciprocate their feeling, you shouldn't be pretend like you do.
  2. Decrease the communication with them to avoid false hope. Although you reply for their text out for nothing, they can't help but to expect more.
  3. Avoid the one-on-one meeting under any circumstances. It better to hang out in group so that you don't have to be alone with them all the time. It helps to reduce the awkwardness.
  4. Reconsider your feeling. At first you may don't like them because of the awkwardness, but you need to rethink about your feeling. It's not actually that bad to date your own classmate.
  5. Try not to hurt their feeling by explaining and making them understand why you can't be together with them. If you don't like them, you don't need to force yourself to.

In Conclusion

So those are all the signs your classmate has crush on you. It's not bad to date your friend, but surely you will feeling awkward at first. However if you don't like them back, make sure it won't ruin your friendship. Maybe you also need sometime to consider about them again, since they are actually not that bad to date.

Michelle Devani
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