7 Obvious Signs Your Ex Wants You Back In Long Distance Relationship

Last updated on February 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you suspect that your ex wants you back even though they live far away?

It could be tough to see the signs if you barely see them in person, but there are signs that you can actively look for.

In this guide, I'm going to reveal the clearest signs that your ex wants you back for a long-distance relationship. 

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But, for now, let's focus on the more obvious signs that your ex wants you back in his life, even if it's from a long way away.


7 Signs Your Ex Wants Your Back In Long Distance Relationship

1. They Call And Text You Often

they call and text you often

When the calls and texts becomes more frequent, everyone know it's a general Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants to Get Back Together. If you recall some time ago, it's something that they definitely not do that often. Even there are days passed without any single text from them.

2. They Become More Considerate With You

As you can't see each other often, one must be more considerate to other too keep the relationship going. Suddenly they become more understanding to your situation. They still care about you and don't ask for more that you can give.

3. They Visited You!

The most obvious signs your ex wants you back in a long distance relationship is that they visit you. Something that seemed like a dream when you were together. But as they want you to know that they really sorry and want you back, they even meet you in person no matter how far away you are. That's the signs your ex wants you back in long distance relationship.

4. Your Friends Support You To Get Back Together

You know the best Ways to Get Him Back After a Break Up is by calling emergency: their friends. Persuade them first then you're halfway to win them back. It's what they do now if you feel like your friends are supportive for you to reconcile with your ex, even you are long distanced.

5. They Didn't Date Anyone

they didn't date anyone

Apparently the reasons they wanted you to break up is because they want to date someone who they can see everyday. Now what? They don't date anyone even though you have broken up for a while. They said they find comfort in you and haven't find it yet in other person.

6. They Talk About The Future

As they contact you frequently, they tend to talk about some serious matter like the future. They share their future plans with you and surprisingly their vague words seemed to address you. It may too early for them to mention your name directly but they eventually will.

7. They Said They Want To Get Back!

If they want to get back, they said they want to get back. It's the fastest way to secure you from whoever likes you in your place. This may come as a shock to you, but they know they did the right way. At least you know that they still love you and want you back.

How To Deal With The Situation

If You Want Them Back

  1. Ask them to prove that they really want you back.
  2. Talk about the situation you had in the previous relationship.
  3. Be more compromising to each other.
  4. Cut down the ego.
  5. Be more understanding to each other's situation.

If You Don't Want Them Back

  1. Tell them nicely that you have done with it.
  2. Don't give them hope out of pity.
  3. Tell them they will find a better person and so will you.
  4. Tell them you have found another person.
  5. Tell them that it's not really worth it.

Well, that's the signs your ex wants you back in long distance relationship, then you decide it!

How To Survive In A Long Distance Relationship

how to survive in a long distance relationship

Surviving in a long distance relationship is never easy. It makes you feel like you're dating but you're not really dating. But it doesn't mean that a long distance relationship can't survive it. Here are the tips to make it work after you get back together:

  1. Keep in mind that it can totally work. Don't believe to anyone who told you that long distance relationship is not worth it.
  2. Be honest and truthful to your partner. Also don't be someone you are not. Don't try too hard to cheat or lying on them.
  3. Communicate effectively with them so you won't be feeling awkward when you meet them.
  4. Open up to them. Tell them whatever you feel. Whether you are happy, sad, or disappointed, make sure they know all of them.
  5. Make a video call daily. It's important when you are in a long distance. Your partner will be happy by seeing you.
  6. Give them remembrance. May it a bag that they could carry around or a phone case. It's a good Ways to Handle a Long Distance Relationship to work.
  7. Trust your partner. They won't be cheating on you, nor you will cheat on them.
  8. Don't be over possessive. God knows you are away from each other but is it really necessary to call them every minutes? It's not a good Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship with Your Boyfriend.
  9. Set some ground rules that both of you commit each other will never break them. It helps you to manage your expectation.
  10. Be flirty over phone and video calls. So that you can keep your relationship hot as ever.

In Conclusion

When you can't find someone that fully understand you, you will try to get back to your ex even if you have to be in a long distance. So when you are seeing the signs your ex wants you back in long distance relationship, ask your self is it really worth it? If it is, you can have a second try with them.

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