What Is The Cutest Reply For When Your Girlfriend Asks You Why You Love Her?

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Have you ever feel or get addicted into something? It can be food, music, or feelings. Once you get addicted into something, you just want to keep repeating to feel the same thing. That's exactly what your girlfriend is trying to do with you by asking why you love her.

No this is not a creepy question and you shouldn't feel offended by it, because she is your girlfriend anyway. To let you know, here are some answer to what is the cutest reply for when your girlfriend asks you why you love her?

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1. I Don't Know Why

i don't know why

Sometimes, love is just can't be digest by our logical thinking and the fact that you are falling in love with your girlfriend is because you are falling for her. You can somehow understand the way your girlfriend think. And if you think that she currently feeling insecure about herself.

She loves to hear something romantic and comforting, you can simply say that you don't know why you love her. There are many ways to tell a woman you love her and make a romantic words out of it. Here's one example, "I don't know why I love you because I don't see that I need a reason to love you, I simply fall for you because when I met you I feel like I met my other-half."

2. Because..

There will always be a point in your life where your girlfriend is asking why you love her, even though she already became your girlfriend. You don't have to feel offended once she asked the question, because she just want to hear it again and again from you. This can also be a form or a way for her to express her feeling on how grateful she is to have you.

So another thing you can say to her is to be honest for example by saying, I love you because the way you smile make me smile. And just in case if she is that type of girl who is so emotional, you need to know what to do when your girlfriend is crying because of you once you said those sweet words to her.

Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

What is the cutest reply for when your girlfriend asks you why you love her? You knew it already and the key is just being honest to her. Aside from that, you surely need to know how to make your girlfriend happy, because she did express how much she loves you.

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1. Take Her Hands And Look Into Her Eyes Deeply

take her hands and look into her eyes deeply

If she can express how she feels about you even after she has a relationship with you then why can't you? If there is one thing on how to make and keep your Gemini woman happy and interested is to do something random that she didn't expect before.

Why don't you just randomly take her hands and look into her eyes deeply to express your gratitude for having her as your girlfriend. This is an act of giving her a little romantic surprise that comes from your heart.

2. Respect Her Privacy And Space

You don't have to be always around her just like her bodyguard. You are her partner, and a partner knows what his partner needs. Respecting your girlfriend privacy and give her the time to enjoy her own space when she needed it.

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3. Ask Her Opinion In A decision-Making Process

The key on how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend is by communicating the problem. Problem can also help couple to get closer to each other once they are able to overcome it.

During the time when you are trying to solve the problem, you will surely ask for your girlfriend opinion on it. This is a really good habit that you need to keep up, to involve her in a decision-making process. By doing this you are showing it to her that her opinion matter and you respect her opinion.

We are not only talking about what is the cutest reply for when your girlfriend asks you why you love her, but also on how you can make her happy to have a long-lasting relationship. Understanding and expressing the love that you have for her will surely make you closer in a relationship with her.

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