All the Reasons Why You Should Fall in Love with a Girl Who Overthinks

Last updated on July 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

For those who don’t know, a girl who overthinks seems to have many drama in life. Her overemotional nature makes her someone hard to deal with. But if take a deeper look, knowing her more, you’ll find many reasons why you should fall in love with a girl who overthinks. She is indeed different, but in a whole different way. She is independent, she is neither weird nor boring. You gonna find her amazing.

  1. She is Honest with Everything

She values honesty above everything else. She knows that dishonesty in a relationship hurts, and she always put herself into her man’s shoes before she do anything. She will never lie or purposely cheating on you. She knows exactly what could hurt you, and she do her best not to it in any way. See also Does Telling Little White Lies Causing Big Problems In Relationship?

  1. She Involves You in Every Step She Takes

Don’t worry about being neglected since she never do it no matter how busy she is. As an overthinker, not knowing about your whereabouts in a day drives her crazy. Moreover, she always ask about your opinion whenever she’s about to decide on something. It means you are included in her future plan.

  1. She is a Devoted Lover

A girl who overthinks gives all of her in a relationship. She devotes her mind, heart, and soul only to you. She really loves hard. She is always there through the thick and thin, trying to lift up your mood when you’re down and assure you that everything’s gonna be alright. This girl believe in you even when you don’t believe yourself.

  1. She is Faithful

No secret that it’s hard to find a faithful girl nowadays. Consider yourself lucky if you meet an overthink girl since she is a faithful one. Just like how she expect your loyalty, she gives you the same thing. You are an important person to her, so she will never stop fighting for you.

  1. Everything About Her is Genuine

Another reason why you should fall in love with a girl who overthinks is for how genuine she is. She never fake herself, pretend to be someone else she’s not. She is not afraid to show her real self to others. Seeing how genuine she is, she is also true with her feeling so you don’t have to question whether her love for you is real or not. See also Signs of An Unfaithful Man

  1. She Won’t Play Mind Games with You

You don’t have to be insecure at all with this girl. She lays out all her cards on the table so you exactly know your place in her heart. She never play with your emotion, leaving you all wondering what is she up to. There’s no such thing as mind games with her. She let you know everything since she perfectly knows how does it feel to be insecure.

  1. She Never Trust Immediately

If you think you can trick a girl like her easily, you are wrong. She will teach you how to be honest and loyal, giving how hard she is to trust anyone including you. She is clever enough not to be lied to. Her past experience taught her it’s not good to blindly trust anyone. Nevertheless, she loves you with all her might. See also Signs of a Cheating Partner in a Relationship

  1. She Doesn’t Hesitate to Say Her Mind Out Loud

You don’t need a girl who always goes with everything you said, as if she doesn’t have her own opinion. But this girl doesn’t want to miss anything that she will debate you on everything she doesn’t agree to. Especially when it’s against her values and moral principles. Without losing any respect, she will let you know when your behavior and decision is unacceptable.

  1. Dating Her is Challenging

Looking at all the good traits a girl who overthinks has, dating her would be very challenging. You will watch your steps carefully around her, learn not to lie, learn how to be loyal in a relationship, which resulted in the better you. It’s highly beneficial to date her anyway. See also Things You Should Know Before You Date Someone with Depression

  1. She Cares About the Littlest Thing

It’s true that a girl who overthinks tend to be over in everything. She often worry about everything and it stressed her out big times. But because of that, she cares about the littlest thing. She will notice the change in your voice tone and she knows if you are having a bad day. Thus, she is highly understanding about your situation. You will always feel loved with her as she knows what happened to you even before you say a thing.

  1. She’s in for a Settled Relationship

You know how serious she is, so she won’t play with a relationship. If she dated you, it means she’s in for a long term one. She is not someone who is rush in anything, so she thought really hard before going into a relationship. See also Wife Material Signs

  1. She is a Good Listener

She is familiar with many though mingled in her mind and she just can’t contain it. It makes her a good listener. You can expect her to sit all day, listening to every single of your word even when it sounds silly.

  1. She Can Struggle Through the Hard Times

You can always count on her. As she used with stressed feeling, she is not easily defeated with hardship in life. You will learn about patience and optimism from her. She can struggle really well.

After reading all the reasons why you should fall in love with a girl who overthinks, don’t ever think that she is weird anymore. You know that she is so much more than that. In fact, she is the most genuine girl you can find. It’s hard to find someone who shows her true colors to the world, luckily a girl who overthinks still exist.

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