How To Make My Cousin's Brother Fall In Love With Me?

Last updated on April 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Once you get to see someone so often, of course, you will start to get to know that person better. Especially if he is one of your relatives, so you have the privilege to see him in every family gathering.

Falling in love with our cousin is a normal thing during our puberty. So how to make my cousin brother fall in love with me or any other men that I like? Here is some hints.


1. Get In Touch With Him In Similar Things

get in touch with him in similar things

We have the tendency to be attracted to someone who has some similarities with us. And since you already knew that you are attracted to someone, dig more about the similarities that both of you have.

This is the first step on how to make a hot boy fall in love with you. The more you and him drowning in the same interest the more connected you are to each other.

2. Be Yourself And Confident With It

How to make a boy fall in love with you without talking to him at all if you are not loving yourself? We can't expect other people will love ourselves if we can't love ourselves first.

Once you are able to love yourself, you will feel fulfilled and confident. These feelings will help you to attract someone you like because you already feel comfortable with yourself. Besides that, once you feel comfortable with yourself, you won't let other people's opinion crush you, so you can fight for what you want and what you think you deserve.

3. Give Your Best Shot But Don't Force Him

You can find so many ways to approach someone that you like. Through your attention, kindness, and being friendly. Name it, you can always find a way to get closer to him.

Give your best shot to it, but remember that you cannot force someone to love you. It will be harder to apply the ways to forget one-sided love. Especially if you are the one who fights for it.

Signs That He Likes You

Even though you already knew ways on how to make my cousin brother fall in love with me, you need something more. You need to know whether he shows any signs that he likes you. If he isn't then, it will be just useless. So, here are some hints.

1. He Is Interacting With You More Than He Used To

Someone who likes you will try to find a way to have more interaction with you because he is attracted to you. You will do the same thing too, trying to find more information so you can get closer to someone that you like.

Once you can sense it that he is trying to have more interaction with you, you know that this is one of the signs that he likes you. And you need to know how to walk away and make him miss you.

2. He Smiles Every Time You See Him

he smiles every time you see him

We will look into someone's face once we meet or greet that person. Face is something that we will recognize first once we look at someone, and it does reveal a lot of things, including someone's first impression of us.

When you found someone or yourself smiling at something, it means you like it. So if your cousin possibly loves me what can I do? Smile at him, it will show that you are interested in him.

3. You Catch Him Staring At You

The classic sign of someone who likes you is the eye-contact. The more you find him staring at you, the more you know that he is interested in you. This can also mean that he is paying attention to the little things that you do. And he wants to know more.

You can keep pretending like you are ignoring him as one of the ways on how to get your crush's attention without being obvious at him. But do not play too long, if you are also interested in him then let him know. Because if he does not know that you like him too, he will start to walk away.

Aside from some tips on how to make my cousin's brother fall in love with me or any man, you need to look after your crush too. If he does not show any interest in you then you can try to apply some ways on how to get your crush’s attention without being obvious. But if it is still not working, you really can't force him to love you, are you?

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