How To Make A Taurus Feel Guilty (9 Smooth Ways)

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering how to make a Taurus feel guilty…

Maybe they have done something truly awful, and have yet to show any remorse.

This is reasonably common, as this sign is well known for being stubborn. 

Perhaps you feel the need to make them feel the consequences of their actions. 

If so, you’re in luck. There are several actions you can take that make a Taurus feel particularly guilty and I have listed these in the guide below. 

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Taurus Personality

The Taurus male is a very intriguing person; he has a star sign similar to Virgo. However, people born between April nineteenth and May twentieth fall under the Taurus sign.

They are known to be uncompromising, stubborn, and possessive. So I completely understand why you want to make sure such a person feels guilty about something (they hardly do).

Although they are reliable individuals, these men are afraid of a sudden change in their lives; they curate a stable pattern and stick to it deliberately. This zodiac sign is very in touch with his emotions when he’s in love with you; he’ll want to spend time with you and talk to you about his feelings. 

It gets tricky when you try to make him feel guilty. Although that feeling comes more comfortably for some Taurus men than others, depending on their life experiences. 

So how do you make sure a Taurus guy regrets the things he has done and hopefully tenders a genuine apology? It may seem hard, but there’s more than one way to do so. To understand how to make a Taurus feel guilty, follow the nine ways listed below.

9 Tips On How To Make A Taurus Feel Guilty

1. Communicate


It may seem as if Taurus guys are never guilty about the things they do, and that may affect the way they show love. However, to get your Taurus partner to feel guilty about something, you must communicate to them in clear terms what it is about and how it happened. You can't go about expecting your partner to be guilty about every little offense (it never happens). 

Remember, Taurus men are logical thinkers, so you must communicate with him in that way, or he would not relate to how you feel at all. Beyond accepting the guilt, he may never be aware of what he may have done to offend you. Communication comes before anything else you plan to do, or else it's pointless. 

2. Give Him Space

It's a smart move to give a Taurus man space when you want to make him guilty because space makes him miss you. Once he misses you, you can then let him know why you chose to be away from him for a while. Sometimes, this can be a tough decision to make because even though you want to make him feel guilty, you may want to be around him regardless. 

Giving him space can also mean ignoring him; they don't fancy being ignored at all. To hurt a Taurus man, make sure you punch him where you know will sting. If you know he loves spending time with you, then give him space, that way, he’ll know he really messed up.

3. Express Your Feelings

It's one thing to tell a Taurus man your emotions and another to show him. Just talking about what may have transpired isn't enough sometimes. Show him how much he hurt you in a way he’ll understand. He may never know or truly understand what he’s done, and may repeat the same thing next time, 

Let him know by not being as available as you used to be, talking to him less, or by being occupied with something that has nothing to do with him. He's your partner; what's the thing that gets to him most? Use that. Now note, this isn't some sort of payback or that Taurus male will come for you, this should just be a subtle deed to get his attention.

4. Don't Sound Authoritative

don't sound authoritative

When talking to your Taurus partner about your feelings, don't turn it into a war. Remember, this is someone you care about and love. If you didn't, you wouldn't care so much about making him feel guilty. 

Talk to him as if you want to fix the situation, not win a ‘couples fight’. Tone plays a massive role in getting someone to feel guilty. If you sound too demanding or authoritative, you will cause him to be extra defensive. 

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Remember, if you want to hurt a Taurus man, don’t argue with him, they don't give up easily. At this point, you want only your words to cut deep, so he has to hear and understand them. 

5. Be Independent

Taurus men like women who get them involved in their lives. They feel satisfied to help the woman they love and care for. It sounds weird, but if you think about it, you'll realize your Taurus partner has been voluntarily helpful. 

Stopping him is almost like an amputation; he wants to feel needed by his partner continually. To get his attention, start declining his offer to help; trust me, he will notice. He might even apologize without you asking once if you refuse twice. Don't be too easy, or he won't take you seriously. Put up a strong game for good results, but be sure not to cross lines while you're at it.

6. Don't Throw Blame

You're not going to make progress if you start on the blame route. Remember, you're doing this to mend the relationship, not ruin it completely. Take the blame for your own mistakes as well; keep in mind the Taurus man is vulnerable after he's seen you let your guard down. 

I can't overstress the importance of your tone while you're talking about your feelings to your partner. Be firm but not commanding and listen well to their perspective as well. 

7. Understand How You Feel

You can't make anyone, let alone a Taurus man, feel guilty about something you don't fully understand. Take time out to know how you feel about the entire situation so that you do not overreact. As I have said repeatedly, this isn't to ruin the relationship (except that's what you're going for). 

Be logical to yourself first before communicating your feelings to him; you don't want to be driven by emotions, trust me. Uncontrolled emotions will cause you to do things that you may regret in the future. So, be careful, and watch for the body language of your partner. 

8. Seek Advice

seek advice

Let's face it; sometimes we do need a third party but only someone who genuinely wants the best for the relationship. Ask for that person's opinion on the situation and weigh their advice before taking it. 

By reading this article, you're already on the right track. However, talking to someone you know understands him better could help even more.

9. Treat Him Differently

This zodiac sign is compassionate; he will notice every slight change in your attitude towards him. If you treat him differently, the idea that something is up will hit him, mostly if you have talked to him about it. Smile less, call him by his name, and simply show him less love, he’ll know he offended you and surely feel guilty. 


How does a Taurus feel when ignored? 

Although they act very calmly about it on the outside, they're bothered by it. A Taurus man would want to know why you're ignoring him, if not directly from you; he would ask a friend. They feel pretty bummed out, especially if they care about you. Regardless, they will give you your space because ignoring them is like sending a signal that you don't want them around. 

How do you make a Taurus man miss you? 

To make a Taurus man miss you when you're around, ignore him. Don't talk as much and give him little attention. You can also take a vacation away from him, so he doesn't see you around much. This zodiac sign is one of the most sensitive, so he would tell when you're trying to be away from him and pull closer. 

How do you emotionally connect with a Taurus man? 

To emotionally connect with a Taurus man, you have to be patient. Although they are in touch with their feelings, they don't express them easily to anyone. You have to be vulnerable to a Taurus man before he can do the same thing with you. They like to be safe and, in some weird way, protect themselves from getting hurt in the future. A more straightforward way to connect with a Taurus man emotionally is by sharing a hobby with him.

How do you make a husband feel guilty for hurting you? 

To make your husband feel guilty for hurting you, communicate with him. Let him know what he has done and how that hurts you. Understanding your feelings would help you explain them well to him. Remember, he's a logical thinker, and emotions can sometimes make you think in the opposite direction. 

Are Taurus men jealous? 

Yes, they get jealous often. I have to warn you about his temper as well. They don't function very well competitively, especially about a woman they like. Their ability to get jealous quickly is what makes them overprotective.

At The End Of The Day

I hope you enjoyed this article. It's got all you need to make your Taurus man feel guilty about hurting you. I would love to read your thoughts, so please write a comment in the box below and share this article with your friends.

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