17 Ways On How To Deal With A Cold-Hearted Man

by Michelle Devani

Is there a special man in your life who can be cold-hearted sometimes? 

Do you struggle to realize why he acts this way, or how to deal with him when he gets like this?

If this guy is your boyfriend or maybe a family member, it can make your life very difficult when he acts in such a manner.  

That's why I was especially keen to write a guide on how to deal with a cold-hearted man. 

A great first step is to know why this guy is acting so icey. After all, very few people are cold to others for no reason.

To make this discovery, I recommend downloading this online communications tracker tool, which can infiltrate his personal devices and deliver you information based on his personal communications. 

You'll be sent data based on their messaging, phone calls and app use. More often than not, you'll find information on something that is likely to be causing his bad moods.

It's in both of your best interests for you to know this information. Once you know what's going on in this guy's life, you'll be in a much better position to help him. 

The tool is completely discreet anyway, so there's no chance of him finding out you're using it on him.

Needless to say, when you're aware of what makes this man so cold-hearted, you'll know what to focus on to help him turn things around. 

Keep reading because I've compiled a list of ways to deal with a cold-hearted man, so you don't let him ruin your life.

Make sure to read these tips carefully and apply them whenever you're around him.

12 Ways To Deal With A Cold-Hearted Man

When a cold hearted man falls for you then he will only want you in his life. You will be the only woman who matters in this world. So how exactly do you deal with a cold hearted man? Below are the things that you can do:

1. Find Out His True Nature

On knowing how to deal with a cold-hearted man, you must first find out his true nature. If his character has always been cold, then you can be sure that it’s his core personality.  There’s nothing wrong in trying to ask him about it.

You can initiate the first conversation. He might open up to you and you’ll get to know him more. The best thing that can happen is that there's a possibility you'll find some Signs of Good Husband Material to Marry in him.

2. Get To Know His Habit

There are many cases where men are cold but not because they don’t like women. They just don’t like spending their time caring so much about relationship. A lot of them are too busy with their personal issues or their job. Typically, a cold hearted man likes to live in his own world. So you must be clever enough to find the right opportunity to approach him.

3. Get To Know His Hobby

get to know his hobby

Knowing his hobby will help you start a conversation with the right topic. You won’t make him bored and tired of you. A cold hearted man will like to talk about the things they are passionate about. Especially if they see that you have the same hobby as him. That’s definitely a plus and it will make him attracted to you.

4. Avoid Approaching Him Through Instant Messages Or Social Medias

Getting close to a cold hearted mean can’t be done through instant messages, chat applications or social medias. Though it’s how people talk with each other these days, it won’t work with him. Don't risk doing Things that Could Make Him Dislike You.

Sending messages or commenting on all his posts will be useless if you can’t have a direct conversation with him. Be a woman who is chill and laid back. Don’t appear like you’re really craving for his attention as he won’t like that.

5. Avoid Being Too Active

A cold hearted man feels bothered by a woman who’s too eager to get close to him and wants to know everything about his life. Being too active will do the opposite of what you want, you will only drive him away. Try to be more subtle. Make your presence quiet and calm. When the right time comes, he will welcome you with open arms.

6. Try To Always Say Hi To Him

Another thing on how to deal with a cold-hearted man is to acknowledge him whenever you can. He might ignore your attempts but don’t give up. Your efforts could soften his heart and he’ll start talking to you. Someday you might even be able to make him fall for you.

7. Act Mysterious

Be a bit mysterious so that he’ll want to know more about you. But keep in mind that this is more effective when he begins to show signs that he likes you. Acting mysterious will give you an advantage in establishing a more serious relationship. Who knows, he might even start to care about you.

8. Don’t Try To Be Cold Hearted Too

It’s fine if you act cold towards him but don’t do it frequently. Continuously giving him the cold shoulder will make him dislike you. He will think that you want him to stay away from you.

9. Be Mature

Men like mature women. Their motherly nature is endearing. Some cold hearted men yearn for a mature woman who is as strong as him or even more. Don’t think for a second that they don’t care about finding ‘the one’. They do, but they choose the right person very carefully.

10. Shower Him With Attention

shower him with attention

Be genuine with the attention that you give him and he will see that. Showering him with pure love will give him a positive response towards you. He will soften up and begin to be less cold hearted towards you. It's one of the first sings on How Man Fall in Love.

11. Give Him Occasional Surprises

It’s a good idea to occasionally give him a surprise. Keep it simple and not over the top. He will like the fact that you are willing to do it for him because you are the woman that he cares about the most.

12. Be Yourself

One of the most important things on how to deal with a cold-hearted man is to be yourself. Practice the Ways to Love Yourself and be Happy with the World so you can be comfortable with yourself. Don’t change just to please him. A cold hearted man likes a woman who is true to herself. It shows that you have a strong integrity and that’s attractive to him.

5 Other Ways To Deal With A Cold Hearted Man

These are some of the things that you should not leave out.

  1. Don’t be too possessive as he hates that.
  2. Pay attention to how you look to attract him.
  3. Watch your words as to avoid saying the wrong things.
  4. Avoid sending too many messages because they could bother him.
  5. Be patient since dealing with a cold hearted man is not always easy.

You should also be aware of all the How to Know He Loves You with you.

In Summary

With all that, you have gained some ideas on the best things to do with a cold hearted man. Hopefully, they work for you.

Michelle Devani
My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.